Shinigami Concepts

Shinigami is a anime/manga concept
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Angels are beings that reside in Heaven. They are often portrayed with wings, halos, or both.

Captain (Bleach)

The highest level of soldier in Soul Society. Each Captain is served by a Lieutenant, and is in charge of an aspect of Soul Society's structure

Cultural Diversity

They are a race in Bleach who have their names, swords, and bankai rooted in Japanese culture.


Are powerful creatures that live in the pits of Hell. That are many classes and levels for these monsters but no matter the rank they are deadly beasts.


The philosophical idea of the opposition of good. Some believe it is the opposite of good while others consider it a misguided attempt of good.

Frankenstein's monster

Victor Franksetein's monster (simply called Frankenstein) has spawned by movies and anime. It's also a common name given to monsters made out of serveral corpses.


A ghost is a dead persons spirit that roams the earth usually attached to where they died or refusing to go to the after life until there are finished on earth.


A God can be a guardian or a ruler with nearly unlimited powers or sense of consciousness. Most of them are creators or controlers of a sertain element or concept, but there are also gods who are destroyers wile some can be both.

Gotei 13

The Gotei 13 are the elite Captain and Lieutenants of the Soul Society's Soul Reaper army. Split into 13 different divisions, they keep the peace and battle the Hollows.


One of the styles of combat for a Shinigami


Hollowfication is a forbidden processes where a Soul Reaper obtains powers similar to a Hollow.

Horror & Monsters

A common theme in several anime and manga.


The ability to live beyond a regular human's lifespan.


One of the four basic forms of Shinigami combat.

Lieutenant (Bleach)

The second highest rank in Soul Society. Each Lieutenant serves under a captain


Magic is an often used term in fiction. It is the concept of affecting the universe through supernatural methods and breaking the physical laws.

Monster of God

A creature created when Alexander Anderson Used Helena's Nail.


A undead corpse wrapped in bandages


A living thing that's been mutated often by unnatural means. Most mutants gain powers or become a completely new species.


Power-Up is a concept that usually comes after training.


bio tech engineered humans with Regeneration and enhanced abilities by nano technology most notably from Hellsing they are technically considered to be Cyborgs due to their artificial enhancements.

Shinigami Eyes

Mostly seen in Death Note, the ability for humans to see other people's real names and life spans, in exchange for half of their remaining lifespan.


A power used by Shinigami to allow them to move faster than the eye can follow

Sword Fight

An intense battle between two or more characters using swords.


Blood sucking creatures of the night, although not always evil necessarily. They are a staple of countless anime and manga series.


A Werewolf or Werwolf or even"Lycanthrope" is a mythical human with the ability to transform into a wolf or humanoid wolf, it is created when a human is bitten or scratched by another werewolf, or even put under a curse.


A female sorcerer or magician.


One of the main forms of Shinigami Combat


Zombies are an undead rotting corpse that is alive yet dead and have voracious appetites for living flesh.

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