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Shiki is an anime series in the Shiki franchise
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Dream Horror, mystery and grey morality bundled for my 2010 favorite.

 This was quite the horrific little treat. Shiki started off as a mystery-suspense title for its first half slowly unraveling the true nature of the so-called "epidemic" killing off the town's population. The show drops a number of hints alluding to the exact nature of the threat faced in the ...

Reviewed by Dream on Dec. 30, 2010
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Juuhachi Moral dilemma's and wacky hairstyles

This is my first review, I want this anime to be known so that is why.  Anyway, to start. I've always been fascinated by the vampire genre. Especially when I was young. I'd read about vampires that Creepy little girl Sunako would haunt people at night, being scary and all. ...

Reviewed by Juuhachi on Dec. 21, 2010
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Adanadhel A true vampire story!

 Well, in a year full of Twilight and Vampire Diaries hypes and other crappy vampire stories, Shiki comes as a refreshing drink. That's how a vampire story has to be. The feeling of suspense and horror, deaths and plot twists. If you can't have this in a vampire story than ...

Reviewed by Adanadhel on Jan. 7, 2011
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SamFury Shiki - Reviewed

Vitals Shiki TV Series; 22 Episodes Genres: Mystery, Horror, Psychological, Supernatural Produced: Aniplex, FunimationReview “What loneliness is more lonely than distrust?” - T.S. Elliot At the turn of the last decade, the world seem to grow fascinated with vampires. Our pop cultures became obsessed with humanizing them, from those that ...

Reviewed by SamFury on June 11, 2011
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It has taken me a year to finally get down to watching Shiki; the first time it came across my table, i quickly ditched it after one or two episodes, finding the pacing of the story to be a little too slow for me. It wasn’t until i watched Another ...

Reviewed by katmic on June 5, 2013
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