Shin Koihime Musou Concepts

Shin Koihime Musou is an anime series in the Koihime Musou franchise
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Anime Anatomy

A type of censorship used in non-pornographic anime and manga. Instead of pixelating or covering nipples or genitals, they're simply not drawn.

Big Boobs

I really can't think of anything meaningful to write here. Not that I ever write anything particularly meaningful anyway.

Convenient Censorship

Convenient Censorship such as steam, hair and beams of light are often used in anime and manga to show naked characters while obscuring their "naughty bits".

Gainax Bounce

Don't get too close to one of these girls, she might breathe slightly and knock you across the room.

Modesty Towel

A towel usually worn after bathing or showering to cover up. Sometimes used as censorship even during bathing.


I wonder if Japanese people have a thing against breast enhancement surgery. I don't think I've ever seen a character bring it up in anime. Huh.

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