Shijima's Girl ~Heartbreak MIX~

Shijima's Girl ~Heartbreak MIX~ is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 06/26/2011

Plot Summary

Satsuki makes Enishi do her homework
Satsuki makes Enishi do her homework

Satsuki, Tooru, Ohana and Minko finally arrive back at the Inn. Sui insists that they treat Satsuki like any other customer. Satsuki is excited, energetic and talkative as ever to see the Kissuiso again. Nako is tasked with attending to Satsuki. Enishi is afraid of his older sister Satsuki. As a child she would take his gift money and force him to do her homework during summer break. Nako takes to liking Satsuki because Satsuki has been telling her on how to improve the Inn. Enishi tries to get Nako to tell him everything, but Sui quickly intervenes.

Ohana, who gets back to work quickly, reflects to herself about what her "normal" self is. She says that her normal self has become the one where she works at the Kissuiso, not the one that visits Ko-chan and protests in Tokyo. Satsuki has some time alone with Ohana. Satsuki mentions the upcoming Bonbori Festival, how it is supposed to grant people's wishes and that Ohana should wish for Ko-chan. Ohana is embarrassed and stalks off. Satsuki quickly tells Ohana that she shouldn't get depressed over some guy and the reason Satsuki came to the Inn was for Ohana to show her what was so amazing about it.

It seems that Satsuki has been giving the staff some trouble. For example, insisting on using the hotspring when it was being cleaned, or giving suggestions to Mr. Ren's cooking. But the suggestions Satsuki has been making aren't baseless either, and actually make a lot of sense, more sense than what Takako has been suggesting all this time. Just then Enishi announces that Takako is on her way. Sui quickly gives Enishi a smacking, and tells him off. Sui wants to help with the cooking for once. Also Ohana asks Nako to help prepare Satsuki's futon. Nako confirms Ohana's earlier suspicions of her "normal self", when Nako tells Ohana, "You're back to your self again!" Sui prepared Satsuki's a special side dish for her. Ohana prepared a rolled up towel. There are two flashbacks about Satsuki explaining more about her tendencies. Ohana is then seen speaking with Sui about how to treat Satsuki, as a customer, to give the best service. Ohana thinks to herself that this is the most that she has spoken with Sui.

Ohana is jealous of Sui and Satsuki
Ohana is jealous of Sui and Satsuki

The phone then rings, Satsuki demands some drinks and a geisha. When Ohana says they can't offer geishas at this time, Satsuki says knowingly, "then an old woman and a young girl will do fine." Ohana quickly gets "drunk" off of soda and spouts about Ko-chan and how she gave up. Sui says in a teasing manner, "A Matsumae giving up only after two or three tries?" Sui then reveals that she had to try 4 times for her husband before he accepted her. Ohana says she has her life here on the Kissuiso and Ko-chan has his life too in . Satsuki says how characteristic of a Matsumae to put work ahead of love.

Satsuki has Enishi carries Sui
Satsuki has Enishi carries Sui

Sui falls asleep, and mumbles that she had a dream where Satsuki succeeded the and Ohana was there. The next morning Satsuki sets off, saying if Ohana wants to come back to she can. Satsuki also gives Ohana a written re-review of the Kissuiso. It says how Kissuiso is constantly evolving and changing to maintain it's "retro" feel. Ohana realizes that even though she misses Ko-chan, she doesn't feel the urge to go back because her home is at the Kissuiso.

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