Shiki Characters

Shiki is an anime series in the Shiki franchise
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Akira Tanaka

Aoi Mutou

Atsushi Ookawa

Azusa Koide

Chika Murasako

Masao's niece.

Chizuko Murasako

Masao's sister-in-law. He hates her for no apparent reason.

Chizuru Kirishiki

Sunako's mother.


Runs the Ebuchi clinic which is owned by the Kirishiki's.

Hina Yasumori

A young woman who moved but moved back shortly after.

Hiroko Shimizu

Megumi's mother.

Hiromi Murasako

Masao's nephew.

Hiroya Tamo

Sadafumi's son.

Ikumi Itou

Iwao Maeda

Kaori Tanaka

Kaori is a 14-year old girl living in Sotoba. Her best friend is Megumi Shimizu.

Kiyomi Nagata

Koike Masaharu

Kyouko Ozaki

Librarian Yuzuki

The librarian of Sotoba who suddenly quits his job.

Manager Mutou

Manager of the Sotoba's doctor office and father to Tohru, Tamotsu and Aoi.

Masao Murasako

Megumi Shimizu

A young girl who dies a mysterious death.

Midori Kunihiro

Mikiyasu Yasumori

A childhood friend of Toshio and Seishin. He is married to Nao and has a son called Susumu.

Miwako Muroi

Seishin's mother.

Motoko Maeda

Munehide Murasako

Masao's father.

Munetaka Murasako

Masao's brother. He is married to Chizuko and together they have two children, Hiromi and Chika.

Nao Yasumori

Nao is the wife of Mikiyasu and mother of Susumu.

Natsuno Yuuki

One of Shiki's main protagonists opposing the vampires.

Nobuaki Muroi

Seishin's father. He is paralysed and wants to die.

Policeman Takami

Ritsuko Kunihiro

Sadafumi Tamo

Satoko Isaki

Seishin Muroi

Seishirou Kirishiki

A member of the mysterious Kirishiki clan.

Setsuko Yasumori

Shizuka Matsuo

Sunako Kirishiki

The youngest daughter of the Kirishiki clan, who suffers from a mysterious malady that keeps her indoors throughout the day, only to venture out at night.

Susumu Yasumori

The young son of Nao and Mikiyasu Yasumori.

Tae Yano

Kanami's mother.

Takae Ozaki

Takatoshi Hirosawa

He died in a pachinko corner. He came back as a vampire.

Takeo Shimizu

Megumi's father.

Tamo Sadaichi

Tamotsu Mutou

A 17-year old student. He is Tohru's younger brother.


The happy-go-lucky servant of the Kirishiki family.

Tohru Mutou

Natsuno's only friend in Sotoba. He is eighteen years old and in love with nurse Ritsuko.

Tokujirou Yasumori

Husband of Setsuko Yasumori.

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