A couple things I'm curious about...

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1. Why is there no mention or appearance of Avalon from Shirou in the UBW and Heaven's Feel routes?
2. The profile claims that Avalon is inactive when Saber is no longer in the human world. If that's the case, how was Kiritsugu able to make use of Avalon to heal Shirou following the events of the previous Holy Grail War?
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@Dream:  Inactive? both UBW and HF takes away saber from shiro so it's not like the heroes or the villain can use avalon
Dark Saber can't at least. Although it can be assumed it does exist, there's only one mention of Rho Aias, and One occurence in the original fate of the second usage of Gae Bolg(using it as intended, effective creating a nuclear javelin)
the second could be blamed to a command spell? supposedly Avalon still exist in material form, as it was used to summon saber twice,
Post by Dream (9,135 posts) See mini bio Level 21
@cfatalis:  I'm asking the first question because one within the world of the series would have to be curious over how Shiro was able to survive the disaster inflicted from the Holy Grail during the last Grail War and not connect the dots considering Ilya's mother had made use of it when she was used as the vessel of the Holy Grail during that time. The second one I ask because Kiritsugu exhausted his Command Spells to force Saber to destroy the Grail's physical form meaning if what the profile says is true, then Avalon's power should have ceased to function yet its power was used to save Shiro's life following the aftermath of the Grail War.
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