Sho Kazamatsuri

Sho Kazamatsuri is a anime/manga character in the Whistle! franchise
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He is a regular on the Josui Junior High school. He plays Forward.


Sho started playing soccer with Musashi no mori school but was automaticly put on the third team due to height. He then eventually transferred to Josui junior high school after getting sick of being on the third team. He also then started living with his brother Ko Kazamatsuri. When he got their his teacher told everyone he was on varsity with Musashi No Mori. But he wasn't. When he got to the first soccer practice the Soccer captain decided to play a friendly game of soccer with Sho. The Captain knew something was up when he managed to steal the ball from Sho. The star player Tatsuya Mizuno told them that he had a friend who went there who had never mentioned Sho. Sho then owned up and ran off.

Sho then stopped going to school and just started practicing by himself. He practiced down by the river where he befriended the owner of a shop down by the river who let him use his electricity. He used the electricity for a TV video on soccer.

Tatsuya then had him join his team of subs so he could become captain by beating Captain Honma. They managed to win that game so Tatsuya became captain. Many of the team quit feeling that his training schedule was too ridiculous. Sho tried to convince Hiroyoshi to rejoin the team after he quit. He had quit because the upperclassmen made him. They practiced once and one of the upperclassmen saw them. He told the rest of the upperclassmen and they came to beat up Hiroyoshi. Someone gave Sho a note and he went to help Hiroyoshi. As the upperclassmen chased after Hiroyoshi one ran into another High Schooler who took the upperclassmen into their Hangout. Sho ran into the hangout. Shigeki came in time and beat up all of the High schoolers. He thought Sho was interesting so he rejoined the soccer team.

He later found out he had been placed in the forward position. He later went with Tatsuya and the coach to the lottery to find out who they would play. They found out they would play Musashi no Mori. In the first ten minutes they scored twice. Then they all began defending and Sho managed to score two goals. Then Seiji managed to score at the end of the game causing Josui to lose.

General Information Edit
Name: Sho Kazamatsuri
Name: Shou Kazamatsuri
Gender: Male
Birthday: 05/10/1984
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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