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Shinobi World is a anime/manga location
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Bingo Book

A Bingo Book is a special book that lists the names of various rogue ninjas across to Shinobi World. It acts as an assassination list.

Chakra Paper

Chakra Paper is a type of paper that reacts easily to the various elements of chakra in humans. When held, they can easily verify a person's natural chakra affinity.

Forehead Protector

The Forehead Protector is worn by all official ninjas of a specific village. It is a cloth headband with an engraved metal plate bolted on. The engraving marks the region of the ninja.

Gaara's gourd

Gaara carries around a giant calabash-shaped gourd covered in designs and filled with his chakra-infused sand which he can freely manipulate.

Make-Out Novels

Make-Out Novels are a series of erotic-comedy books that were written by the Jiraiya of the Leaf Village and are a favorite of Kakashi Hatake.


The Nunoboko is the sword of the godlike being hagoromo othsutsuki that he used in creation of the Shinobi World. Later used by obito uchiha with the help from the Ten-Tails powers.

Scroll (Naruto)

Scrolls are objects in the world of Naruto that serve many purposes.

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