Shintarou Natsume

Shintarou Natsume is a anime/manga character in the Beelzebub franchise
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Natsume is a student currently pursuing the 3 years and is one of the subordinates of Kanzaki. He is a soft spoken person.


Natsume is one of Kanzaki's loyal underlings but he has also helped Oga and several others in their fights against other delinquents or opponents from Saint Ishiyama Academy. However, he rarely gets involved and likes to keep tabs on people he finds "interesting".


Natsume's Anime Design.
Natsume's Anime Design.

Although Natsume, created by Ryuhei Tamura, is a minor character in the story, he is nonetheless one of the main protagonists and has been given a slightly greater role in the series.

Character Evolution


He's a guy with long hair and brown almost always wears a white jacket and red shirt underneath.


Natsume is a laid-back and mysterious individual who seems to have a hidden agenda seeing as how he says that he only follows those who appear "interesting" or "amusing" and has displayed strength that far surpasses other delinquents even Kanzaki himself despite still being his underling. He also tends to view most situations with mild amusement, even the most dangerous ones that others would take very seriously.

Major Story Arc

Demon Invasion Arc

Natsume aids Furuichi and Lamia, along with Himekawa, Nene, Chiaki, Shiroyama, and Kanzaki, in their search for Lord En, Beel's brother, who they believe is part of a demon of thugs from another school that defeated Oga and Toujo. With his help, they manage to beat Lord En in an online game to reveal his location.After the explosion at the home of the Himekawa is present in the declaration of war by En.Natsume with Kanzaki and Red Tails, upon learning of the new Ishiyama consctruccion will observe the building, there are three pillars of the behemoth, after running is with a happy face wondering if there would be war.

Then hit some students, where his former colleagues recognized as Ishiyama, after a conversation with En, prepare for war in, deciding to train with Saotome.

Powers & Abilities

Although he rarely participates in fights, he has been shown to be stronger than the average delinquent. In fact, he may be stronger than Kanzaki and Himekawa in that he managed to defeat the MK5 by himself and even downing one of Toujo's underlings within seconds, a feat the two are incapable of accomplishing themselves. He shows his fighting skills again when he blocks Gou's attack that was meant to hit Oga head on, stating that "it's not really my style to go all out in a fight".

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Daisuke Kishio
General Information Edit
Name: Shintarou Natsume
Name: 夏目
Romanji: Natsume Shintarou
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Beelzebub #1
1st anime episode: Beelzebub #3
1st anime movie:
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