Shizu Shidou

Shizu Shidou is a anime/manga character in the Maria Holic franchise
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Shizu Shidou is the twin sister to Mairya Shidou. Like her brother, are both cross dressers. She attends the boy's school associated with Ame no Kisaki. Unlike her brother, Shizu is far more sensitive and has a fear of boys.

In some ways Shizu is very similar to her twin brother Mariya, and not just in their appearance. They are both taking part in the competition between the two that their grandmother, the former school leader, had arraigned. They each attend the school of their opposite gender. Shizu is normally disguised as a boy in the all boys school that is associated with Ame no Kisaki. Such as with Mariya, while dressing as the opposite sex is part of the required deal to win. They would both be cross dressing even without the prompting from their beloved grandmother.
Much unlike Mariya, Shizu is rather sensitive and clumsy. She lacks his absolute confidence, and is actually afraid of boys. In her school she is constantly picked on and has suffered much of the same pranks that Kanako dealt with in her past.


Kanako was originally completely unaware that Mariya even had a twin. She never expected to see Mariya during the school's health exams. It would require undressing and having his identity exposed. She was laying in bed after having to deal with one of her infamous nosebleeds when she head the name of Mariya Shidou called by the school doctor for her exam.
Kanako leap out of bed and opened the curtain. Before her eyes was Mariya, but with breasts. She didn't have much time to think about the implication of what she was seeing due to the beauty she saw. She passed out from another massive nosebleed.
When Kanako revived yet again, Mariya was watching over her and was being unusually kind and respectful to her. After Kanako mentioned about Mariya really being a boy the personality seemed to change. This was in fact not Mariya, but his twin sister Shizu. She believed she had won over her brother since his identity was exposed. Her victory was short lived since Mariya had returned and pointed out her mistake. When Kanako had learned he was in fact a boy. Kanako had not yet officially become a student, and thus at the time was the exempt from that rule. On the other hand, Shizu had just exposed herself to a 'current' student.
Mariya taunted his sister and told her that he would be willing to overlook this infraction if she would just kiss his feet and ask for forgiveness. She broke down crying from this provocation and ran from the room crying. Though not until after she figured out the door had been locks.
Mariya really doesn't care who wins this competition but hoped that getting her to overcome him she could conquer the fear she has of men. It would be too hard for Shizu to run the boys and girls school if she retained her hatred for men. Though as Matsurika pointed out, Mariya is the one who is most at fault for her fear of boys.


In the final episode of Maria Holic, Kanako had hoped to get retaliation against Mariya when she saw him taking part in the pool games and was in a school swimsuit. Kanako rushed on Mariya's team and forced an incident where Sachi Momoi fell from the top of her group and onto Mariya. In the tumble Sachi accidentally pulled down the top of Mariya's swimsuit. It was not the fake breasts that Kanako had hope to reveal. This was in fact Shizu and had exposed her nude body once again, but for a much larger audience. Mariya had switched with his sister yet again. Being so timid, Shizu collapsed in tears.

Family Matters

Bother Shizu and her brother have been able to live their whole lives able to disguise their true gender. Even from much of their family. Kanako and Matsurika are the only people outside of the family that knows their secret. 

Mariya Shidou (twin brother)

Matsurika and Mariya
Matsurika and Mariya
Mariya is Shizu's twin brother and a source of much torment in their past. Shizu has often had to suffer much of his terror since she is the one closest to him. He is quite hard on her. He is even the root cause of her fear of men, but Shizu is unaware that Mariya does hold a great deal of affection for his twin sister.
Shizu lacks an sort of attendant the way Mariya has his partner in crime Matsurika. Matsurika has been with Mariya since childhood, but it's unknown when they first met.

Ayari Shiki (elder cousin)

 Shizu's Cousin: Ayari Shiki
 Shizu's Cousin: Ayari Shiki
Ayari is the elder cousin of both Shizu and Mariya. She is the only known living member of their family, and unaware of the gender switch between the two. 
After the Panda-chang incident that soured the relationship between Mariya and Ayari, Shzu actually tried to play the peace maker between the two but failed to bend the broken friendship.


Hair Color: Blond (long/short twin pigtails)
Eye Color: Red
Distinguishing Mark: mole under right eye
Clothes: boy's school uniform / Mariya's clothes (when posing as Mariya)
Quirks: clumsy/fear of boys

Voice Actress

Shizu Shidou is voiced by Aya Hirano. The voice talent of Misa Amane of Death Note and Haruhi Suzumiya of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
Voiced by
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Aya Hirano
General Information Edit
Name: Shizu Shidou
Name: 祇堂 静珠
Romanji: shidou shizu
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Maria Holic #6
1st anime movie:
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