Shiroe Seki Ray

Shiroe Seki Ray is a anime/manga character
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Shiroe is a top class elite among the new students at station E-1077 but he retains a rebellious attitude towards the system.


Shiroe was raised in the Educational City of Energeia and is very fond of the book "Peter Pan". He was found by Jomy to be a Mu with strong Psyonic powers but Jomy was unable to convince Shiroe to come with him to the Mu mother-ship. Since Shiroe would not go Jomy had no other choice than to erase all the memories of him and the Mu and leave him behind.

Story Arc

Shiroe arrives on the Education Station E-1077 after he had taken his adult examination and is rebellious towards authority. Shiroe aims his sights toward dethroning Keith as the best student at the station but is annoyed that Keith wont accept any of his challenges. Shiroe starts to investigate the true nature of Keith and finds out that unlike everyone else he doesn't at least have the faintest memory of anything before the adult examinations.

He finally gets the attention of Keith and looses after challenging him to a game, this angers him and he tells Keith that he is nothing but a cold marionette of Mother Eliza. This outburst makes Keith loose his cool and Shiroe is punched in the face.

Shiroe continues looking into Keith's past and finds nothing until he hacks into mother Eliza's memory banks. Shiroe finally finds out the truth about Keith but is detained by the station's security. He is subjugated to a psionic check due to his overly rebellious attitude and hatred towards the system. Shiroe escapes in time to find Keith after the test flight. Keith takes him in and Shiroe tells him about what he had found about Keith's past but is arrested before telling everything.

During Jomy's broadcast to the station Shiroe's Mu powers awaken and allows him to escape his confinement. He makes his way to a transport ship where he wants to escape from the space station. Mother Eliza orders Keith to hunt Shiroe down, which he begrudgingly accepts. Before Shiroe's ship is gunned down he hears the calling of Jomy and cries out for Jomy to take him to NeverLand.

General Information Edit
Name: Shiroe Seki Ray
Name: セキ・レイ・シロエ
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Toward the Terra #7
1st anime movie:
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