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I haven't even pressed play yet, but I will say NAY! I loved Shamploo for many reasons, but Bebop's my jam!

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I got to agree with Tom, Champloo is better than Bebop

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Champloo beats Bebop in my opinion. The Bebop movie was pretty good though, Champloo hasn't done one of those.

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They've already had a manga about beach volleyball called BEACH STARS. It had a real life Japanese Olympian, Ryoko Tokuno, playing a part in the story as the girls' trainer. She even references the 2004 Olympics she competed in within the manga story. I've seen manga where a celebrities are the basis for characters, Emporio Ivankov and many other ONE PIECE characters; but never saw a real world personality actually playing them self.

SAMURAI CHAMPLOO has a much more cohesive story. They are aiming for something despite having a weird episodes that goes off tangent. I love COWBOY BEBOP, but it's all over the place. The BEBOP story really doesn't start to come together near the end. The plot was scattered among the craziness.

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In my opinion Champloo isn't that great of an anime, much less better than Bebop. Its one of those series that tries to say - it's not "that thing" at the end of the road that moves us is how get there, but fails miserably because in the end i didn't enjoy the journey all that much. Bebop didn't have that final objective per say but the journey was far more amusing.

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I love both shows but come on! champloo was a fun ride but even if you nit pick at bebop its still better. the sound track. characters, world. i mean when people list their favs or greatest of all time champloo's probably never gonna be in the discussion but bebop will maybe pop up. say what you will but those one off episodes are some of themost memorable to date. and your gonna sit there and tell me vicious isnt great?? its just something about how bebop..makes you feel. but anyway just my opinion

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IMO Cowboy Bebop is better however because they are two completely different genre you really can't compare to 2.

Both had similar themes but they accomplish two different thing, Tragedy, Film Noir, sci-fi-western vs off-beat, martial arts mishmash adventure, I say CB is better partly because of it's creativity and bloody awesome music, the story is far more complex too.

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I like Samurai champloo better but bebop is the better show from a universal perspective.

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sam actually pronounced it right surprisingly

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I was originally going to say Bebop but I couldn't really remember any episodes that I loved as much as multiple Champloo ones. I watch anime for entertainment purposes so at the end of the day I go with the series that gave me more of that rather than any other factors.
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Finally watched. Just because Watanabe improved over the years doesn't sway me towards Champloo.

Um, and since we had Shootfighter Tekken and Baki we don't need any more real martial arts shows. Job done!

BTW, who wins in a fight between Mugen, Jin and Spike? TRICK QUESTION! Jet wins, with a metal fist!

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@buhssuht said:


sam actually pronounced it right surprisingly

YES! ...And that's no bull! *rimshot*

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No good can come from this topic!

That said i owns Cowboy Bebop dvd an soundtrack.. will own Samurai Champloo down the line as well.Both peg past the goodness gauge into awsome-ness an other words i probably cant spell either.

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I would love to see a cross between Death Note & Bleach in an anime. Just imagine the mental aspect of Death Note with the battle aspect of Bleach, (done right) how could u go wrong?

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