Shinobu Maehara

Shinobu Maehara is a anime/manga character in the Love Hina franchise
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Hinata-sou's Resident Cook and kawaii girl.

Shinobu Maehara is the youngest Hinata-sou resident being 12 years old at the start of the series before  Sarah McDougal becomes a resident.
Shinobu Maehara is the youngest Hinata-sou resident being 12 years old at the start of the series before Sarah McDougal becomes a resident. A talented cook, Shinobu is the first girl at the Hinata-sou to develop a crush on Keitaro Urashima. However, her shy character and consideration of the feelings of others prevent her from taking the initiative to confess her feelings to Keitaro. And so while she knows deep down that it's an unrequited love, she nevertheless tries to make Keitaro's life at the Hinata-sou pleasurable using her skills. She moved into the Hinata-sou in the manga because of a vague reason of family troubles, and the anime features Shinobu moving in to the inn with a more detailed reason - so she can get away from a bitter divorce that her parents were undergoing.
She was rated the #2 most popular hinata girl by the Love Hina fanbase, and after the series ended, she became #1. The largest group of Shinobu fans being Her Kawaiiness Secret Service.

She's a first year student at Hinata middle school, which is the same
school Kaolla Su attends. Being at the Hinata-sou changed her life around. Whereas before, she was extremely shy and didn't have any friends at all, she is now friends with all the members at the Hinata-sou and has started making friends at school.

Later on, she is close friends with Kaolla Su, Akiko Taichi, Sarah McDougal and Mei Narusegawa.

Out of the all the residents, she's probably the best when it comes to cooking and cleaning. Being an only child with parents working at a restaurant probably contributed to that. She is considered the cutest due to her age as well as her personality, which is the most feminine out of the the Hinata Girls.  
Her mother is Mrs. Maehara and her father is Yashuhara Maehara, who are divorced and both sought custody of her before she moved to the Hinata-sou.
According to the manga:
Her blood type is O, she is 147 cm, dimensions are: B:68/W:52/H:72.
She is voiced by  Masayo Kurata in Japanese and Bridget Hoffman in English.
By the time the end of the manga is done, she is 19 years old, and a first year student at Tokyo University.
Shinobu's Likes and Dislikes

Likes: White
Dislikes: Black

Living Thing    
Likes: Cats
Dislikes: Stray Dogs

School Subjects
Likes: Home Economics
Dislikes: Math

Likes: Spring
Dislikes: Winter

Likes: Idol Style
Dislikes: GATEN (?) Style

Television Shows
Likes: Cooking Shows
Dislikes: Shows on the Supernatural

Male Type
Likes: Keitaro Urashima
Dislikes: Weak Person
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Bridget Hoffman
Masayo Kurata
Rank Game #80 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Shinobu Maehara
Name: 前原 しのぶ
Romanji: Maehara Shinobu
Gender: Female
Birthday: 11/15/1985
1st manga book: Love Hina #1
1st anime episode: Love Hina #2
1st anime movie:
Aliases Shinobu-chan
Powers & Battle Rankings Edit
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Attractive Female
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