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Abandoned Uchiha Stronghold

The Abandoned Uchiha Stronghold is a former base of operations for the Uchiha Clan. Set atop a mountain and surrounded by forest. This was the setting for the last battle between Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha.


A Desert is a fast stretch of land filled with nothing but sand and very little water. Extremely hot days and incredibly cold nights.

Fire Temple

The Fimre Temple is a great shinobi temple in the Land of Fire. It's led by a member of the Twelve Guardian Ninja.

Hidden Cloud Village

The Hidden Cloud Village is situated at the heart of the Land of Lightning and it is one of the 5 major ninja villages. Its leader is the Raikage..

Hidden Leaf Village

Konohagakure means "The Village Hidden in the Leaves." It is the village of many of the Naruto character's births, and a major area in the Naruto world reknowned for its military might.

Hidden Mist Village

The Hidden Mist Village, also known as Kiragakure, is located in the Land of Water.

Hidden Sand Village

Known as the "Village Hidden in the Sand" is the hidden village of the land of wind.

Hidden Sound Village

The Hidden Sound Village was founded by Orochimaru for the purpose of experimentation.

Hidden Star Village

The Hidden Star is the ninja village for the Land of Bears. A meteorite struck the area 200 years before the start of the Naruto series which prevents vegetation from growing in the area.

Hidden Stone Village

The Hidden Stone Village, also known as Iwagakure, is the ninja village in the Land of Earth.


H┼Źzukijou is the greatest prison in the Shinobi World for the worst criminals and also known as the Blood Prison. All ninja imprisoned are stripped of their shinobi powers.

Land of Birds

Land of Birds is a small country located between the Land of Wind and the Land of Earth.

Land of Earth

The Land of Earth is located to the northwest of the Land of Fire. It occupies a massive area and its ninja village is the Hidden Stone.

Land of Fire

The Land of Fire is regarded as one of the most expansive and militarily impressive countries in the Naruto series. Its ninja village is the Hidden Leaf.

Land of Lightning

A fictional country from the Naruto franchise, the Land of Lightning lies to the northeast of the Land of Fire. Its ninja village is the Hidden Cloud.

Land of Rice Paddies

The Land of Rice Paddies is a small nation that borders the Land of Fire and is the home of the Hidden Sound Village of Orochimaru.

Land of Rivers

The Land of Rivers is a nation that borders the Land of Wind. On one of the rivers was an Akatsuki base.

Land of Snow

The Land of Snow is a kingdom that was covered by perpetual winter. Once ruled by a kindly lord until he was assassinated by his brother.

Land of Tea

The Land of Tea is a neighboring country to the Land of Fire in the Naruto series.

Land of Water

The Land of Water consists of a series of islands located east of the Land of Fire. Its Hidden Village is the Hidden Mist village and its Kage is referred to as the Mizukage.

Land of Whirlpools

Also known as the Land of Waves and the Land of Eddies, the island of the Land of Whirlpools was the original home on the Uzumaki clan. After the clans destruction it became the Land of Waves and currently it has no ninja village.

Land of Wind

The Land of Wind is a fictional country in the Naruto franchise. It is located southwest of the Land of Fire. Its ninja village is the Hidden Sand.

Land of the Sea

The Land of the Sea consists of several islands. Mother Island is the main one, and it's surrounded by three other islands: Jiro, Taro, and Demon Island.


Oceans are vast bodies of salt water.

Orochimaru's Grassland Hideout

Orochimaru's Grassland Hidehout is one of many hideouts of Orochimaru. This one is located in a dried-meadow somewhere near the Hidden Grass Village. It was here that he was in hiding and trained Sasuke for some time.

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