Shiki is a anime/manga character in the Togainu no Chi franchise
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Shiki is a cruel and merciless character in Togainu No Chi. He is also the strongest player in Igura.


Shiki stands at 188 centimetres tall with black hair and red eyes. He wears a long black leather coat and leather gloves and pants. He wears a cross around his neck and wields a katana. Shiki is stealthy and cruel, delivering death to many Igura participants. He is the best Igura player. He kills Igra participants without warning and is widely feared across Toshima. He doesn't collect or carry tags, suggesting he isn't an Igra participant.

Shiki and Akira

Akira at Shiki's mercy
Akira at Shiki's mercy

Shiki and Akira often cross paths in both the anime, and the PC game. The first time the two meet, Akira is being beaten by a bunch on other Igura players. Shiki instantly kills them all, and holds his katana to Akira's throat. Shiki demands that Akira beg for his life, but Akira refuses. Shiki looses interest and leaves Akira.

Later, the two meet again in a safe zone. Shiki is seen killing a massive amount of participants. Rin freaks out, seeing how close Shiki was to the safe zone. Rin, Akira and the group run off, but Akira looses track of Rin and is hunted down by Shiki. The two fight, and ultimately Akira is thrown through a window and beaten to a pulp. Again, Shiki demands that Akira beg for his life in order to keep it, but Akira declines once more. Akira then sees an opportunity to escape. Akira kicks Shiki in the stomach and runs away.

Shiki, Akira, and Akira's group often meet up through out the anime, and constantly Shiki lets Akira live to see another day.

Il Re

Eventually, Rin collects a Royal Flush of cards, and goes to Arbitro, showing him all the dog tags. Rin goes to fight Il Re only to see that it is none other than the best Igura player, Shiki (which explains his lack of dog tags). Shiki and Rin fight, and Rin is near death, until Akira saves Rin. Bombs are dropped on Arbitro's 'palace', with everyone else still inside. It is unclear how Kau, Arbitro, Shiki, Kiriwar and Gunji escaped the blast, but they still did.


By the end of the anime, Shiki and a character going by the name n (aka Nicole Premier) fight. Shiki is proven useless in the fight as he is unable to even hit n. The fight continues, and by the end, Shiki is convinced to drink n's blood. Little did Shiki know that n's blood is made purely of a dangerous drug called Line. Shiki drinks n's blood and overdoses on the drug, although this is not really his death, as Shiki arises from the ground drenched in blood.

Shiki and Rin

Later in the anime Shiki and Rin meet, or more like they reunite, and fight. At this moment, it is revealed that Shiki and Rin are half brothers, having different mothers than each other. Rin lands on a weak ridge on the motorway and falls, Shiki then disappears.

PC Game

Throughout both the anime and the PC game Shiki and Akira meet through out. As soon as Akira enters Igura, he encounters Shiki. They fight shortly and Shiki wins. Shiki taunts Akira, but Akira wont have any of it, and so Shiki vanishes. But he continually reappears through out Akira's time in Igura. Shiki notices that Akira and a deranged, Line addicted Keisuke are fighting. After the short fight, Shiki approaches Akira and tells him he saw the fight. Akira warns Shiki to mind his own business, but Shiki doesn't listen. In fact, Shiki picks him up bridal style and carries Akira to his room. There, Shiki pierces Akira's belly button as a sign of ownership. Akira tries to fight Shiki, but is not match against Igura's strongest player. Shiki tells Akira that he is the only one that he wants because Akira does not cower in fear when they look at each other.

Akira claims that he doesn't want to belong to anyone, but Shiki doesn't listen. After Shiki has his way with Akira in the shower, they head out to find and fight 'n' aka Nano, the only Igura player that Shiki could not beat. When they find Nano, Nano taunts Shiki and tells him to drink his blood, which is pure Line. From here spawns 3 alternate endings depending on what the player chooses to do.

1. Drink Nano's Blood.

If the player chooses to drink Nano's blood, Shiki is able to defeat Nano. Shiki then becomes a leader of Igura, clad in a uniform which resembles an SS Military uniform. Akira becomes his obedient and ever loving subordinate.

2. Don't Drink Nano's Blood - But Still Beat Nano

In this situation, Shiki does not drink Nano's blood. When they fight, Shiki still wins, and kills Nano without taking Line. After this, Shiki and Akira begin to live together, Akira as Shiki's boy toy. Shiki returns one day only to find that Akira is having sex with another man. At this point Shiki explodes and Akira, and Akira is left dumbfounded and embarrassed.

3. 'True' Ending

The final scene
The final scene

This is arguably the happiest ending that the player can achieve in Shiki's story in the PC game. In this ending, Shiki fights Nano without taking Line, but is injured in the process. Shiki wins and Nano is killed, but Shiki becomes a mute and is stuck in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. Akira still cares for Shiki and remains by his side. This ending closes with Akira and Shiki in the park on an autumn day. Akira remarks that he loves autumn because it reminds him of Shiki's eyes.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Hikaru Midorikawa
General Information Edit
Name: Shiki
Name: シキ
Romanji: shiki
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Togainu no Chi #1
1st anime episode: Togainu no Chi #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Il Re
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