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Hiroya Matsumoto is a bright young salesman working for Right Trading Company, devoted to his job and to his younger brother, Yota. But after work he swaps his business suit for red combat armor and puts in overtime as leader of the company's Special Duty Combat Unit division. He and his four colleagues Ryoichi Hayami (green), Shojo Yamadera (gray), Shotaro Ono (sepia), and Riko Hidaka (pink) are the Shinesman team. They're under the command of Kyoko Sakakibara of Human Resources and helped by support staff Hitomi Kasahara and Tsukasa Nakamura, and their sworn mission is to defend the Right Trading Company and the world from the invaders from Planet Voice, who are bent on conquering Earth. Sasaki, the prince of Voice, and his strategist sidekick, Seki, are already on Earth implementing the devious plan-through their company Science Electronics, they plan to take over the world through building a great business empire. They've started out with theme parks and a TV show that's wowing kids everywhere; Yota is one of its biggest fans. This is a bizarre combination of Power Rangers and Wall Street, based on Minamu Tachibana's manga in Comic Bokke. Bad acting, recycled footage, silly dialogue, and insane plotting are presented as a satire-though since one gets plenty of that in anime anyway, it's tempting to suggest this is the same old same-old, just presented "ironically." Another allegory of corporate competition, this time about video formats, can be discerned beneath the surface of Armitage III.

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General Information Edit
Name: Shinesman
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1995
Romaji: Tokumu Sentai Shinesman
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 30 (mins)
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Aliases Special Duty Battle Team Shinesman
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