This is the final episode, which wraps up the story of Fumika Mikawa.

Detailed Summary

This episode begins with Fumika Mikawa telling her story to the police. After doing this she enrolls in Nojima's high school. She is seen as a celebrity and gets hounded by the students and press and is regularly talked about on gossip programs, which upsets her.

On the way to meet up with Natsuka and Kaname, she overhears Natsuka confessing to Kaname and decides to go home by herself. Later she makes contact with her mother, Kirei Aizawa, through the police and the two arrange to meet up. When they arrive at the airport Kirei mentions how beautiful Fumika Mikawa has become and then promptly turns to leave. Fumika Mikawa tries to stop her but Kirei says that she doesn't want to be a mother and that engagement, marriage and childbirth were just things that she wanted to experience in her life and, having experienced them, she's done with the ideas.

After hearing this Fumika Mikawa runs back to her father's house and decides to commit suicide. Fumika shows up to stop her and the two get into a fight. Eventually they stop and make up with each other. Both of them continue on with their lives and the final credits of the series shows a few seconds from post-Shigofumi lives of everyone who received a Shigofumi with the exception of Kirameki.

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