Shi Woon Yi

Shi Woon Yi is a anime/manga character in the The Breaker franchise
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Formerly a pushover, a coward and bullied all the time but after blackmailing his English teacher who was a martial artist to train him he's no longer the person he was, he become strong in mind and body. Now he is, temporally, the head of the Sun-Woo clan.


Shi Woon Yi past is not completely known. However, it is known that his father died, he have a childhood friend whom he have crush for named Sae Hee he meet when they had shared picnic during the first grade. He lives with his mother who work most of the time. During high school Shi Woon become the target of a group of bullies lead by Chang-ho.


Shi Woon Yi was written by Jeon Keuk-Jin and illustrated by Park Jin-Hwan and made his first appearance in The Breaker chapter 1. Later he made his first appearance in The Breaker: New Waves chapter 1.

Character Evolution


Shi Woon Yi have a particularly skinny body with little to no muscle at the beginning of the series, which was evident by his inability to complete most basic physical exercises. He has shaggy brown hair and brown eye. Despite the increase in his strength after training his body didn't seem to developed that much muscles thought recently his body developed some muscles but nothing that at the level of a Murimin, and despite the fact he went thought the Overhaul Rebirth phenomenon that changed his bone and muscle structure along with many things in his body it doesn't seem that it made any outer changes other than his height which was a comment made by two character. However, it is possible that this comment more focused on his increased mental, spiritual and social presence than his height. His fashion seem to have changed as he has started wear better cloth since he become the new head of the Sun-Woo Clan. It should be noted that his fashion sense is close to So Chun Hyuk thought he don't tend to wear too much expensive cloths and would wear normal cloths sometimes.


At first Shi Woon Yi was a coward who wouldn't even try to rise a fist against his tormentor or object and could not face his crush when she saw his beaten face. He even try to commit suicide if not for Chun Woo Han. Due to Chun Woo Han words and the fact that his tormentors set their eyes on his crush and wanted him to bring her to them, Shi Woon was disgusted with himself for even considering to obey them and fought back despite knowing that he would lose. From then on Shi Woon Yi wouldn't back down or submit to his enemies no matter what. He seem to have a "tallent" for irritating others as most of the character in the series were irritated by him. Also whenever he is in a fight he is willing to die and don't let fear hold him back, this was described by So Chun that Shi Woon can surpass the human instinct inside of him, as he swore that he would never hide in fear ever again and stated that the thing that he hate more than dying is himself hiding in fear. Shi Woon is shown to never abandon his friends, people who are in trouble or hurt and in need of help.

Shi Woon is known to be kind, gentle, carrying and sees good in almost everyone and when confronted by the fact that his master is actually not who he think of him, he was shocked and refuses to believe that is the truth. Yi would never start a fight he merely defend himself against attackers. However, This change when he learn of the S.U.C. and their activities that had harm those who are close to him, even his mother, he decide to fight against them.

Shi Woon cares greatly for Sae-Hee and have feeling for her and she has feeling for him too, thought they didn't confess to each other Shi Woon acknowledged Sae-Hee as his girlfriend more than one time. Yi always try to protect Sae-Hee and keep her out of the Murim world for her own safety. Three other girls have fallen for him, So-Sul, Jin-Ie and Sera Kang, but he didn't display any romantic feeling for anyone of them making Sae-He is the one he truly loves. However, he cares deeply for them and while he cares for Jin-Ie and Sera as close friends he cares for So-Sul as a little sister due to her appearance that look like a young girl despite being fifteen years old, much to her dismay.

He also have a vengeful side as shown when he discovered that his mother was hurt by the S.U.C. and rendered comatose state, he swore that he will destroy them which made him focus more on his training and even put killing intent in his move during the training. Also the thought of what happened to his mother kept him going even after knowing that there is a possibility that the Heavenly Way School might be behind the S.U.C. which make So Chun Hyuk who almost render him into bloody blob is also one of them and stated that even if he has to train thousands of times he will find away to take him down even if he dies while trying to do it.

While in the state of the Black Origin Threshold, Shi Woon is shown to be consumed by rage to the point where he can't tell the difference of who is the enemy from the ally. However, unlike his master and the master of his master who while using it display formless martial art, he demonstrated the ability to copy his opponent technique from just seeing them. This is possibly due to him using Outer Body Training Method (Hyun Hwan Shim Yun Gong) which gives him the Abyssal Insight that allow him to memorize any technique that he has seen even once, regardless of the martial arts style, and make it his own. Thought someone would be curious of how he could use it while he is consumed by rage and the intention of killing his opponent. This gives the hint that the two technique are connected.

As the temporally head of the Sun-Woo clan, he is shown to be enrage at those who insult the clan and tell them to stop insulting the clan and attack them when they don't. Shi Woon demonstrated a great pain tolerance that every-time he is thought to be stopped with pain he shows that he can continue.

Major Story Arc

The Breaker

A Pathetic Life

Shi Woon Yi was shown at the start of the story being beat by Chang-ho and his gang of bullies who tell him to bring them sixty thousand yen (60 dollars). This was witnessed by Chun Woo Han who criticize and mocked Shi Woon for being weak and a coward. Later at school Shi Woon come a cross his crush who saw his beaten face and couldn't stand to face her so he ran without saying a word. At class he find out, much to his surprise, that the one who mocked him is the new English teacher. While on the way home he find a poster about Tuhon Muay Thai Academy which he take a look at for a moment. When he return home he find his mother is still at work and left for him some money and a latter. That night he try to find the academy and witness his new teacher defeat a group of three people who attacked him using martial art. Impressed and amazed by what he sees in front of him he uses his phone to record it. The next day, while he was watching Chun Woo he was dragged by the gang of bullies to the boys restroom and beat him up to take his money. After everyone gather to see what happened include Sae Hee. Shi Woon tried to avoid her and blow her off, but then he hated himself for doing it and for being so pathetic, he head to the roof and plan to commit suicide.

Unknown to him Chun Woo who wanted to have sex with another teacher was there. Shi Woon was moment from throwing himself before an enraged Chun Woo kick him which cause him to almost fall. In his confusion Shi Woon abandoned his thought of death and asked for help. Chun Woo made him promise to not think about jumping from the school roof if helped him to wich he agreed. However, just as he is being left the fences started to break, due being old and rusty, both fall and Shi Woon faint. Chun Woo use his power and agility to save them and land on the vice-principle car, smashing it. After Shi Woon wake up he find that he still alive and wonder how.

At class the teacher ask Shi Woon who he fought with and say that a girl came and told him that he was involved in a fight. Shi Woon knew that it was Sae Hee and when he was asked again he hesitated and Chang-ho pretended that it was just a misunderstanding between them and Shi Woon who was still a coward said it was true and everything seemed solved but when the class was over and the teacher leave Chang-ho threat Shi Woon to bring him his girlfriend. At home Shi Woon find his mother who returned to pick something and ask her if he can transfer school. Hi s mother ask him why would he want to do that and if something bad happened which he deny and so his mother tell him since there in nothing bad there is no need to transfer school. Left alone he taker another look at the video he record of his teacher taking down the three thugs.

The Start of The Change

The next day Shi Woon try to avoid Chang-ho and his gang but they found him and tell him to bring Sae Hee behind the gym after school. With no other choice he go to Chun Woo, first he thank him for saving him then ask if he was an expert in martial art. Chun Woo who was in a hurry answered him with the truth before noticing what he said. Shi Woon then ask how they landed safely and how the vice-principle car was totaled and if it had something with their fall. When the vice-principle came to apologize to Chun Woo about overreacting about his car Chun Woo who feared that he would find out the truth dismiss it as natural overreacting and take Shi Woon with him and leave. Shi Woon show the video that he recorded it for Chun Woo fight with the three thugs but Chun Woo break the phone and laugh at it but Shi Woon tell him that he already have a backup for it and ask for a favor in exchange for erasing it. Shi Woon ask for the teacher to do something about Chang-ho and his gang.

Chun Woo offer to punish them but tell Shi Woon that he is just a substitute teacher and in two month he will leave and thing will thing be back as they were and maybe worse and it Shi Woon business, if he kept avoiding it it will only get worse. Shi Woon scream at his substitute teacher not talk about it as if it easy thing and ask him if he was ever beaten so badly like him to the point of considering suicide? And he sees everyday is worse than dying and thats why he is asking for his help this way. Chun Woo confront him with the fact that even when he considered suicide he should consider fighting back or at lest landing on punch and he lack courage which is fighting back even thought knowing that he will lose and if he don't have courage in his heart no one can save him and leave a confused Shi Woon alone but return and tell him he will be dead meat if he ever upload the video on the net.

Thinking about what he just heard and if he can fight back against his tormentor but remembering the pain of being beaten up by Chang-ho made him shiver and think it would be beast to just introduce Sae Hee to him and before he go to look for her he hear her calling for him. After Sae Hee talk to him and tell him that anything she could do to help him she will do it. Shi Woon was shown to be tempted. After school behind the gym the gang were waiting and when When Shi Woon appear he reveal that Sae Hee won't be coming and start to fight back no matter how much they hit him. At night Chun Woo come across a beaten up and unconscious Shi Woon and try to ignore him but hear him muter to bring it on and he is not a trash.

In Order to Learn

After waking up in the storage room with Chun Woo next to him. Shi Woon tell his teacher that he fought back and realize what he meant by saying that courage is not backing down without having strength. However, Chun Woo seem not to remember saying this and tell him that since he fought back it is going to be a stairway to hell from now on and wish him luck. Shi Woon Stop him from leaving and tell him to teach him martial art as he can't fight back with just courage. Chun Woo try to avoid this by telling him to just find a place where they can train him but Shi Woon ask him where can he find a place that teach him to survive after fighting three thugs and falling from a building. Shi Woon threat to upload the video on the net and Chun Woo tell him that he will kill him but Shi Woon tell him that he doesn't care if he dies and he is saying it while knowing it.

Chun Woo tell him that they will see if he can keep up with those words. The two go to a bridge and Chun Woo tell Shi Woon that what he's about to learn is something people can't understand and in order for him to do that he might have to risk his life and soul and ask if Shi Woon is ready to learn after hearing this which Shi Woon says yes. Chun Woo then ask him to jump off the bridge and tell him that he should be ready to risk his life and what he is about to learn will injure him greatly and if he don't have that kind of guts it will be bad to train him and tell him that is the determination to die and they should go back. However, as Chun Woo walk away he reveal that he actually brought him here to scare him not to teach him anything, but Shi Woon jump anyway. Chun Woo try to ignore him but after a many people gathered and Shi Woon call him as his teacher he is forced to save him.

Shi Woon wake up in the hospital with Chun Woo next to him and ask him if he passed and tell him that he was afraid he was going to ignore him because he kept threatening him and he thought that he hated him for it. Chun Woo ask him why did he jump off? Shi Woon tell him its because he trust him as he alawys rescue him and he don't have anyone else to trust and if he didn't trust him it would be better to die off, and ask if he showed his real thoughts? Chun Woo tell him to take care of his body and come back to school and he will quit after a little while. Shi Woo thank his teacher agreeing but Chun Woo tell him not to blame him later. The Next day Shi Woon return to school even thought it would mean a strain on his body.

A New Face

While entering school he sees his teacher at the roof and later hear a loud bang from the roof. Shi Woon Hurry to the roof only to find an accord situation between his teacher and a strange woman. Chun Woo asur him that nothing happened but the woman say that it happened. Later at class the woman is revealed to be Shi-Ho Lee the new health teacher. Chang-ho and his gang once again pick on Shi Woon but he fight back and lose. Chun Woo come for him after being beaten. Shi Woon ask him to teach how to fight but he is told that is his shap he can't do much but he says that he can do it and faint.

