Shin Megami Tensei Characters

Shin Megami Tensei is a franchise comprised of 3 movies, 5 anime series, 29 manga series
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Ai Ebihara

Manager of the sports team at Inaba High. She's a stuck up rich girl with a secret crush.


Aigis is an android that was created to fight Shadows and is thus able to use a Persona.

Aika Nakamura

Aika Nakamura is a student from Yasogami High that works at Aiya as a waitress.

Akihiko Sanada

Akihiko Sanada is a playable character in Persona 3. He works with S.E.E.S. to stop the dark hour. Akihiko become a character in Persona -trinity soul-.


Alcor (known as Anguished One) is the creator of the Nicaea website and the Demon Summoning App as well as the 8th Septentrione.


Ameno-sagiri is a being within the Midnight Channel and the creator of the Shadows. It believes itself to be the granter of a human's deepest desire.

Ayane Matsunaga

Music Club member, social link of Sun Arcana

Chidori Yoshino

A member of Strega whose Persona is Medea. She develops feelings for Junpei Iori.

Chie Satonaka

Chie Satonaka is the meat loving, Kung-Fu movie fan of the Investigation Team in Inaba.

Chihiro Fushimi

Daisuke Nagase

Captain of the Inaba High School Soccer team.


School nurse of Gekkoukan High School, who is also substitute teacher.


The assistant of Igor in the Velvet Room for Persona 3 who gives the protagonist requests.

Eri Minami

Eri Minami is the step mother Yuuta and she's having a hard time adjusting with her husband aboard.


Fox is a spirit fox from the Tatsuhime Shrine in Inaba.

Fuuka Yamagishi

The main tactical support for the S.E.E.S. group.

Hanako Ohtani

Hanako Ohtani is a student from Yasogami High School.


Himiko is the Sonar based Persona of Rise Kujikawa.

Hisano Kuroda

Hisano Kuroda is a citizen of Inaba who's struggling to deal with the death of her husband.


A mysterious man who usually helps the Persona protagonists with the fusion and collection of the fragments of their subconscious.


Inoue is the manager of the pop idol Rise Kujikawa.


Izanagi is of Fools Arcana and the Persona of the main protagonist.


Izanami is a goddess who wished to see the true secrets of humanity and had humans thrown into the TV world.

Jin Shirato

One of the Members of Strega who is Takaya's faithful right-hand man, acting as his tactical adviser. His persona is Moros.


Jiraiya is of the Magician Arcana and the Persona of Yosuke Hanamura.

Jun Kanzato

Jun Kanzato is a third year student of Naginomori Gakuen Middle School and youngest of the Kanzato brothers. He uses the Persona Seth.

Junpei Iori

A Persona user who fights with two handed swords.

Kanji Tatsumi

Kanji Tatsumi is a Persona user in Inaba that joins the Investigation Team.

Kanji's Mother

Kanji's Mother is the owner of the Tatsumi Textile's shop in Inaba, and the mother of Kanji Tatsumi.

Ken Amada

A young persona user who is very mature for his age.

Kinshiro Morooka

Kinshiro Morooka is a less than loved teacher of school that is known as King Moron to the students.

Kintoki Douji

Kintoki Douji is the Ice/White based Persona of Teddie.

Konohana Sakuya

Konohana Sakuya is of the Priestess Arcana and the Persona of Yukiko Amagi.


A dog who is able to summon a Persona. He shows great courage and loyalty to his old master and the S.E.E.S. group.

Kou Ichijo

Star player of the Inaba high school basketball team.


Labrys is a 5th Generation Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon that was created by the Kirijo Group to gather test data on Yakushima.

Magatsu Izanagi

Magatsu Izanagi is the dark Persona of Tohru Adachi.


Margaret is the assistant of Igor in the Velvet Room in Persona 4. She is also Elizabeth's older sister.

Mayumi Yamano

Mayumi Yamano is a TV announcer from Inaba who was one of the first murder victims to be found.

Megumi Kayano


One of the characters from Persona 3. Metis claims to be Aigis's sister.

Minato Arisato

Minato Arisato is the protagonist in the Persona 3 video game and manga. He has the wild card ability allowing him to obtain several personas.

Misuzu Hiragi

Misuzu Hiragi is a well known Enka singer who's husband was caught in an affair with Mayumi Yamano.

Mitsuo Kubo

Mitsuo Kubo is an engimatic student from another school who stalks Yukiko Amagi.

Mitsuru Kirijo

Mitsuru Kirijo, The daughter of the wealthy Kirijo Group President. Highly intelligent and well endowed. She is trying to undo the damage of her grandfathers mistakes.

Nanako Dojima

Nanako Dojima is the cousin of Yu Narukami in the series Persona 4.

Naoki Konishi

Naoki Konishi is the younger brother of the deceased Saki Konishi.

Naoto Shirogane

A famous detective possessing an androgynous appearance whose initial persona is Sukuna Hikona, of the Fortune Arcana. Uses a revolver in battle with a Persona specializing in Almighty, Light, and Dark type skills.

Natsuki Moriyama

Originally a bully to Fuuka Yamagishi but eventually becomes good friends with her. She serves as Fuuka's emotional support throughout the game.

Noriko Kashiwagi

Noriko Kashiwagi is the flirtatious teacher of Class 2-2 that replaced Kinshiro Morooka after his death.

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