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Shinzo Takemitsu is a anime/manga character in the Sket Dance franchise
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Welcome and good evening everybody! simmering from the heat, this is your host Hal, bringing back from a 5 month Haitus, the RoundTable Discussion! Tonight, we are looking at the anime Sket Dance, after just over 1 year's viewing, and we're gonna give our two cents on the show, its ups and downs, and where it should head from hereon. Joining me this evening are two guys fairly versed in all matters Sket, with Takashichea (AKA Taka) and KuroNekoXIII (AKA Kuro)!

We've seen this show out for one year so far, and this light-hearted High School comedy has made strides at being possibly a new mainstay anime for years to come.

The first part of the discussion focuses on the characters of the show. What are your opinions on them, do you like their development, what could use some more work?

Kuro: Personally, I love all three characters. I think Shinohara did an amazing job creating Bossun, Hime and Switch. They are very unique for a shonen cast.

  • Sket Dan
    Sket Dan
    Bossun: I think Bossun is an awesome main character, despite what he thinks :P I think he is a well-rounded character. Bossun started off in the series as a "not the coolest main character", which he actually tells the audience (referring to episode 9 I believe). I think Shinohara wanted Bossun to appear as an average guy, so the audience to relate to him more. I noticed as the series progresses, Bossun's leadership and responsibility shines through and his passion to help others no matter what, showing the audience that he truly is fit to be the main character. I guess in the end, I'm glad with how Shinohara created Bossun, and I don't think he needs any fixing.
  • Himeko: Himeko is a sweetheart! I love her character, and her origin story! I think Shinohara did an amazing job with her. I like how she has two sides to her: the tough-guy side and the girly side. Same as my opinion for Bossun, I think Hime is perfect the way she is!
  • Switch: Switch is hilarious! You don't see a guy talking with a laptop around that often! I like how Switch has that smart-side to him, and that crazy otaku side to him as well. And his inventions! Man those are epic! The only thing I'd suggest to work on for Switch is to add to his origin story. I feel like the origin story cut-off too soon. I wanted to see how he met with Bossun (the way Hime's origin did).
More Supporting Characters
More Supporting Characters

Taka: This whole year of Sket Dance has covered the three main characters' origin stories. They're awesome, but the only thing I find left unanswered is how did Switch get into an Otaku: love anime, pop idols, and playing Sim games. For Himeko, it was a story about being betrayed and finally getting friends. Bossun's origin story is different because he actually lack something from the start.

For the supporting characters, Tsubaki and Momoka stand out for me. Sure, Shinzo, Roman, and Reiko are unique in their personalities, but they do grow up a little, but they don't change much. It's good for the show because they're funny in their own way. Back to Sasuke and Momoka, they change without having a prominent flashback arc. Sasuke is a mild tsundere character who acts harsh to Sket Dance and a rival to Bossun, but when you get to know him close, you know he cares for them. Momoka is a former delinquent who becomes a pop idol. She is just like Himeko: tough looking on the outside, but she has sweet side to her.

Kuro: We can't forget about the teachers, notably Chu-san and J-son. I like how Chu-san has that distant and care-free aura to him, yet he does have his wise moments. I think he has a great presence in the plot-line. As for J-son, he is also a very funny and random character. He adds more humor to the anime and plot in my opinion, and I personally think he deserves more screen-time!

Hal: I do like the cast of Sket Dance a lot, they seem to get a comedic and satirical interpretation of the general character types in high school, and do it well, making them well rounded with multiple aspects to their personality rather than one-dimensional. Bossun, Himeko and Switch are easily the funniest and best developed out of the cast, with a unique dynamic between the three of them. My only fault so far, which hopefully can be attributed to the fact that the anime is only a year old, aside from Momoka (waifu! <3) and Captain, there really isn't much history behind the rest of the characters. Humor is one of the major driving forces of the show, and has had many a sidesplitting moment.

What have been some of your favorite funny moments in the show?

Switch: Give Me Autograph
Switch: Give Me Autograph

Taka: Darn, there are a lot of funny moments. I love how Switch ruined the moment during episode 56 where Momoka waits for Switch's answer. Then, he wrote "Give me your autograph." Another thing, I loved the expressions on their faces. Bossun's face has that trademark blush face, and Sasuke and Rumi made that face as well. It is hilarious. Switch and Reiko are my favorite, funniest characters while Himeko and Bossun make a great comedic duo due to their questionable relationship. Two of the funniest and memorable episodes are episode 9 where Switch and Himeko become the parents of little Bossun, and episode 43 where Himeko tries to take Bossun on a date.

Kuro: Man I've got a lot of funny moments that I can't get over!