Shi Woon wake up in an apartment in a bed and wonder where he is and see a woman take a shower in the other side of the glass. He get up from the bed to find himself naked and at the same time Shi-Ho Lee come out from the shower nearly naked. After wearing his cloths and seat down to eat, Shi Woon asked what happened the last day and why is he there? Shi-Ho eyes shed tears and call Shi Woon a brute as he did all "that" and now he don't remember. A shocked and confused Shi Woon start to apologize saying that he is sorry and it wasn't his intention. However, Shi-Ho laugh and tell him it was a joke and it was Chun Woo who toke off his cloth in order to treat him. Shi-Ho say that she forgotten to call his home and tell his parent but he tell her that it doesn't mater as there none there. Shi-Ho ask him what his relationship with Chun Woo? Shi Woon tell that he will learn martial arts from his which question if he can learn it probably to which he react angrily and tell her not to look down at him and he can learn martial arts.

Too Weak to Learn

Later he call Chun Woo and tell him to meet him early at school. Meeting at school Shi Woon tell his teacher that since he recovered he can learn how to fight right now. At first Chun Woo put him throw many test to see how strong he is and he fail in all of them. An enraged Chun Woo tell Shi Woon that he cant train him because his body is too weak to handle the training and tell him that if he at least need to run the school track fifty time and if he could do that he will teach him martial art. After Chun Woo leave Shi Woo is shown determined to do it. Later Chun Woo is called by the teacher who he want to have sex with and tell him to come to the nurse office and the vice-principle in a wild rage. After going to the nurse office Chun Woo learn that his student tried to do the fifty time, had a heart attack and nearly died. After Chun Woo is left with his student he hear him mutar that he did 25 lap and he want to do one more.

When Shi Woon wake up Chun Woo try to reach an agreement so that he don't try anything that might kill him. Chun Woo offer to make sure that his tormentor don't lay a hand on him in exchange that he forget about learining martial art, but Shi Woon refuse and say that from now on he will not run from his problem anymore. Chun Woo tell that before he make the fifty lap around the track he must forget anything about learning martial art and if he fainted one more time it's over. At class Shi Woon is once again pick on by Chang-ho at first he is too scared to fight back but he fight back when he remember Sae-Hee and almost beaten again but is saved by Chun Woo. Shi Woon leave and Chun Woo follow him and offer to take care of Chang-ho but Shi Woo refuse once again and say he will do the fifty laps around the track and Chun Woo beter kep his promise. Chun Woo remind him that if he faint one more time and Shi Woon tell him that he won't be coming back until he know that he can do it.

For days Shi Woon been training to run so he could do fifty lap around the track, one day he return home and find his mother waiting for him and both have an argument. At the end Shi Woon leave the house beliving that everyone is against him and come across Shi-Ho who give him a drink and ask about his ruining practice and if he is getting any better? He tell her that he isn't getting any better and he practice every morning and night but it only get harder and harder. Shi-Ho tell him that it's not a surprise as he have a problem with his blood vessel. Shi-Ho tell Shi Woon the basically with vascular system in his body there are three places that has been cut off and put it short it's a problem with his blood pressure and it doesn't affect his daily life but he can't be too active and if he does his chest start to tighten or faint due to low blood pressure but if he continue to do what he do now he will be heather at the age of 30 but it's impossible for him to get stronger right now.

New Life New World

Shi-Ho tell Shi Woon not to waste his energy but he tell her that he can't do that because if he can't run 50 laps he can't go back to school and learn martial art from Mr.Han. Shi-Ho says it's regrettable but it's impossible and ask him why does he want to learn how to fight so bad? He tell her it because he want to change and his life has been disgustingly pathetic and he really thought he can't change but he have a friend, Sae-Hee, who believe in him and doesn't want to betray her and if kept believing that he can't change he will be betraying himself and for that he will change and get stronger and that's the only way to protect his friend. After hearing this Shi-Ho tell him there is a way for him to get stronger right now and if he is interested he should follow her.

Shi-Ho take him to her apartment and open a small box with a small ball near the size of golf ball, which is a Spirit Medicine she stole from the One Moon School, and tell him that it's a pill that will show him a complete new world from what he live in and if he is satisfied with the life he live it he should never take it and once he take it whether he like it or not he will enter a completely new world. Shi Woon ask if this will fix his blood vessel which she tell him that it will but there is a side effect as the pill affect twenty percent of people, as for the other there are different result but the worse case is that he will die.

Shi Woon take the pill and swallowed it whole and as the medicine start to give him a ridiculously excessive amounts of Ki, even for a master level, it also give him a cause ridiculous pain. Shi-Ho call Chun Woo and till him what happened while Shi Woon struggle the pain and then hang up the phone. Chun Woo seem not want to go but after remembering Shi Woo word on how he believe in him as he always save him and if he can't trust him then he's rather die and after taking a drink he run for his help.

Shi Woon wake up and sees Chun Woo in a state of concentration to absorb his Ki in order to save his life. Shi-Ho tell Shi Woon that those with passable skill could do the internal for a few minutes and Chun Woo have been doing it for few hours. When Shi Woon if his teacher save his neck again, Chun Woo dismiss it as just wondering what was the effect of the pill, but Shio-Ho says that he came runing when heared that his disciple was about to die. Shi Woo start to comically cry much to his master dismay who decide to agree on teaching him martial art and tell him to stop yapping and come to school on time much to Shi Woon happiness. On His way out Chun Woo tell Shi-Ho that if she did something like this again he won't let it slide.

Shi-Ho take Shi Woon to his home and explain to his mother that he went through a lot. On her way out he ask if he can call his master to thank him probably but she tell him not to disturb him in this hour as he must be tired. Going to his room his mother tell him he must take his phone turned on with him and stop the nonsense but he tell her that he lost his phone more than a week ago. Inside his room Shi Woon wonder what will be different tomorrow when he go to school.

The Price of Power

The next day Shi Woon return to school Chang-ho and his gang try to pick on him and when he try to make a fist his hand bleed but nobody notice it as they were wondering what was going outside due to the noise. Later Shi Woon go to the nurse, Shi-Ho, who was also curious and wondering where is Chun Woo as well. When Shi-Ho asked about his hand she seemed surprised knowing that it was just from making a fist. They were interrupted by the new janitor,Alex, Whom Shi-Ho beat for his perverted action. After tending to Alex wound Shi-Ho tend to Shi Woon hand.

After Tending to the hand, Shi-Ho throw Shi Woon on the bed and get on top of him. A shock and confused Shi Woon ask her why is she doing this? she tell him when she says something he must listen and when he argue she tear his shirt button and sees that his internal energy is burning excessively and start to heal him and teal him the reason his hand bleed is that because his energy risen to such level that his body can't handle it and under those circumstances, its better for the excess energy to be released. That way his internal fire can dissipate and his body can relax. However, Shi-Ho is suprised to see that after absorbing his energy, rather than disappearing, the contusion has spreed even more. Shi-Ho start to think that the reason his energy increased is because of the absorption.

Shi-Han tell Shi Woo that his condition is worse than she thought and he absolutely must stay still, exercise and fighting in particular are off-limit. After sleeping in the nurse office, Shi Woon wake up to find himself covered in sweat and there was no reason for him to sweat. Shi Woon is visited by Sae-Hee who was worried about him and ask hi what is going on as he didn't come to school days and now he is in the nurse office. Shi Woon ask Sae-Hee how she knew that he was in the nurse office? She tell him that "they" told her. They are revealed to be Chang-ho and his gang who are pretending to be Shi Woo friends to get close to Sae-Hee. Sae-Hee is confused about the hostile behavior of Shi Woo against his supposed "friends". Shi Woon tell her to leave and once she does the boys have their own chat outside. After many hits Shi Woon decide that even if he dies he will be taken Chang-ho down with him and prepare to strike back but he is stopped by Chun Woo who dismiss the gang after questioning them. Shi Woon ask his master to start teaching him from that day, but is surprised to see him injured. Chun Woo tell his student that if he had thrown that punch his fist would would have burst, blown up all the way to his arm which Shi Woon seem not to believe it and his master tell him to try to punch the wall to make sure and instead of this he should go lie down in the nurse office. Shi Woon in tempted to try to punch the wall but he stop as he doesn't want to lose his hand. At the nurse office Shi Woon wait for the arrival of his master and the nurse but when the door open the one who appear are not who he expected.

Dreadful Experience

The two that appear ask about Shi-Ho which Shi Woon tell them that she is the nurse one of the two bull out a knife and threat him. In his fear Break the hand of the knife wielder and unintentionally uses a Ki attack on the other. Thinking that he killed them he start to cry and when Shi-Ho arrive he run and hide in the basement while remembering what he did until his master arrive, gives him new cloths, tell him to change and that the two men are alive as they are not weak to be kill by that kind of an attack. Chun Woo ask him how did it feel to use his power and if it felt good?

Shi Woon deny it and says that he is not happy at all, he is so scared and wonder what would happen if something happened to them and his master ask him why would he care if something happened to them when he attacked them as he went o finish Chang-ho with punch to which Shi Woon answer that it wasn't like this as he just wanted power to protect himself and those who are around him and don't want power to damage others. And if he hurt other because he have power he will be no different from his tormentors which he doesn't want to be like them.

Shi Woon words remind Chun Woo of himself when his master was still alive, but he dismiss that and and tell his student the he lose because he think like coward and if he is strong then he is right but it's good to think the way Shi Woon think and to hold onto that fear and determination he will not lose himself and become drunk with power.

First Lesson and First Adventure

Chun Woo start to teach his student how to circulate Ki within his body, in order to control it. However, every-time they try it the flow of the Ki is backward. After checking on his student hands he find that the wonds are already healed despite being recent. Chun Woo call it a day and while they head down stairs the find Shi-Ho and Alex have arrived.

Alex is charged with driving Shi Woon home and while he is driving he was called by Shi-Ho who tell him to go somewhere so he can pick a package and he go there a fter being sweat talk to do it but the problem is that Shi Woon was still in his car. After a terrifying drive, the two reach their destination, Shi Woon, who got dizzy and throw up, encountered a scary looking guy, Mun-Gi Ma, who ask him if he saw an old man around to which he shack his head as a no answer. After that he get surprised by Alex who come to check on him and believe that Shi Woon is seeing things due to saying he saw an Ork. After Alex says that he must have been tricked by Shi-Ho an old wounded man come out from the ground scaring both of Alex and Shi Woon. The old man is revealed to be Ji-Psa Jung, the man Alex is supposed. Ji-Psa give them a car key and tell them that "She" is hidden in the trunk and that they should use his car and he will make a distraction for them to get away.

However, after finding the car they see it's an old one that can't go fast and "She" is revealed to be a little girl. Alex refuse to believe that they got the right car but after calling Shi-Ho he know it was the right one. The two take the car but unknown to them Ji-Psa was cough, killed and the Torrent Clan now know about them and they are confronted by Mun-Gi Ma.

The two manage to shack off Mun-Gi and drive away, but Shi Woon was worried about the girl in the trunk and managed to convince Alex to stop so they can check on the girl. After opening the trunk Shi Woon is shocked to see that the girl was naked all the time and had only a blanket on her. Shi Woon try to talk to her to get out of the truck so they can hurry, but she seem not to trust him and only twitch at him. However, Shi Woon assure her that he will protect her. As Shi Woon pick the girl he notice that she is too light and tell her that she need to eat a little more only for the moment to be cut as the blade that came flying hit the trunk. The trio mak a run for it in the car and Shi Woon call Shi-Ho to save them. While Shi Woon do his best to shild the little girl who seemed unfazed by what is happening.

