Shin Koihime Musou Characters

Shin Koihime Musou is an anime series in the Koihime Musou franchise
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Tei'iku Chuutoku

Kakuka's companion who tries her best to keep Kakuka out of trouble, often cleaning up the messess she makes from her nosebleed episodes. She's a good ventrloquist, usually utilizing it on her head ornament she named Hōkei.


A girl encountered by Kan'u's group working as a chef at a tavern in the Gi kingdom in Shin Koihime Musō. Sōsō learned about her when Rinrin accidentally blurted out liking Teni's food better.


One of three girls who wear tiger cosplay and are Mōkaku's followers in the sequel, Shin Koihime Musō. The three of them are original characters.

Touka's Mother

Touka's mother. Appear in Episode 2. After Touka lost the family sword to the fake Ryuubi, she develops anger by throwing Touka into the Bantou river whenever seeing Touka (Which reminds her of the lost sword)

Toutaku Chuuei

The Governess of Dong province. However unlike her real life counterpart, who was a tyrannical and cruel man, she is a kind, sweet, timid and innocent girl who wants to help her country and her people no matter the circumstance.

Ukin Bunsoku

A female warrior general and a new character in the sequel, Shin Koihime Musō. A strict general who believes in order and discipline, and as such has a tough time keeping her comerades Riten and Ukin under control, using brute force if necessary.


A mysterious figure with magical powers. He gives the Chō sisters the magical book known as the "Crucial Keys to the Way of Peace" (太平要術, Taihei Yōjutsu), allowing them to create "magical microphones" in order to jumpstart their careers as idol singers.

Unchou Kan-u

Kan'u is known as the Beautiful Black-haired bandit fighter and wields the Green Dragon Crescent Blade. She is much like her male counterpart, Guan Yu. She is also one of the main characters beside Chōhi.

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