Attaining Perfect Field
Attaining Perfect Field
  • Episode 42 - when Bossun, Himeko and Switch were helping out Momoka for her play. The entire episode was hilarious, but the funniest part is when they start changing the script to English! XD Shinji run away!
  • I forgot which episode number this was, but when J-son was first introduced! Man that episode was hilarious, with his hockey-mask face and all lol
  • Episode 19 - when Himeko kept messing up Bossun's hair and they kept using Tocolotion-10 to make it grow. The way the hair would grow instantaneously and how Himeko instinctively slapped Bossun's head was priceless!
  • When Himeko, Bossun and Switch got stuck in the storage room while they were in costume. The entire episode was hilarious! Especially how their plans of escape kept backfiring. I guess the best part was the explosion in the end and them walking out all burned, but alive! And they still performed!

Man, I can go on and on, but those are the ones that come to my mind at the moment. If I kept going on, I'd probably take over an hour to list them all :P

Hal: Don't forget about The Invisible Bossun in Episode 58! starts off pretty awesome with Chu-Sensei cooking up a slick invisible potion, which Bossun drinks by accident. he goes to scare Himeko, but in order to work properly, he has to strip naked. then after he scares her, the potion begins to wear off, and the two of them have to make it back to school, covering him up as they go along! needless to say, Bossun owes himeko big time for having her look like she's runnign around with a moose head like a crazy girl!

Moving on. The story also played a big role in the show, outside from the episodic silliness that punctuates it. how did you find the development of Sket Dance's story?

Ryosuke: Friends are treasures. Help each other and value the bonds you have
Ryosuke: Friends are treasures. Help each other and value the bonds you have

Kuro: I like the development of the Sket Dance story. I like how each episode is a well-rounded story with at least one take-home message that the viewer can learn. What's also something that I like about the Sket Dance plot is that there are links to previous episodes. For example, episode 9 was when Chu-san created his invention that was supposed to grow hair, but he ended up making people become younger. In episode 19, his invention actually worked, and he created the Tocolotion-10 cream that lets hair grow.

All in all, I like how the series is outlined; its light, humorous, yet filled with loads of life lessons.

Taka: For story development, we haven't seen any drastic changes to the current cast of characters, so it's not much. Only a few characters change due to events such as the Kindergarten performance and the origin stories, but the story still remains the same, comedic with a few serious episodes.

Hal: The story is still developing, in my opinion. we've got a good foundation in relation to the main members, and a few of the outside characters, and in a shift from the lighthearted tone that most episodes have, these arcs are rather deep and dark in comparison. even though the other characters have their own charm, their still isn't that depth in their development yet, but so far (and also since I haven't read the manga for it) it feels like there is a lot more to come in the future involving these characters than their initial portrayals. Mokoka is a good example, with her character development, being as deep as the main trio, shows her going from a Yankee to a pop superstar. so I hope we get good character depth with Saaya as a new Sket Dan member!

Of course, no production is 100% perfect, and Sket Dance isn't any exception. tell us about some of the shortcomings that you believe the show has, and what it could do to address them.

Fan Service felt out of place
Fan Service felt out of place

Taka: I think the fan service aspect is pretty useless, and I don't mind fan service, but Sket Dance does not really need them to boost its ratings. Not every character and their special story is awesome. One character I disliked overall for their episode is Yamanobe. I just find the episodes too dragged out except for the video game references in the New Year Special. They got me there.

Kuro: It's hard to pinpoint shortcomings for Sket Dance (I guess I'm biased since I really love the series). I know for one thing that I don't like seeing in Sket Dance is fan service. I don't know why, but I feel it doesn't suit the anime. I think the little fan service moments that do come up from time to time ruins the innocent air to the series.

Hal: Ok guys, we are starting to wrap things up. the last question of the night is, what do you think Sket Dance's best approach should be now for year 2?

Kuro: I think Sket Dance should keep doing what it does! The only thing I'd suggest for year 2 is to slowly add in a few more linear story-lines and to add more development to the side cast. Other than those two pointers, I'd say Sket Dance is perfect the way it is!

Taka: More minor characters appearing especially Roman, Reiko, Chiaki, and Shinzo. For the newer episodes, I want to see them centering more on certain pairs like Bossun and Himeko, Switch and Reiko, and Momoka and Himeko.

Hal: Well for the most part, you've said what I wanted to for character appearances. I'm not sure that the producers want to go down the shipping lanes as of yet, but we'll see. Well guys, we've reached the end of the show here, care to say any last words before we head out?

Kuro: Thanks Hal for holding this roundtable! I'd also like to thank all of the wiki editors and Team W.I.K.I. Nation. that work on the Sket Dance wiki pages. Finally, I'd like to urge you all to start watching (for the new Sket Dance fans) and continue watching (for the current Sket Dance fans) the Sket Dance anime! You have my word that you'll never get sick of it!