After a while, managing to shack off their pursuer and getting close to the bridge only for their chance to get cut by Mun-Gi who came demanding the girl back. Thinking back at what happened Shi Woon almost return the girl to Mun-Gi, but seeing the girl shacking in fear he decide not to return her and protect her. Shi Woon kick Mun-Gi and due to his massive Ki he send him far away. Surprised for what happened he take the girl and start to run all while closing his eyes, thinking that since he was practicing to run for days he won't get cough but the gang get close and almost catch him. However, due to his Ki his legs get stronger and he become insanely fast, but since his leg are weak and his Ki is massive his legs start to bleed. After opening his eyes he find himself near the bridge and believe that they are save but the girl tell him that before that he will die.

Looking back he sees two bikers are after him and he could not go faster due to his legs bleeding. The two villains catch up with him and mange to knock him. As Shi Woon fall he make sure that he fall on his back so that the girl don't get hurt. When the girl tell him that he will die now he apologize for able to protect her, but she call him an idiot for not worring about himself since he is going to die now. One of the biker tie his legs to a chain and drag him back to there leader. Shi Woon faint from the pain and after that moment his master come and knock down one of the bikers. When he wake up he find his master who defeated all the bikers was next to him and the girl is fine.

After that he witness the fight between his master and Mun-Gi and convince his master to let the Torrent Clan go after seeing his master would rather kill them. Shi Woon tell Mun-Gi that if he hurry and go to a hospital he can reattach the arm that he cut off as an apology to the his mast whom they discover to be the Nine Arts Dragon. Shi-Ho who arrive tell them that Alex is fine and he is taken by an ambulance. The girl name is revealed to be So-Sul the head of the Sun-Woo Clan. After returning Shi Woon to his home his master reveal that Shi Woon regenerative ability rival that of a Planaria (if his hand were cut off it'll grow bac), but he wont do it with just that and he plan to teach him the Black Haven & Earth Technique.

Second Lesson and a Warning

The next day Chun Woo tell his student that he will be learning power distributions technique for next few days and explain to him the there are three steps to learn martial arts. The first is air hindering, where some accumulate his Ki. The second is power distributions, where someone distribute his Ki that he accumlated in the perviuse step through his body. The third is bloom through exert the inner power. And due to what Shi-Ho gave to Shi Woo have already accumulate a massive amount of Ki inside his body, too massive that it could damage his body if he don't lear power distribution technique. In Shi-Ho apartment Shi Woon find So-Sul and it seem that she don't like him. After sometime the two leave the apartment so they don't awake So-Sul from her sleep. Shi Woon ask who was the girl in the apartment but his master tel him that he don't know, don't care and he should ask him something he can answer so he ask about the Murim which was mentioned while he was fighting the last day Chun Woo tell his student that he don't exactly know either but for him it a monster that exist but don't show up in the world and say that despite what happened last night not a word reached the news.

After some time while doing the Ki circulation Chun Woo tell Shi Woon that they will do light physical training as inner power and outer power are always moving together. Shi Woon notice that So-Sul is looking at him but look the other way when he look at her and wonder if she hates him. His distraction is cut off with a hit from his master. Shi Woon ask if it OK as he didn't go to school for a week but his master tell him that it alright as Shi-Ho will take care of it. After doing thirty five push up Chun Woo explain to his student the person component and tell him that in his case he is at unbalance state as his Ki is overflowing to the point of instability, his body is horrifyingly behind, his body is the vessel that contain his Ki and his Ki is being produce at a maddening rate and if his body remain too weak to hold it it will break. And that is why it important to calm his Ki and strengthen his body to make a body that can hold his massive Ki. And since they stabilized the Ki for several days he should find it easier to exercise and they must hurry up during that time and put some muscles on his body. Shi Woon ask his master how long will it take to build his muscle? Chun Woo tell him that it would take two months. Chun Woo get a phone call from the teacher that he want have sex with and leave after telling his student that he must do the breathing exercise until Shi-Ho return and do it everyday without skipping.

Saving a Life

Shi Woon start to do the breathing exercise and take long time doing it and when come to his senses he find himself hungry. While trying to find something to eat he ask So-Sul if she want something to eat but she turn her head away. After a moment she as him why does h want to be a Murimin as all the Murimin are trash who contribute nothing to the human world. Shi Woon tell that he doesn't know much about the Murim or whatever but he is learning it since he think if he want to protect someone he need to be stronger. However, So-Sul don't react well to his word saying that these are just word and everybody says them change into something else and says that the human are selfish and put more import on the thorn under one nail than the countless that are dying. Shi Woon clap for for being smart but she get angry and tell him to be more serious when someone talk to him. Suddenly her health start to decline and she start to struggle in pain.

Shi Woon call Shi-Ho and tell her what happened and she tell him she is having a spasm and it because has a Ki deficiency, that why she should not talk a lot and she know that. Shi-Ho tel Shi Woon that he must let So-Sul drink some of his blood and then give her a message until she regain conscious, as the spirit medicine has melt into his blood and the message so that her Ki circulate properly through her body. In order to draw some blood Shi Woon wound himself using a knife. Shi Woon do all of what he was told to do and when So-Sul wake up she ask how is it that she is alright, but she find the Shi Woon is squeezing her legs and she got angry and slap him and he tell her what he was told to do except for the blood part and try to find something for her to eat. After warming a cup of milk he give it to her but she tell him not to think that she change her impression of him because one good deed as this is not the second or the third time it happened to her and she is not thankful for him for what he did.

However, Shi Woon tell her that she have a big pride for a little girl and she need to drink her milk and take care of her health so she doesn't scare him like before. So-Sul take the milk and call him idiot but thanks him. Both are surprised by Shi-Ha who come barging throw asking about the girl. Shi Woon assure her that everything is alright and when Chun Woo called she took the phone and screamed making it look like someone was attacking her.

Third Lesson and A Damsel in Distress

Shi Woon ask his master to teach him martial art moves since all they did was build up strength. Chun Woo show his student the soul crushing strike but since it looked like an ordinary punch he wasn't impressed until it was demonstrated against a huge rock and tell him that what he will be learning. After trying to do it Chun Woo tell his student that inner power technique is all about the timing. The timing between the body and Ki and to get synchronize he must be able to move his Ki like he move his body. And thinking of as circulating the Ki he pulled from his abdomen according to the movement of his body, and releasing it through his hand the same time it extend. Shi Woon try to do it again but due to little mistake at the timing he fail and get a pain in the hand. However, Chun Woo is impressed as he almost got the time right.

As the two return and when each one of them go their way Shi Woon use a publice phone call Sae-Hee who was worried about him and he tell her where he is and she says that she want to meet him face to face, she will meet him at that location and hang up the phone. Unknown to Sae-Hee she was seen by Chang-ho and his gang and they planned to rape her. Shi Woon was practicing to use the soul crushing strike while he is in the street and master it but he think he didn't. Seeing his girlfriend on the other side of the street he try to call out but sees Chang-ho and his gang take her away so he follow with caring about the cars that almost hit him. Unknown to him he was seen by So Chun Hyuk who could sense his immense Ki and decided to follow him. Following the gang to a construction site he find a beaten Sae-Hee on the ground crying and Chang-ho and his gang around her. Shi Woon become enrage and go to Sae-Hee side and cover her with his jacket and assure her that everything will be alright. Chang-ho is not impressed and start to insult the two of them. An enrage Shi Woon smack the wall and it break and tell the gang that they can come at him and he will break them all. Unknown to them So Chun was watching from behind.

Shi Woon fight Chang-ho using the soul crushing strike thought he don't land a punch the sound of explosion of the release of his inner power is heard and felt, all while Hyuk is watching. When it was certain that Chang-ho is cornered and Shi Woon is putting all of his strength in his next strike, So Chun block his punch with his hand and tell Shi Woon that his opponent will die if he got hit by that strike. Hyuk tell Chang-ho to leave if he wish to stay alive. Chang-ho who is arrogant and think he can win and Shi Woon and So Chun are conspiring together take a stick and try to hit Hyuk only to be easily pushed away and lose conscious. Shi Woon was surprised and amazied at So Chun power who told the others that there was only one warning but if they still want to fight he will not refuse them and take a stick and crush it to prove that he is serious. Chang-ho gang run away in fear. Sae-Hee run to Shi Woon and admit that it was scary but he assure her that everything is alright now. There moment is interrupted by So Chun who ask Shi Woon if he know about the Nine Arts Dragon, much to Shi Woon surprise.

First Murim Match

Shi Woon was asked again but denied that he know anyone by that name. Jang Joonho the companion of introduce So Chun and says that if Shi Woon is a Murimin he must have heard about him, then he introduce himself and ask which dojang (dojo) Shi Woon belong to? Shi Woon pretend that he don't know anything about Murim, much Joonho surprise, and try to leave with Sae-Hee after thanking the two for their help. As they leave So Chun ask Shi Woon that if he really don't now anything about the Murim world who did he know that Goomonryong is a name for a person as he never said that name belong to person and ask again if he know him. Shi Woon not knowing what he should do run with Sae-Hee.

After running for a while Sae-Hee had to stop as she could not run anymore and Shi Woon tell her that they need to run a bit further as the two back there might be chasing them. Sae-Hee is confused as she don't think that they are bad people, but Shi Woon tell her that they are not normal people and they have no problem with killing others. The two are surprised to see that their pursuer is already reached them. Shi Woon stop a taxi and let Sae-Hee get in first and when Joonho try to stop him but Shi Woon uses the soul crushing strike on him which he doge it. However, the taxi don't go far away as Hyuk put himself in front of it. Shi Woon tell Sae-Hee that he will act as the decoy and she should run away as fast as she can and contact the school nurse and tell her that there are people looking for Goomonryong.

Shi Woon try to run as fast as he can but he find that So Chun is right in front of him. So Chun tell him that he merely want to ask him some questions, why would he try to avoid him like this? Shi Woon answer him that because there are Murimin, people who don't think twice about the lives of innocents, that who they are. So Chun find it odd and tell Shi Woon that he is a Murimin too. Shi Woon deny being a Murim and says that he would never associate himself with dangerous people. So Chun correct him that he is the truly dangerous one as he tried to use the soul crushing strike on a civilian and would have killed him if he didn't intervened, the Murimin are not dangerous the one who are dangerous are those who possess the power of a Murimin but live in the normal world. Hyuk explain to Shi Woon about the Murim and tell him that if the normal world and the Murim worl were to ever clash there will be chaos and there have been rules to prevent this and dojos and federation that keep the appropriate distance between the two world and because of that there has been peace. However, due to people like Goomonryong, who break the rules, the infiltrate the normal world while having Murimin power and if these Breakers can't be controlled then a war with the normal worl is unavoidable.

So Chun tell a shocked Shi Woon that these are the reasons Why they need to find Goomonryong and ask him politely were is Goomonryong located. Shi Woon says that he doesn't know where he is but So Chun insist that he know and decide to take him to the martial art alliance for interrogation. Shi Woon says that he won't be taken with out a fight and Hyuk warn him that if he resisted he will get hurt, but Shi Woon Yi tell him if he think he can overpower him he can try. So Chun ask Yi if he sensed the differences between their strength. However, Yi tell him that he hadt enough from surrendering before fighting. Hyuk says that he will make it clear, the difference between their strength.

Joonho, who come late due been confused on whom to follow, sees Shi Woon flying toward and hit the sine on the wall and fall to the ground. However, Shi Woon get up despite the pain and So Chun making sure that he faint after the throw he gave him. Shi Woon demeaned to the fight continue even after Joonho try to scare him with who is So Chun and says that if they want to take him they must defeat him first and Hyuk tell him not to do something stupid as he can't touch him with his level, but Yi tell him he don't care and even if it was true he'll keep fighting and ignore the last warning he was given. So Chun smile and says that it's the first an opponent was willing to fight even after knowing who he is. Joonhn try to calm thing but fail and Hyuk set the rules for their match and tell Yi that if he manage to land one hit on him it will his win and Yi say if he say that he lost with his mouth it will be Hyuk win. Their fight start with these rules.

