What Version do Your Prefer: TV Series, Rebuild of Eva or Manga

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To those who really dig Eva, you might realize that the different adaptations of the series have some major differences for the personalities and backgrounds of the characters. Case in point: Shinji Ikari. His character between the TV series, Rebuild of Eva movies and the manga have some major differences to compare:
TV Series:
-Little self-esteem and self-confidence. 
-Shy, timid and is uncomfortable with physical contact.
-Runs away from difficult or stressful problems.
-Only gets genuine comfort from interacting with Kwaoru.
-Less introverted and more prone to getting angered if anyone upsets him (once tried punching Gendo).
-Not afraid to speak his mind as he lashes out at Asuka more frequently.
-Interacts more with Rei and hates Kwaoru more in this adaptation.
Rebuild of Eva Movies
-A mix of the two versions above: Is unsure of himself yet comfortable socializing with others.
-This continuity gives him more intimate interactions with Rei.
Of these three versions, which Shinji do you prefer?
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