That's all from me folks!

Taka: Please try out Sket Dance! If you love comedy and slice life types of anime, then you'll dig the marvelous misadventures of three high school students whose mission to help out their fellow students with problems stemming from bullying to quests for love.

Hal: You've heard it that this trio advise you to check out the other trio, the Sket Dan trio. this is your host Hal, signing out.

SKETO-DAN! *Fistpump*

In the memory of Team W.I.K.I. Nation, please visit the thread to find out about my teammates on the Sket Dance Wiki project.

About the Authors

KuronekoXIII is an interdisciplinary science student, with a passion for story writing and character design. Follow him@KuroNekoXIII
HalberdierV2 is a student, video game and manga specialist, voice actor, sports enthusiast, and Christian. Yeah, that's about me. Follow him


Takashichea is an Asian American Studies student who is a big wiki and anime nerd. He's an Anime Vice mod and Sket Dance Wikia Admin. Follow him @Takashichea
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Welcome to the ninth weekly Sket Dance article/ review! I'm your host, Takashichea, and my teammates for Team W.I.K.I. Nation are Annabanana, KuroNekoXIII, MohsinMan99, HalberdierV2, Piface314, and Hibaru. We have some trivia questions and wiki progress to reveal after this episode's review. For the recap, last week's episode, Crank up the Nyora!, was about an addiction to collecting toys and Momoka's Moe character change. Now, this episode (ep. 31 - Samurai and Clothes) focuses on Shinzo and the shenanigans of SKET Dan. Be sure to check our wiki work and the image gallery.


This episode has two stories. The first and major story is about Shinzo's pen pal who wants to meet him. Wanting to impress the pen pal, Shinzo asks SKET Dan to help him be a fashionable man. In the second story, Hime and the gang receive a DVD from Shinzo who is tired and decides to give away his pen pal's DVD. Hime tries out the DVD only to feel the burning and bizarre exercise routines.

Will Shinzo be able impress his pen pal and take his friendship to a higher level? What happens during the exercise DVD and what effects it has on the SKET Dan crew? Tune in and watch Sket Dance episode 31!


Beware of Spoilers!


Shinzo decorates his smart phone with pics of his pen pal
Shinzo decorates his smart phone with pics of his pen pal
  • Another story about Shinzo, the out of place samurai who doesn't look like a high school student. His story is pretty funny and how Sket Dance try to help him but fail is even more awesome. There are some great anime references in this episode.
  • The ending to Shinzo's story is a big and hilarious surprise.
  • For the second story, the exercise trainer has a unique thing shared by Switch that makes Hime goes "ew!" or "what the hell!"


  • Comparing the two stories, the exercise show is pretty weak in the comedic element.


Andre tells you to think like a girl
Andre tells you to think like a girl
  • Possible Edit Mistake: Bossun shaved off Shinzo's hook eyebrow to make him fashionable. How did it regrow back after the big makeover?
  • Switch is getting stranger with his information gathering thing. Not only he has measurements of Hime and Momoka, but he keeps track of what Shinpei doing.
  • Andre, the exercise trainer, has the same obsession like Switch.
  • Anime References: There's three of them (or more): Bakuman, Dragon Ball Z, and Gintama. I won't describe them because I want you guys to watch the show or check out our image gallery. Feel free to add some more that I missed.


Compared to the last episode, this episode is roughly the same because both of these episodes had great and hilarious episodes about one character but suffers from the other story's small time humor. The minor story in episode 31 is better than the minor story in episode 30 because the humor flows better without dragging the time. If you are Momoka fan, you'll dig episode 30 more than 31. Same for Shinzo fans except it's for episode 31. As for the anime and manga differences, I have not read the manga chapter versions yet, but I can tell you the anime is skipping around the manga since volume 5. It's strange.

Sket Dance's Lesson

Be yourself when you date someone. There's no use in pretending to be someone just to get the person to love you back.


  • Shinzo Takemitsu - 1, 2, and 3. *The image caption malfunctioned for question 3 when I submitted it. The good news is that the numbering of the images are in from left to right order. I'm sorry about that.


I thank you guys for reading this weekly article; I thank my team for doing an impressive job on the Sket Dance and other projects. KuroNekoXIII is doing great on his Guilty Crown while Anna is working on Beelzebub project with her teammates. As for this episode, it is my turn to work on it since last week is Anna's turn. I need to upload more images since I did not cover enough of the episode. When you love a show or a manga series, get involved in this community and write a blog or a review. You do some wiki work or even start up your own weekly reports. That sounds exciting.

This Week's Reports

Wiki Editing and Blogging is a cool hobby
Wiki Editing and Blogging is a cool hobby

Last Week's Reports

Team and Friends' Blogs


Team W.I.K.I. Nation and Beelzebub

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Over the past weeks of September, we got three new members: Hibaru, Halberdierv2, and KuroNekoXIII.