After several time of being knock down and getting up Shi Woon seem to be at his end, so Hyuk have Joonho to make a call so they can take. So Chun, as he turn his back to the beaten up and on the ground Shi Woon, wonder what was Yi hoping for? However, much to Hyuk surprise he sense the coming of Yi from behind and avoid it and wonder how is he still have enough Ki to use the soul crushing strike and note that his physical stamina shouldn't be able to endure much of this. Shi Woon fall, but stand up and tell Hyuk to fight him. So Chun try to reason with Shi Woon that they should stop at this and Yi held up well, but if the keep going he'll die and Joonho tell him that there will be no point if he's died. Shi Woon seem to accept his defeat by take Hyuk hand but tell him to "stop talking... like a little bitch... and attack". Yi attack with his last word but Hyuk avoid it and look right into Shi Woon eye as his blood fall on his face he tell Yi that he is so stubborn and then punch him so hard that he send him flying away that he hit the wall of the second floor of a building and fall. So Chun tell Yi that he brought this upon himself and he should not blame anyone else.

Joonho says that there was no need to do that, but Hyuk tell him that he had to eliminate that gaze. However, despite been beaten near to death Shi Woon Yi stand up and ask his opponent to attack him. The fight continue and despite being on the brink of death Yi keep getting up which gives the calm and cold So Chun Hyuk a feeling of nervousness and his heart start ro beat faster. Yi move slowly toward Hyuk rembering the words of his master about courage and says that even if he is weak he will run away again, while Hyuk tell him to stop. Yi succeed in landing one blow which make his victory and fall to the ground. Chun Woo appear and save him and So Chun ask about the name of his opponent and says that he is the first person who fought and won against him and tell Chun Woo to tell Yi that the next time they fight it will not be under the same condition. When the two leave Chun Woo look at his student and says that no matter what has been said that is not the appearance of a winner.


The next Shi Woon on the bed at Shi-Ho apartment with So-Sul next to him who look around before she put her hand on her face and blush showing that she developed a crush on him. Seeing that he is waking up she remove her had and when he ask where is he she tell him that his master brought him hear last night. Shi Woon is disappointed as his master had to save him again and wonder if he will ever be as strong as him one day. So-Sul tell Yi who was his opponent and that he is a genius that comes every few hundred year and just surviving from a fight against him is incredible feat! Yi start to laugh as he thought that what So-Sul said was so cute. So-Sul get angry, but Shi Woon tell her that he know she didn't meant to be funny and it was to encourge him and now he is better.

Shi-Ho return, see that Yi is awake and ask how does he feel as he loked like a corpse when was brought last night. Yi says he is fine now. Shi-Ho reveal that So-Sul have not slept last to watch over Yi but stop after getting scary glare from So-Sul. Yi seem to bee happy to hear that, but when he tries to touch her she tell him not to. While thinking that it must be great to have a fast recovery and a girlfriend she start to think loudly and Yi ask if she said any thing which she deny. Late at night Shi Woon practice the soul crushing strike his master arrive and tell him that he should be in the bed not training outside and after seeing his student using the soul crushing strike he says that he must be drunk as it look like he is using the inner power naturally. Yi says that he kept practicing and accidentally got the time right. Chun Woo believe that Yi might be a prodigy of some sort.

Shi Woon ask about So Chun, and his master think that he want revenge and try to assure him that he will avenge him, but is shocked to know that he actually want to thank him for stopping him last night because if he didn't he would have killed Chang-ho. Chun Woo tell Yi that when his body heal he will tech him foot technique. Yi remember what Hyuk said about his master but he seem to believe that his master is a good person.

A Day At The Beach

After recovering from his fight with Hyuk his master decide to teach him the foot technique but Shi-Ho take them to a beach. Chun Woo try to tech his student, but Shi-Ho try to make them have fun for a while since So-Sul will be leaving the country and thus Shi Woon should give her a huppy time. Yi try to play with So-Sul in building a sand castle. However, she seem not to like it as she think he sees her as a child, since she is actually fifteen years old despite her look, So-Sul tell him to play by himself which he do so and after a short time she join him.

After their time end and while going back to the city, Chun Woo says that the whole day was wasted but Yi says that the had fun. Chun Woo tell his student not to come and complain to him saying that he didn't teach him seriously since he was the one who was lazy. While Chun Woo complain about the time that got wasted So-Sul says that is doesn't masterif he is late a day or two but Chun Woo Han tell her that when they leave he will be alone but if he learned the foot technique he will be able to protect his body. Yi tell her not to pay attention to what his master says and he had lots of fun playing with her and she tell him that when she fully recover and healed from her nine yin body she want him to take her to an amusement park to which he says that he will do it. Shi Woon receive the Phoenix medallion from So-sul as a payment for playing with her but tell him that it a mere safe keeping and that she will take it back when she return. Alex arrive and he is angry due to none visiting him. However, someone was following Alex and he found out the location of Chun Woo, the Nine Arts Dragon.


Chun Woo chase the spy while Yi follow with Alex and when they reach him they find that he is about to kill the spy. Shi Woon beg his master not to kill him, but his master tell him that if he don't do it there location will be known to their enemies and if this happened he wont be able to stay and tech him martial art. However, Shi Woon tell his master that it's OK to to leave and return when things calm down and that this way he can tech him martial arts after he return. Chun Woo agree, tell Alex to drop the badly hurt man in a hospital and tell his student follow him.

Chun Woo take Shi Woon to a helicopter landing spot on the top of a building, tell him to watch carefully as this is his last lesson and show him the foot technique while explaining it to him. After that Yi ask his master that the move he showed it to him, if it was in the ankle as it seemed to him that he used his foot from down the ankle. Chun Woo tell his student that he thought that he was a worm but now he has become a mole, but tell him that in order to do it probably he must use his inner power. However, the ultimate form of it will be hard to achieve but if he manage it then maybe none at his age would be able to get him, Yi ask if that include So Chun Hyuk? Chun ask if he is thinking about fighting him, but Shi Woon deny it. However, Chun Woo tell him not to think about as Hyuk is a genius since birth and even if Yi could train for a hundred year he wouldn't be able to catch up with him. Shi Woon ask his master if So Chun was really that good at martial arts which his master tell him that he is and he even reached the top of martial art world. However, Yi note that Hyuk didn't seem to be happy.

Alex Come to get Han so they can leave. When Yi ask about Shi-Ho and So-Sul he is told that they already left for the meeting spot. Chun Woo give Shi Woon his phone and tell him that since he broke his phone Yi have'nt been carrying a phone with him and tell him to keep living happily like he live now and if he return to being depressed without him around he won't acknowledge him as his disciple. Yi tell his master not to worry about that and tell him that he need to quit smoking when he return as it the reason that he is not popular with women. As Chun Woo leave Yi tell him to take care until they meet again not knowing that Han is not planning to return. Returning home and lie down on his bed, Yi feel that his life with his master in the last month has been a dream. Yi check if there was any saved number into the contact list, but he find that they were all erased and remember the last words he heard from his master and assure himself that he will not return to be same as before and remember that he didn't do his Ki exercises and start to do them.

Return To School and Not A Weakling Anymore

While on the way to school, Shi Woon try to do the foot technique. Sae-Hee who was behind him yelled at him asking what he is doing. Sae-Hee says that she was walking behind him and ask if he didn't notice to which he apologize and ask her how is she now as he was afraid that she would be traumatized from what happened when she was almost raped, but she tell him that she had already forgotten about it and says if someone want to live he must keep moving forward. Shi Woon comment that she is strong and Sae-Hee says: Of course. If someone underestimated me, they'll be in for some pain. Sae he tell Yi that if he want she will teach him what he missed during his absence. As the two enter the school building they encounter Chang-ho who reveal that Sae-Hee didn't go to school for a few days as she hid behind Shi Woon Yi and shake indicating that her words from before were actually just playing cool.

Yi realize that Sae-Hee has been traumatized and tell Chang-ho if he try to bother Sae-Hee he'll kill him, which seem to have intimated Chang-ho. Shi Woon then call which seem to calm her down and both head to their class. As they walk Shi Woon tell Sae-Hee that he is sorry as this happened to her because of him. Sae-Hee lean on his back, start to cry and admitted that she was scared, Yi assure her that it'll be alright as from now on he will not back down or be a coward when he have something to protect, for sure. Unknown to Shi Woon Yi members of the martial arts alliance and the head of the organization have arrived at the school.

At class while try to catch up with what he missed the phone he received from his master start to ring he answer it he find out that it is Bae Yoonji the teacher that his master wanted have sex with, but fail due to been called away everytime. Bae asked to call Chun Woo by the martial arts alliance who wanted to capture him but because Shi Woon was given the phone with the number. Bae ask about Chun Woo and Shi Woon tell her that he cant answer now and he is one of his student and he is at the school right now. Before they could talk any further Yi is assulted by Chang-ho with an aluminum baseball bat to smash his skull and keep hitting him all over his body to prove that he wasn't intimated and worn everyone if they try to stop him he kill both of them. However, the martial arts alliance start to search for them and when arrived and saw what is happening she go to Shi Woon and try to wake him up. Chang-ho try to assult her too, but Yi get up quickly and punch him in the face sending him flying away and tell him the he told him if he touched Sae-Hee again he'll kil him.

Shi Woon think the Chang-ho is pretending to be fainted and tell him to get up, but realize that he really fainted when he is told this by the others. At first Yi is confused as he did think that his strike is that strong and he didn't even used his inner power. Then he remember the words of his master about the Ki and the body that the two have to be in equilibrium with each other and his Ki will increase his constitution and after some time his will be so strong to a point he will not believe. Sae-Hee worried about Yi ask if he is OK as he was bleeding, but he assure her that he is alright. However, two martial arts alliance agent come and demand that Shi Woon Yi come with them.

On The Run

After hearing one say that they might use him as a bight to lure the Nine Arts Dragon, his master. Realizing that he is been take as a hostage, Shi Woon fight back in order to run. He manage to get away after breaking the arm of one the two who wanted to capture him. Shi Woon decide that he will not be a burden on his master anymore and he need to buy some time for his master to leave. So Chun Who just arrived witness Shi Woon being chased, confronted and cornered by the agents of the martial arts alliance agent. However, instead of surrendering or backing down he march head on on the one who blocking his way and utilize his last lesson, the foot technique and the soul crushing strike to pass. Seeing that Shi Woon improve state he realize that it was true what Chun Woo said about him being trained for a month and develop a desire to see future as a martial artist.

Yi escape the school ground to the city. However, this cause the martial arts alliance to start to search the whole city for him by employing every Murimin in the city from every clan and school, but even with this Shi Woon kept defeating every opponent he face and was determined to not to be captured. Yi start to use the soul crushing strike and the foot technique like he was an expert and everyone who come across him is beaten. Due to this Shi Woon start to become a legend in the Murim in one night. However, Shi Woon start to tire from the repeated usage of his inner power and running all the time around the city. Yi is confront by Kang-Sung, the Three Arts Dragon (Sammoonryong), who tell he should give up as he know that his stamina is at it's breaking point. However, Yi surprise him with a soul crushing strike that he avoid which made him wonder from where his power come from. Kang-Sung tell the exhausted boy that he deserve to be called the disciple of the Nine Arts Dragon and prepare to fight him.

Captured, Escaped and On the Run... Again

Kang-Sung defeat Yi and made someone make a call for the alliance to get someone to pick him up. A van come and take Shi Woon but after a while they discover that the van is not the one who were supposed to take him and conclude that there is someone from inside the alliance is helping him. Shi Woon awake inside the van and the two who rescued him tell him that they are there to help him. However, due to their plan been known the alliance sends cars after them. They fail to evade them so they use motorcycles they have to escape.

After reaching their destination Yi ask why are they helping him as he doesn't have any deep connection in the Murim. The two tell him that they are just following order and right now the entire Murim is talking about him. After the two talk badly about his master Yi refuse to go with them, but after apologizing and telling him that both of them will be killed if he didn't come with them. Hearing this he agree to go with them. However, the two are quite surprise when they find out that Shi Woon don't know where is his master right now.

After finding a car the three hear a false report that Shi Woon has been captured and held at KOA business tower which the alliance trying to use to set a trap for Chun Woo. Hearing this Yi suspect something is wrong. When Chun Woo made a speech Yi was one those who heard it. After seeing that his phone need to recharge he ask for a cable and once he activate the phone he receive many calls not knowing that is a dummy call used by the alliance to find his location and whenever he try to call back he hear a busy tone. However, after hearing where his master is going Yi ask to be taken there, but the two tell him that they can't take him there. A phone call worn the three that the alliance are tracking them using the phone. Shi Woon says that if they are tracking the phone then he'll use it to lure them away and ask the two to stop the car and once he is outside he thank them and leave. Yi intend to get to the tower to get to his master.

Shi Woon take a taxi and give the driver the phone to keep until he can pay him and to lure the alliance away from him. Reaching the tower, Shi Woon find many people there who came to see his master.

Tower of Battles

Shi Woon Yi is told that Chun Woo had entered the tower and when he tries to enter to find his master but he is blocked by Gyu-Bum Yi, who was ordered not let anyone to enter the tower. After Yi insistent to enter Gyu-Bum send him flying away with a hit. However, not taking a no for an answer, Shi Woon uses the soul crushing strike to break the door and demand to see his master. Gyu-Bum apologize for not recognizing that he was the Nine Arts Dragon disciple. Yi demand to be aloud in and says if he is refused by force then he'll use force to get in, Gyu-Bum agree and a fight start.

While Yi is fighting an opponent downstairs his master and Shi-Ho fight a whole army of Murimin masters upstairs. Shi Woon try to land a hit but fail and is mocked by his opponent who hit him more than one time and knock him down and tell him that when he wake up he'll start to see the world differently. However, Yi manged to land a hit from behind, but this enraged Gyu-Bum and he would have killed Shi Woon if he wasn't stopped by Mun-Gi Ma, who reveal that it was him who sent his men to help Yi. Shi Woon refuse to leave and says that his master is going beyond his limit for him and that is why he is there, to stop him. Yi with the help of Mun-Gi reached a little bit ahead but the news delivered to them by Gyu-Bum about the building that it have a control system that not only guides the mechanical operation that also alter the structure layout so not a single entrance and hallway would allow anyone pass unless the control system allow it and add to it the number of elite fighters the alliance called there the building has become a trap shock them.

Even with this kind of news Yi refuse to surrender and declare that he learned martial arts so he would never bow to anyone and will not give up even if he is to lose this fight. Mun-Gi try to reason with Gyu-Bum saying that he was one of those who devoted themselves to the Nine Art Dragon, after he desapair their school has become a target for hatered of the alliance and he knows that he is no truly shaken by the Nine Art Dragon reappearance. However, this fail but Gyu-Bum ask about the lady of their clan and Mun-Gi tell him it would be faster if he ask Shi Woon. The lady of Gyu-Bum turn out to be So-Sul the heiress of the Sun-Woo clan that the Martial Art Alliance were holding to force the Sun-Woo clan to cooperate with them and revealing the truth of her being no longer captive for the alliance won Gyu-Bum to their side.

Using the elevator to reach his master, once the elevator door open he sees his master and Shi-Ho almost kiss which was embarrassing for both side. Shi-Ho push Shi Woon into the elevator and with Chun Woo follow them she release a poison gas to cover for them. After getting to a momentary safe place Han was enraged that his disciple came following him, but was too tired to do anything and needed to to replenish hi Ki. While his master is resting Yi start to think on how could So-Sul and Gyu-Bum know each other. After a moment Yi notice that the card he was given by Gyu-Bum is not working as the door that leads down stairs is not opening and his master state that he is not going down as he came to the tower to exact his revenge. The fire extinguish system is activated in order to draw Chun Woo up and stop him from replenishing his Ki.


Reaching the top of the tower where other member of the Martial Arts Alliance member are waiting for them especially the chief of the organization who want to have the Black Haven & Earth technique by any mean. Shi Woon witness the fight between his master and the Chief of the Martial Arts Alliance. Yi ask Shi-Ho if they should help, but she tells him that it's a battle between the elites of the elites of fighters and it can be decided by even a tiny change and Chun Woo has used up much Ki to the point he can't show his true skills and think the there is nothing they can do, but after saying that she come up with the idea of absorbing Shi Woon Ki and give it to Chun Woo.

As Shi-Ho absorb Yi Ki she note that it so tremendous and wonder if it was the effect the medicine he took and the Black Heaven & Earth technique. Shi Woon ask if she will give his Ki to his master which she tell him that she will and with the much Ki he will win. After giving his Ki to Shi-Ho Yi start to replenish his Ki. After taking part of the Ki Chun Woo get up and decide keep fighting despite not taking all the absorbed Ki and evetone thought that he was hiding his true power, but So Chun know that it was a Ki absorption, the Ki came from Shi Woon and wonder how large inner power he have. Yi with many others was shocked to see his master getting shoot along Shi-Ho when she tried to protect him and to see him surrender in order to save Shi-Ho.

When it appeared that everything is lost So-Sul come with a helicopter piloted by Alex to rescue Shi Woon and told him to get in the helicopter. After Shi-Ho was seemingly bleeding from her fall to the ground after falling from the Chun Woo hand while he was trying to get her to the helicopter, but the truth that she was shoot by a sniper, Chun Woo punched the Cheif, believing that it was his doing, Shi Woon wondered what happened up there. Yi was shocked to see his master after he used the Black Origin Threshold.

Witnessing The Black Origin Threshold

After seeing his master killing two masters with ease he wonder why has he turned into such terrifying form? While his master fight So-Sul tell Gyu-Bum, who demand that she is released and returned, that she gave the phoenix medallion to Shi Woon and therefore he was given full control over the Sun-Woo clan and he must assist and protect him until she return. Seeing his master acting so different than what he knew he scream that this is not him. After throwing who were trying to stop him at So Chun who was carrying the Chief, Hyuk whole body was frozen by fear and couldn't move, but after seeing Yi and remembering that he too was afraid when fought him, however, he didn't surrender to fear and taking this example he stood up and fought a mad Chun Woo back.

Seeing Hyuk fighting his crazed master while he is down he wish that he has the same fighting spirit as he does, but then he remember the words of his master while he was sane about fighting without having strength, courage and risking his life for what he will learn. Shi Woon decide to take action and stand in the way of his master when he was about to kill Hyuk. However, this doesn't stop Chun Woo from attempting to kill him if not for Hyuk getting him down. Yi faint from this and when he wake up he sees his master is about to fight the Three Arts Dragon, Kang-Sung. Shi Woon try to reason with his master which seem to be working at first, but he then try to kill him. Yi hit his master a punch that send him away and then scream at him if the state that he is in now is what he wanted and wished for? This seem to work as Chun Woo regained his right mind.

Expelled And A New Begining

Seeing this eveyone is amazed by what they saw and Shi Woon collapse and says that he don't have any strength left, but he is glad that his master has returned and ask what happened to Shi-Ho?. However there is no answer just a sad look at the place of her death, suddenly the Chief attack Chun Woo and quickly take Shi Woon a hostage and order Kang-Sung to capture Chun Woo. Kang-Sung had enough and tell the Chief to stop, the Chief refuse and decide to use Yi against Chun Woo. The others ask the chief to stop but he become angry and threat to kill Yi if Chun Woo make a move. Chun Woo, doesn't want his disciple to feel the same guilt he felt when his own master died, get up and walk to the Chief and tell him that, tell Yi that he is expelled from being his disciple and then punch him with a powerful punch on his stomach that force a shock wave throw him and hit the Chief, sending him away and make Shi Woon collapse but he note that he don't fell any pain and faint while wondering why his master look saddened.

After that Chun Woo try to kill the chief but was stopped by Kang-Sung who tell him that he need to treat his disciple as his Ki-center is damaged, but Chun Woo laugh and says that Shi Woon is not his disciple and he was just toying with him which shock everyone. Kang-Sung ask if he realy was toying with Yi as he believe that the relationship between the master and the disciple is far deeper than father and son, but Han says that he doesn't care about this as he believe in the Murim the rule belong to the strong and as long that he is strong he is right. Shi Woon is taken to a hospital and his mother was told that he had an accident. After Yi wake up an attemp on his life is made but he was saved by the nurse who was sent to protect him. Kang-Sung arrive and check on the boy and tell him that his master tried to kill him by destroying his Ki center and if the treatment was little late he would have died. Shi Woon refuse to believe that, but he is told that what he want to believe is up to him, it's regrettable that someone with a high spirit like him wont be able do martial arts ever again and he should have no problem living like a normal person again.

Later Yi is visited by So Chun Hyuk who also brought him flowers. Hyuk tell Yi that his Ki center is completely destroyed and th no chance for recovery, but Yi whodon't know what is he talking about ask him what is a Ki center which reminded So Chun that Shi Woon trained for one month only. So Chun explaine what is the Ki center and tell him that since his is destroyed he can't do or train in martial arts. Shocked by this Shi Woon asked what happened after he fainted and after hearing the answer he is shocked even more and ask to be alone. That night Mun-Gi visit Yi and tell him the his master actually saved him because if he didn't break his Ki center and said those word he would have been targeted by many other martial artist who desire revenge against his master. The next day Sae-Hee visit him after get the phone his master gave to him back and the discover that his master left many videos for him so he would learn the Black Heavn & Earth technique which made him cry and Sae-Hee note that he look funny when he cry. After returning to school it is revealed that Chang-ho was expelled and many other bullies are trying challenge him to prove that they are strong. However, one time after school he is confronted by Gyu-Bum who reveal to him So-sul has made him her successor as the clan head until she return and tell him that a whole new world of Murim is waiting for him.

The Breaker: New Waves

A Whole New World of Murim

Continuing from the first part of The Breaker, Yi tell Gyu-Bum that he is no longer part of the Murim, his body Ki-center is broken and he don't want to be part of the Murim as his master expelled him and he believe it's because his master don't want him to be part of the Murim, so he want to follow the wish of his master. Despite this he kept his promise to his master that he will do the breathing exercise everyday. After weeks from that moment he meet a strange girl who was hurt but refused his help and shouted at him to get lost, but he bought bandages, disinfection for her and apologized to if he was a bother as he was just worried about her.

Later he return home and saw his mother who was happy that a new project has started and she is in charge of and if thing went well she may start on her own and if this happened she'll treat them a feast. Seeing that he'll be late for school Yi hurry and sees the same girl he saw before calling for him, garbing him and yell at him asking if he think of her as pitiful and sees her as beggar. Shi Woon who don't understand what is happening apologize and the mysterious girl give him back what he bought for her and leave. At School, Yi meet with Gyu-Bum again after weeks who ask him to come with him as there are people who target him, but Shi Woon don't believe him after he is told that they don't know who target him and think it's a trick to get him to go with him. However, as he walk away he was unaware that he was being watched by those who are targeting him.


After the classes are over Shi Woon was surprised by Sae-Hee as he thought her was another one of those who wish to fight him. As the two walk together Sae-Hee mintion that they had a lot of strange people in their school lately, mention that Yi has been close to Chun Woo and ask him how is their English teacher right now? Shi Woon tell her that he don't know and when she mentioned that there is a student attend their school who is the son of an enormous mafia group and that there was a tons subordinate showed up last week and they were all dressed in black to escort him home. Hearing this Shi Woon knew that she meant what happened when the Sun-Woo clan came to escort him and refused. As they walk they are confronted by Joonho which made Sae-Hee worried, but he assured them that that he is not seeking trouble.