From the original blog, Sket Dance Wiki Project: Team W.I.K.I Nation, we set out with three people who are passionate about wiki editing. We are like a guild and a family who support each other despite we are juggling real life, school, and work.

  • W - Wiki
  • I - Innovation
  • K - Kindess
  • I - Intelligence

This what we stand for. Yet, these letters can be interchangeable due to some suggestions from the community members. W and K can stand for Wisdom and Knowledge, respectively.


Sket Dance banner
Sket Dance banner
  • Annabanana (Anna) - She's currently busy in other projects such as Fairy Tail, Beelzebub (with ShadowKnight508 and Taka), Buster Keel, and Yankee-Kun to Megane-Chan.
  • Halberdierv2 - He working on the Gosick franchise with Auron570 and Taka. (Now, it's postponed)
  • Hibaru - He's working on Nurarihyon no Mago series. He used to work on Sket Dance prior to the formation of Team W.I.K.I Nation.
  • KuroNekoXIII (Kuro) - An avid fan of Sket Dance who's currently working on Ramen Fighter's episodes. He's now a wiki editor and a reporter for Guilty Crown.
  • MohsinMan99 - A Gintama expert who is a major supporter of Sket Dance; he is a wiki editor and reporter for Gintama.
  • Piface314 - A user whose formatting skills are quick and accurate.
  • Takashichea (Taka) - He's currently working on Shaman King, Gosick (postponed), and on Anna's projects except Buster Keel and Yankee-kun To Megane-chan.
  • Sora_thekey (Geo) - He's currently writing artilces on Comic Vine and on Anime Vice. On Anime Vice, he covers Waiting in the Summer, Recorder and Randsell, Sket Dance, Quick Picks, and other news.


I put these people down because they support my team, and since the week of Oct. 17, I have been linking the weekly reports to their blogs.

  • Arrussel - A Beelzebub fan who started the weekly Beelzebub manga reports this week, Oct. 28.
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SP is short plot summary, P is plot (full) summary, C is creation, O is origin, SA is story arcs, E is Evolution, and A/M is anime and manga differences

1. Anime

Right now, Sket Dance has a total of 25 episodes. Every episode has both SP and P except 7, 9, 11, and 15-20.

Week of Aug 18 2011

  • Annabanana - 8P
  • Dochaus - 2SP, 5P
  • Hibaru - 1SP, 3SP, 4P&SP, 6P, 7P
  • Piface314 - 9SP, 10SP,
  • Takashichea - 2P, 3P, 5SP&P,
  • Anbumakura - created episode pages 6-16*

Updates 8-25

  • Taka finished ep. 12-14SP&P
  • Piface314 did ep. 9P and 10P
  • Taka finished Ep. 21SP&P


*New episodes are done in the week when it was aired.

  • 22 and 23 were done by Taka.
  • 24 was done by Anna
  • 25 was done by Taka
  • 26 is Anna's.
Updates 9-26
  • Taka did major edits (O,C,SA, and A/M) to Yukino, Sawa, and Masafumi.
  • Halberdierv2 did SA for Tetsuji Chuuma and minor edits for Akane and Moe.
  • KuroNekoXIII added SketBook Band concept page.

2. Manga

As of now, there are 15 volumes added and each has a table of contents. Only volumes 1 to 5 have plots.

3. Characters

Please see Team W.I.K.I Nation's vitae list that was done by Takashichea.

4. Added friends section and MohsinMan99 to the team as of Oct. 29, 2011

5. 2-18-12 - Added Sora_thekey to the team and LordBane666 to friends.

6. 2-18-12 - Weekly Changes to Sket Dance and other animes. Geo will take care of Sket Dance weekly coverage. Taka will cover other animes.

7. 4-10-12 - Taka added the Sket Dance Anthology Blog that has the all of the weekly reports on Sket Dance's 1st year's episodes, 1-51.

Weekly Reports

These were done by Takashichea who wants to spread the word about Team W.I.K.I's Nation's work and to get the community involved.

  • Sket Dance 21: Otaku and Occult's Date
  • Sket Dance 23: CutiePie!
  • Sket Dance 24 and 25: Switch's Origin Story

See all Sket Dance weekly articles in the Sket Dance (anime) forum page and the Sket Dance Anthology Blog.


Thank you for reading this blog. I thank my team for sticking with me to the very end.

Future: I will submit a Sket Dance Recognition blog in October.

Go Anime Vice!


Team W.I.K.I. Nation

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Welcome to Anime Vice - Level 2!

Vicers of the world -- GIVE ME YOUR POWER!!!

AKIRA - What's the Difference?

Tom teamed up with CineFix to break this classic adaptation down.

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