Treating Yi a coffee, Joohno thanks Shi Woon for saving his brother back when he would have been killed by the Nine Arts Dragon after he discover their location. Also, Joonho tell Shi Woon that he must be careful as there are people who are targeting him which Yi find it strange as he is no longer part of the Murim world and the rules of the Murim world ably only on the Murimins as he was told by the Martial Arts Alliance. Joonho says that it's true but since the incident of the Nine Dragon Arts weakened the Alliance rule and since he is Chun Woo disciple whom there are many schools has a grudge against they may try to take it on him as long they don't have his master. And since he don't know which school will come first or do what he must not get involved in anything dangerous.

While walking home Yi is ambushed by three people who drag him into an ally where he meet someone from the Strong Dragon school who try to force him into a match to kill him because there master was killed by his master even thought he can't fight them back. However, the mysterious girl who he meet in the morning come and save him. The mysterious girl mange her battle fairly but when her life seem to be threatened Yi interfere by throwing his shoes, but it doesn't work and when the villains try to strip the girl he try to reason with them that they came for him not her. However, this also don't work and he get beaten, but the girl mange to defeat her foe and save him, after pretending that she doesn't care about him.

Gyu-Bum suddenly appear and ask if everything is alright only to be shouted at by the girl. Gyu-Bum introduce Shi Woon to Jin-Ie Kwon who might be young but talented to be one the highest rank of the Sun-Woo. Unknown to the m they were being watched from the top of a building. While in the car Gyu-Bum tell Yi that they conformed three to four that have tried to attack him and tried to this morning and Jin-Ie was charged with protecting him. Shi Woon ask if that why she was hurt this morning but Jin-Ie got angry and tell him that she wasn't hurt, merely tired and if he says that again she'll kill him herself. After reaching to there distention Shi Woon Yi meet the Elders of The Sun-Woo Clan.

The Sun-Woo Clan

Everyone of the Elders was glade to see Shi Woon and consider it an honor. Everyone except Jang-Il Jeong who was unimpressed with him for being just a kid and demand to see the keepsake from So-Sul as he is a doubtful man by nature. However even when Yi showed the keepsake Jeong wasn't impressed at all. Everyone acknowledged Shi Woon as the head of the clan, but he had no desire to be the head of a clan and stated that he is just returning the Phoenix Medallion to them, so he put it at the table and leave.

The elders blamed it on Jeong, but the leader of the elders, Jae-Kyu Kwon had other plan to return Yi and make him a puppet in the hand of the clan and told his granddaughter, Jin-Ie, to protect and save him but only when he is confronted with death and driven to corner.

Gyu-Bum try to explain how important this is, but Shi Woon think the reason he is been attacked because he had the medallion. Gyu-Bum ask if that's the reason he returned the medallion that he is afraid of been attacked, but Shi Woon tell him that if he was afraid he would want the Sun-Woo clan help, he returned the medallion because it was more than he could handle, he don't want to get greedy and take something that doesn't fit him and it doesn't make sense for someone like him who can't use or learn martial arts to be a clan head. Plus, he saw how the how the clan is very precious to the elders and he think that they can take care of things better than him. Shi Woon says that he is glade that he returned the medallion since it mean that he cut all possible ties to the Murim.

However, Gyu-Bum tell him that he misunderstood something; the attack on him have nothing to do with the medallion, his connection to the clan is top-secret matter, even within the clan and there is no way a normal Murimin could have found out about it. A surprised Shi Woon ask about the tons of people that came to his school, but he was told that considering the size of the clan those were an extreme minority. Also according to his investigation those who are coming after him had connection to the Nine Arts Dragon, but it could be just a coincident. Before Gyu-Bum could complete what he had to say he was called by the elders to see Shi Woon home safely now that they had greeted him.

On the way back Shi Woon was think that he said that he didn't want to, but they seem to want to force it on him and from seeing that mansion or the people, the head position is something enormous, so why are they insisting that a boy like him take it, and Gyu-Bum acting like it was the end of the world when he refused. As Gyu-Bum escort Shi Woon to his home he tell him that the elders will give him more time to reconsider and he ask him to think carefully, but Yi tell him that it still the same no matter how hard he think about it, he don't want to become a clan head or anything like that. Gyu-Bum tell Shi Woon that he made a promise to So-Sul that he'd support and assist him until the day she returns and he is a retainer for the clan and hell keep his promise even by putting his life on the line. After wishing him a good night Gyu-Bum tell him since now they know that he is in danger, he will have an undercover security starting tomorrow. The next day the undercover security is revealed to be Jin-Ie who enrolled in his school under a false name, Jin-Hee. Shi Woon was surprised and felt that this scene is so familiar.

Just Another Day... Oh And There Is an Intruder

After class Shi-Woon witness Jin-Ie yelling in the phone at Gyu-Bum. After that Shi-Woon tried to make friend with Jin-Ie but she rebuffed him. Later after class, She would tell him to go outside. Outside, Yi ask her why they are outside and she tell him that she don't like the way the other look at her and the questions about her hair color and style. Shi-Woon tell her she just need to stop coloring and perming it, but she tell him that she isn't doing that and it's normal. Shi-Woon says that this is very rare unless one of her parent must be from overseas, this anger Jin-Ie who grape him by the neck and yell at him. This was interpreted by Sae-Hee who asked them what was happening, who is Jin-Ie and if they were fighting? Yi introduced Jin-Ie to her and assure her that they were n't fighting.

Sae-Hee tell Shi-Woon that there are many transfer student in there school lately and the one in her class is a "total heart-throb" much to Yi surprise. Behined them they hear clamber chatter of the girls that are following the transfer student. Shi-Woon wasn't impressed at all and ask if girls like guys like that? Sae-Hee ask him what about it as he is good looking. The transfer student turn his attention to Sae-Hee, greet her and ask her who is Shi-Woon who she tell him is her friend. The transfer student introduced himself as Ji-Gun Yoo and move his hand forward to shack Shi-Woon Yi hand. Yi thought uneasy about it shack Ji-Gun hand back. However, Jin-Ie later tell Shi-Woon that Ji-Gun may be a Murimin, thought she is not sure as only a top level master could tell if the other person is a Murimin or not, but the timing of his transfer is strange and there is something fishy about him and he must be careful from now on.

Shi-Woon ask if Sae-Hee going to be ok, as she went out with her friends with Ji-Gun. Jin-Ie tell him that he don't need to worry as a Murimin will not bother a normal person and there still no solid proof that he is a Murimin. Shi-Woon is relived and say it's reassuring to see Jin-Ie as he thought she hate him. This cause Jin-Ie to blush for a moment, but tell him not to jump to conclusion as it just because she will get in trouble if they got to him in school. However, without knowing she says what she think which is that he keep sweet-talking to her whenever he get the chance and Shi-Woon wonder if he said something wrong.

While in the elevator Shi-Woon notice that Jin-Ie still with him and ask her if undercover security include following him home which she replied with calling him a dimwit. After reaching the right floor Shi-Woon is shocked to see that Jin-Ie was living right next to him. She tell him that when he enter he should wash up and go to bed and he should not think about going out. Shi-Woon took a moment after seeing that there isn't much in her apartment and it was empty, which caused her to yell at him to hurry up and get inside his apartment. Inside Yi wonder if Jin-Ie will be alright, his mother call him and tell him the she will be late and he should find something to eat and don't wait for her. Shi-Woon tell his mother to eat too and go to make dinner for himself and invite Jin-Ie to eat with him and witness her ravenous apatite and note how scary she is when she eat. After Jin-Ie leave Shi-Woon get call from Sae-Hee, but discover after answering the call that the one who called him is Ji-Gun who is using Sae-Hee phone. Shi-Woon ask about Sae-Hee and what happened to her? Ji-Gun tell him to come and see him at the storehouse behind the school and he'll tell him and he must come alone, if don't then he won't be responsible for what will happen to Sae-Hee.

Shi-Woon Yi To The Rescue... Oh Wait It's A Trap

Worried about Sae-Hee, Shi-Woon storm out of his home and start to head to the school. Jin-Ie who heard him slamming the door and saw him runing outside tried to stop him to know what is going on, but being told to go alone he told her he don't have time to talk and not to follow him as he will return soon. After reaching the school Shi-Woon started to search for them, but was confronted by Ji-Gun who told him that Sae-Hee is in her home sound and safe as he only had her phone. Yi yell asking if it was just a prank and why would he do this? Ji-Gun tell him that maybe he wanted to secretly finish the disciple of the Nine Arts Dragon which shocked Shi-Woon who now know that Ji-Gun is a Murimin.

Ji-Gun tell Shi-Woon the he must felt something was wrong or he would not come like, dismissed the call as a prank and tell him not to think about ruining as someone without a inner power can't out run him, plus he set a few safety net as two masked men appear. Shi-Woon ask what do they want from him? Ji-Gun tell him it's not much as there is someone inside the school want to speak to him. Before going inside Shi-Woon demand Ji-Gun hand over Sae-Hee phone which caused Ji-Gun to laugh, give it to him and tell him he is funny just like he heard and if he was lucky to survive they should meet again. However, Jin-Ie who was watching came, knocked the masked men and pulled Shi-Woon away from them. Jin-Ie yell at Yi calling him stupid idiot and ask him how far he intended to go with them and he should have realized it was a trap when they told him to come alone. Suddenly Ji-Gun appear in front of her without her senseing his movement and almost got her with a Ki attack. Ji- Gun reveal that he was waiting her, he want to see the skill that brought down the members of the strong dragon school and he is the one who set them up. The masked men take Shi-Woon away while Ji-Gun and Jin-Ie fight. Reaching the rooftop, Shi-Woon wonder who is it that want to see him and if he want to kill him too? However, he is greeted by a beautiful girl who tell him that she has been waiting for him.

Meeting The Enemy

The girl invite Shi-Woon to drink some tea, much to his surprise. Shi-Woon think on how the situation come to this, the girl introduce herself as Sera Kang, Shi-Woon ask why he is there and Sera ask him if he find the tea to be good which he tell her that it's good only to be shocked to hear that it will be the last tea he drink in his life. Shocked from hearing that this and more when Sera tell him the she will kill him soon and explain that that there is an ingredient in the tea that will make him lose consciousness for several minutes and in that short time she can throw him from the rooftop to make it look like a suicide as she had investigate his background and know he was bullied a lot in the past and she prepared a fake will in his name so there won't be any loose end.

Shi-Woon feel that there is something else to all of this and ask Sera what is it that she really want as he know that she is not joking about killing him, but seeing that she had explained all of this and it was while serving him some tea. and ask her if there is something else she want to tell him? Sera ask Yi if he is not afraid of death or doubt her ability to kill him which Shi-Woon answer her that he has been in many unlivable situation where he almost died and what he learned is that he can't avoid a threat directed at him with malice and so the best possible way is to face the situation head-on, but he don't understand the situation at all right now and that is what he want to hear directly from her, what is it that he can do?

Sera tell Shi-Woon that was bold of him and he is indeed the disciple of the Nine Arts Dragon, says that she will tell him and explain that his master murdered her grandfather, she was assigned with the task of avenging him and Shi-Woon has one week to bring his master to her or he will die. Yi tell that even he don't know where his master is right now just as the the ingredient take effect on him Sera tell him the since he is his disciple he must know where is he, if his master doesn't appear in a week he will die in his place, there won't be another time they meet face to face like this and if he wish to refuse her offer he should say it right now as it wouldn't be hard to toss him over the railings. Jin-Ie who just arrive from fighting Ji-Gun and saw the unconscious Shi-Woon and believe that he was killed and attack Sera in a fit of rage, but was told the Shi-Woon is alive and he will wake up soon. After waking up, Shi-Woon was reluctant to tell Jin-Ie what happened until she forced him to talk.

A Week Till You Die Or A Week Till You Fight In A Match

The Next day Shi-Woon is seen doing his morning exercise. Jin-Ie tell him that he is acting as if what happened the last day didn't happen and react violently when he give a carefree answer. Jin-Ie try to convince Shi-Woon to go to the Sun-Woo clan and ask for help, but he decline. Later, Shi-Woon see Gyu-Bum in front of him home saying that he was called to take him to the Sun-Woo clan. However, Jin-Ie reveal that it was her who called and tell Shi-Woon to get in the car and go ask the Sun-Woo clan for protection. Shi-Woon tell Gyu-Bum that Jin-Ie had misunderstand him and ask him to go back. Jin-Ie try to convince him once more and tell him that if he son't those who target him will get him again, but he tell her he can't be a Murimin again as it against his master wish. Jin-Ie ask him if that was true then why he is doing Ki exercise every morning and he should be honest with himself and admit that he want to recover his Ki center so he can beregain his martial arts and be a Murimin again. However, Shi-Woon tell her that not the reason, the reason that he do it is because he promised his master to do it everyday and it does't mater if he regain his martial art or not and came this far because of his master, so he intend to keep his promise with him and tell her that they need to go so they don't be late for school.

Shi-Woon answer didn't make Jin-Ie happy and she angrily grape him and yelled at him asking if don't care if there are others who worry about him and if he really want to die she will be the one to kill him. Gyu-Bum stop her and notice the she is very angry. Gyu-Bum offer to give them a ride to the school, While in the car Gyu-Bum hear about Ji-Gun and tell them that he tell them that he is a genius among geniuses in the entire history of the of the Divine Forest School and there are rumors the he can best even So Chun Hyuk. However, he was told that Ji-Gun didn't use a sword instead he used his finger. Gyu-Bum warn them to be careful from him because if Ji-Gun uses a real sword theen the limits of his power maybe unfathomable. After reaching the school Jin-Ie try once more to convince him to ask for help from the clan, but he tell that he have as he have to give Sae-Hee her cellphone back. Jin-Ie angrily and out of jealousy says that since returning the phone of his girlfriend is more important than his own life he can do whatever he want and maybe after another humiliation he will figure it out and walk away. Indicating that she had developed a crush on him.

Shi Woon try to stop her and tell her that not what he meant, but fail as she doesn't listen to him. Gyu-Bum ask Shi Woon if he already have a girlfriend which Yi tell him that he does, This make Gyu-Bum wonder what kind of relationship he have with lady So-Sul. Shi Woon ask Gyu-Bum if he can go to the Martial Art Alliance to report the situation to them and ask for their help as Kang-Sung seemed to be someone that he could trust, but Gyu-Bum tell him that he must not do this as So-Sul was take hostage to make the Sun-Woo clan corporate with the Alliance and since she was freed from them there is a power vacuum in the Alliance which decreased it's influence and make them in need of the clan help and if word get out that Shi Woon is the new head of the Sun-Woo clan he will be imprisoned by the Alliance in the place of lady So-Sul. Shi Woon says the the Alliance itself declared that he is not a Murimin, but he is told that even so and that Kang-Sung would want to help him without doubt the Alliance is a big organization and doesn't move according to the will of a single person and the Alliance that craves the strength of the clan may make a choice that differs greatly Kang-Sung own thought.

Shi Woon while thinking about what he has been told to him Jin-Ie says that he must be happy, since he got a girlfriend whose cellphone he can return and he must treasure her very much as he ran the last day without a second thought to which he tell her that Sae-Hee is a very precious friend to him and she went throw a bad things because of him and he don't want her go throw something bad because of him again. Sae-Hee who just arrived call for Shi Woon who was surprised that she knows about her phone, suddenly Ji-Gun appear and reveal that he is the one who told her about the phone. Jin-Ie rush to Shi Woon defense and he tell his girlfriend to get away from Ji-Gun. Sae-Hee is surprised and confused about Shi Woon aggressive behavior toward Ji-Gun, but Ji-Gun twist the truth about what happened the last day and that when he called Shi Woon he acted sensitive and overacted about him having Sae-Hee cellphone and later called him in the middle of the night and took the phone from him. Shi Woon yell and says that's not what happened, which promote to sarcastically tell him not to over do it and that he look like a stalker. However, Sae-Hee who don't really know the truth tell Ji-Gun that Shi Woon is not like that and he was just worried about her.

The four of them hear the bell and Sae-Hee tell the others that they should go before they get late, but Ji-Gun tell that he got something to discus with Shi Woon and Jin-Ie, so she can go first and they will be right behind them. Shi Woon, who don't want Sae-Hee to get hurt because of him, assure her that she don't need to worry and go on ahead. After Sae-Hee leave the trio go to a place that is more quiet. Shi Woon ask Ji-Gun what is it that he want to say to him and call him by his Murim title, Smiling Blade, that he learned from Gyu-Bum, Ji-Gun tell him that if he care at all about his girlfriend he must not think of running away. This threat promote Shi Woon to yell at Ji-Gun to stay away from Sae-Hee as she has nothing to do with the Murim and he is the one he want. Ji-Gun tell Shi Woon that he don't need to worry as long that he don't run she will be safe, but if he by any chance vanished, pass Jin-Ine and put his finger on Shi Woon chest, Sae-Hee will disappear. Jin-Ie try to attack him, but she is easily send her back.

When Ji-Gun is about to leave he tell Shi Woon once again that he should not run, Shi Woon tell him not to touch Sae-Hee and if he threaten her again he will not let it slide, Ji-Gun who is not impressed ask what will he do? And Shi Woon tell him that he will fight him to with his life on the line. Ji-Gun easily push Shi Woon away several feet and tell him that to fight with his life on the line he need be capable to shrugging of something like this, at the very least and he hate those who just do talk as talk is cheap. After using the name of is master and telling Shi Woon that if he truly putting his life on the line then he should fight him right now. Yi angrily attack, but Ji-Gun easily evade and mock him. Ji-Gun hit Shi Woon meridian on the head and messed it up which caused Shi Woon to feel pain to the point of shacking and screaming and tell him tat this will last for ten minutes but the pain will go away in twenty minutes and leave.

After feeling better Jin-Ie tell Shi Woon that she told him to ask help from the clan and ask for help and Shi Woon seem to finally agree to go to the clan and ask for help. After calling her grandfather who was pleased with this news and having a car sent to them, Jin-Ie check on Yi who seemed to be shacking in fear and terrified from what happened. Jin-Ie while noting how he look like a tiny mouse scared out of his senses and thought she can't blame him she find it to be disappointing, even thought his Ki Center is broken, to see him so completely broken like this.

While on the way to the main branch of the clan, Shi Woon was very quiet and even when Jin-Ie said that he made the right decision, asking for protection before anything else happen, but after seeing him unresponsive she thought that he is too scared to talk. However, when they arrived Shi Woon reveal that he didn't come to ask for protection or become the new head of the clan but to ask them to teach him the strongest martial art he can learn in his current state and there is no time for anything else as he will be fighting Ji-Gun in a week. While waiting for the elders decision Jin-Ie try to convince him to back down, after seeing that he wont back down she ask him why he changed his mind after refusing to become a Murimin again? Shi Woon tell her that he have no desire to be a Murimin again, but those who target him got other people involved and that why he can't let it go. Jin-Ie yell asking if it's because of Sae-Hee being in danger and if they are in such love-love relationship? Shi Woon then tell Jin-Ie his past of being a big-time bullying victim who was beaten and had his money stolen everyday, but Sae-Hee and his master were the one to change, he feel that he owe them a huge debt that he think he can't repay it in his lifetime, but Ji-Gun threaten Sae-Hee and mentioned the name of his master without care which is an insult to his master who accepted him as his disciple and Ji-Gun was right in front of him but he couldn't fight him right and was tossed away which make him angry so much.

Right then Jin-Ie realize that he wasn't shack with fear back them, but with anger. Jin-Ie tell Shi Woon that he could ask the clan for help instead of fighting some like Ji-Gun in his current state, but he tell her that's no different from hiding in fear and it doesn't matter if his opponent is a Murimin or not he will fight him. Jin-Ie remind him that he might die if he fought Ji-Gun which he tell her that he know that, how strong his opponent is and the situation that he is in, however, the thing that he hate more than dying is him hiding in fear and the moment that he decided to become the disciple of his master he sower that to himself that he rather be broken than become someone who hide in fear. Despite this the elders told him that only those who are part from the clan can learn the clan martial art and if he wish to learn the clan martial art he must formally enter and become part of the clan and become the new head of the clan. Shi Woon says that dince there is no other choice he will accept and become the new head of the clan and in return they will teach him the martial art of the clan. Shi-Woon training is handed to elder Jang-Il Jeong who tell Shi Woon that since they don't have much time the should start right now. Unknown to Shi Woon the goal of this is to tire him too much so he can't fight his opponent.

While explaining to Shi Woon how his training will go on, in three things excluding distribution technique and physical strength and full-contact sparing, elder Jeong is ask by Yi to drop the honorific as he is his master right now. After this the full-contact sparring training start and the elder take it seriously while the other elders and Jin-Ie are watching. When the training is over Shi Woon is shown to be too tired while his current master is telling him that they took it lightly today and tomorrow they will start the hard work and Jin-Ie accompany him back home. The elders discus Shi Woon state and while elder Jeong admit that his skills are hopeless he try very hard to the point that when he open his eyes the next morning. While returning home Yi remember that he didn't contact Ji-Gun and if he don't he will get suspicious, Jin-Ie tell him to rest as she will contact him the next day and he can hold off the thanks before he collapse and his head fall into her lap.

Reaching Shi Woon home Jin-Ie decided to take him to his apartment so that when his mother come things don't get complicated and just before she put him in his bed he collapse again and, she open her eye she find herself on the top of him while he totally passed, seeing that he has a cute side she try to touch his face while there was none around but was interpreted by Gyu-Bum who called her phone and just as she leave Shi Woon thanks her for her help. The next day Shi Woon get up and do his morning excierses as if he didn't went throw the training the last day surprising both Jin-Ie and elder Jeong who find it impossible and ask Shi Woon what happened to him and get furious when Shi Woon believe that it was the result of the training of yesterday. This caused Shi Woon to be confused and ask if this was impossible what was supposed to happen? The elder avoid the answer by saying that it was normal and go talk to Jin-Ie about this.

After talking to Jin-Ie the elder go to Shi Woon and check his pulse to make sure of his Ki Center and find it to be broken which make him wonder how could he regain his strength in one day. The elder tell Yi that they will start training and take him to a huge room like a gym which promote Yi to say that he thought it was the elder home but it turn out to be a gym. However, the elder conform that it is his house and Yi should stop clowning around and go change his cloths. At the end of the day Shi Woon is seen on the floor unconscious and as the elder walking stating that the boy is fine and not dead and can go home now with no guarantee that he will get up in the morning, Shi Woon get up and thank the elder for the training and leave leaving the elder wondering how he was able to regain his senses, but was sure that he wouldn't be back the next day. However, Yi came back and was intending to stay in the elder house so he can train without stopping.

Before one day from the match, the elder take both Jin-Ie and Yi somewhere and while in the car he wonder how could Shi Woon regain his strength every morning even after he flatten him till near-death and note that there is a notable increase in his strength everyday. Reaching their distention which is revealed to be a train station to look for someone who is revealed to be a Murimin doctor named Seung-Jae Bae, who lieve as a homeless man, the elder ask him to check on Shi Woon. However, the doctor says he can't understand how a kid with a broken Ki Center can go throw the endless training, but he is stopped from finishing by the elder who also tell Yi to wait outside. While outside he try to talk to Jin-Ie on why she is standing far away? When the elder come out he tell Shi Woon and Jin-Ie to stay where they are, the doctor come out and ask Jin-Ie to go by something for him and while she do that he tell Shi Woon that he can make him win but he must do one request for him, but Shi Woon refuse saying that the elder is training him reveal to Shi Woon that the elder is not training him but is trying to tire him so he can't go to the fight and tell him that he won't train him today and that is because he realize that no matter how hard he try it won't get throw him and leave.

While returning Shi Woon thinking about he was told and ask the elder to train him, but the elder tell him that since his match is the next day he should rest for today which conform what Yi was told. Shi Woon confront the elder that he don't want to teach him martial art and open the door of the car and walk away. The elder follow him ans ask where is he going? Shi Woon tell the elder that he really want to fight with everything he have and that why he followed everthing the elder told him, but it appear that he is not who he thought of him and tell him not to take him for a fool as he know he was toying with him all the time to make him give up on the fight. The elder tell Yi the he don't know what is a match between Murimin is, as one wrong move and he would lose his life, but Shi Woon ask him if his word so far sound like a joke or a lie when he said that he is puting his life on the line in this fight? The elder start to feel an overpowering presence coming from Shi Woon and wonder if he misjudged him. Shi Woon ask the elder if he thought that he would give up this fight and if it would alright with him if the clan head turn out to be a coward who shamelessly give up on the fight?

Shi Woon words remind the elder of the former clan head, So-Sul father, who fought for the clan pride even thought he knew that he would die. The elder apologize to Shi Woon and assure him that he will not look down upon him again and ask if he can forgive him which Shi Woon does. Happy to hear this the elder take Yi so they could start training.

The Night Of The Fight

At the night of the fight while going to meet Ji-Gun for the match, Jin-Ie was worried and when Shi Woon notice this he assure her that she don't need to worry as he learn a few moves from the elder that will come in handy in the fight. This anger Jin-Ie who tell Yi that learning moves isn't like making quick use of them and if that true she would have become a master already. Ji-Gun arrive with Sera and ask if they came by themselves or with others to which Yi answer tha there are none else. Sera remind Shi Woon that he will be her target if his master didn't come he will be her target instead. However, the he already figure that they are targeting him not someone else, but Jin-Ie tell them that they have no connection to the S.U.C. which Shi Woon just heard about, but Ji-Gun don't believe them and ask if they are telling the truth where did Jin-Ie acquired her skills as they were no joke. Shi Woon refuse to answer and says that there is no reason for them to answer as they are the ones who attack them thinking they were someone else and it clear that they are just looking for a reason to make them suffer.

Inside the gym of the school Shi Woon tell Ji-Gun that if he wins Ji-Gun must stay away from him and those around him alone which is not taken seriously. This anger Yi who tell his opponent not to look down on him as he is serious. Ji-Gun ytell him that since he is serious he will face him seriously and toss him away with one fast strike. Jin-Le get angry and almost attack Ji-Gun, but was stopped Shi Woon who stand again and face his opponent with a technique he learned from the elder called the Iron Wall stance that limits the opponent movement. However, Ji-Gun movement were too fast for Yi who couldn't follow it and got knocked down, but stood up. Shi Woon keep getting hit, but this time he didn't fall and start to fel that he is catching up to his speed and when he try to lift his left arm he find his arm not moving just shacking. Ji-Gun mock him by getting right in front of him and ask where he should hit him next which promote Yi to attack only to get his in his rips which start to get damaged and he collapse with pain. Ji-Gun then tell him that they would got along if he spilled it and told them who is backing him and if he don't say it right now they will continue. However, Shi Woon attack which is easily dogged and he get knocked, but Ji-Gun admit that he was surprised. Shi Woon get up and now can use his left arm and tell his opponent that he told him hefore that he will be fighting with his life on the line. Ji-Gun responed by telling him that he will give him a taste of what it feel like to die.

Ji-Gun keep beating Yi to the ground and tell him that he brought this upon himself. Jin-Ie try to help Shi Woon but was stopped by Sera. Shi Woon stand up demand to continue and Ji-Gun oblige him and it seem that noting change from before. Shi Woon stand up again, but Ji-Gun seem to have a change of heart and told Shi Woon that they nee to stop as Shi Wooon don't want to die here and he admit that he find him amazing but the should stop. However, Shi Woon shock Ji-Gun by telling him the he is not strong as he meet strong people who don't show off there strength or threated others and he can feel his insecurity about something. Shi Woon remember what the elder told him and accuse Ji-Gun for being a fake who just imitate the sword-less state. This seem to hit a nerve as Ji-Gu tell Yi that this time he will be aiming for his eyes and wither his skill was a bluff or not it is doubtful that Yi will still alive after getting his eyes pierced throw to which Shi Woon answer by yelling that he will never surrender.

Shi Woon notice that his opponent speed is less than before which mean that he is tired. While remembering the word of his master the Nine Arts Dragon on how to defeat an opponent far more skilled and stronger than him and utilizing the iron wall stance he finally managed to land a hit on his opponent, but he too was hit in his forehead and bleed from it. Ji-Gun decide to end it and pull a sword and tell Yi to prepare himself. However, Shi Woon collapse while telling his opponent that he is not strong, Jin-Ie rush toward him and Sera check his pulse and says that he was pushing himself beyond critical limit and reveal to Ji-Gun that Shi Woon Ki Center is really broken. Ji-Gun Yoo admit his lose saying that he can't win against someone who is willing to die and leave. Jin-Ie wonder if it all over to which Sera says it not, all while a group of masked people enter who ask her to kill Shi Woon Yi.


One of the masked men demand from Sera to kill Shi Woon in order for her to be acknowledged as the head of the "school", Sera state that in the normal world killing is considered a crime, but in the Murim it considered revenge and she is a Murimin. Hearing this Jin-Ie attack Sera and rush to the side of the fainted Shi Woon to protect him. However, Sera reveal her thought of this being wrong as Yi didn't kill her grandfather, it was his master and also reveal that she fear the revenge of the Sun-Woo Clan if they kill someone connected to the m as she recognized the Iron Wall Stance that belong to the Sun-Woo Clan. Jin-Ie tongue slip, in her desperation to save Yi, and reveal that he is the new head of the Sun-Woo clan. However, the masked group don't believe her and one of them says that even if it what she said was true it doesn't matter when the both of them are dead.

Both Shi Woon and Jin-Ie would have been dead, but the arrival of two friends of Jin-Ie from the clan, Ha-Ill Gang and Dae-San Han saved them. However, Ha-Ill wanted to kill the masked group but Shi Woon get up, tell him to and try to stop him when he don't listen to him. Ha-Ill seem not to like what Shi Woon tried to do and start to fight him, ask why would he try to save his enemies to which Shi Woon answer that he can't just take a life and he believe that he is right. Shi Woon is pined down by Ha-Ill who tell him that he will die very slowly, but this doesn't stop Shi Woon from objecting on him killing the masked group and faint. Sera calm the situation be threatening to leak a video and pictures of what happened and says she wont if they withdraw. While leaving Sera tell Jin-Ie that if Shi Woon is not part of the S.U.C. then he will be targeted by them and even if the Sun-Woo clan protected him it will lead to the destruction of the Murim, a warning that Jin-Ie choose to ignore .

After returning Shi Woon to his home and put him on his bed. Jin-Ie was called by her grandfather who order her to kill Shi Woon after hearing that he is still alive, reminding her that it was he who took care of her after her parent death. Jin-Ie, who didn't want to disappoint or lose the clan who she consider to be her family and return to her loneliness, tried to strangle Yi in his sleep, but couldn't do it due to her feeling for him and when his mother called reminded her of her mother. Jin-Ie could n't bring herself to kill Shi Woon and leave.

More trouble

In the morning Shi Woon wake up and could remember few things from his match. He try to contact his mother, but her number is cut off and when he try to check on Jin-Ie he can't find her. Going to school was no better either, as the guardian of the gate turn out to be part of the S.U.C. and locked up Yi and asked him how he survived the match against the Smiling Blade the last night.

After hearing the S.U.C. Yi asked what are they and after hearing the answer he refuse to belive that they are the disciples of his master and demand to be set free, but after seeing that his capture is a Murimin he feel so pathetic because when his master was around he depended on him, now he did the same with Jin-Ie and thinking his master would be disappointed with him. Shi Woon decided to use his own strength to escape so he trick his capture into thinking that he called the police so he can escape when the door open. Shi Woon managed to do that and managed to avoid the guard by imitating the foot technique but he started to chase him using his technique that fill his abdomen with air and use it to jump so he can squash Yi. Remembering the words of his former and current master, Shi Woon uses his chance and uses the soul crushing strike to hit his opponent in the face, knocking him down. However, due to his damaged Ki Center Shi Woon dislocate his shoulder and hurt his hand.

Sera who witnessed helped Yi with his dislocated shoulder and broken hand. Shi Woon ask Sera why is she helping him now as he can remember from last night that she was trying to kill him, Sera tell him that the Sun Woo guaranteed her position as the head of Mil-Yang school as such, they were to order her to offer herself for nightly service while wearing noting but an apron she is in no position to refuse, much to Shi Woon shock who believe that he heared something really outrages. Sera tell Shi Woon that she need to examine him and put her hand on his chest and get close, an embarrassed Shi Woon make some distance and ask her what she is doing? It is revealed that she was checking his condition from his match with Ji-Gun and says the Shi Woon recuperative ability is amazing and she can't belive that his body is the body of same person who fought last night. Even so she tell him that he will have hard times against his future opponents, the S.U.C. Sera show Shi Woon the crimes that the S.U.C. were committing in the name of his former master and learn the reason Ji-Gun attacked him was because he thought he was part of the S.U.C. and he is putting a group to fight them and wanted to include Sera in it too. Shi Woon refuse to believe that the S.U.C are the disciples of his former master, but Sera tell him despite what he think the fact is the same, his former master is a very dangerous person.

When the school end both Shi Woon and Sera walk together to the gate where they are meet by Jang Joonho who came to meet Yi and believe that Sera is one of Shi Woon friend only to be shocked to know that she is the chairman of his school. Sera ask Jang to to accompany Shi Woon as he can't use his right hand and may go through some trouble on his way home. While walking together Jang ask Shi Woon about his connection to the S.U.C. to which Shi Woon tell him that he just heard about them, he never heared his former master speak about having other disciples and there is no way his former master would allow such thing to happen. Jang ask if "that guy" was a Murimin, Shi Woon seem not to know who is Jang talking about. Suddenly the two are confronted by Chang-ho, who is part of the S.U.C., whom Jang says that he is the one who he is talking about and he took down his school big-shot in one blow much to Shi Woon surprise. Chang-ho tell Shi Woon that he heard that he was the disciple of the Nine Arts Dragon and that how he defeated him and suggest that they find out who truly received his teaching probably and also tell Shi Woon that he was dying to pay him back and show that he is missing some of his upper front teeth due to Shi Woon punching him in the face when he was about to hurt Sae-Hee.

Old And New Enemies

When Chang-ho say if Shi Woon died in their fight he will make sure to "take care" of Sae-Hee, Shi Woon tell him that what he learrned from his former master was more than martial art, it was courage that he learned from him and because of that he will never be afraid of him again and if he tormented Sae-Hee he will make sure to make him suffer a sorrier fate than before. Chang-ho try to attack Shi Woon, but Jang interfere and tell Shi Woon that they should run. While running Jang tell Shi Woon that he must not block Chang-ho attack as it was the soul crushing strike and it will shatter his bone. However, their way was blocked by other members of the S.U.C. and it is revealed that Chang-ho and other S.U.C. members don't know what is the Murim is and never heard of it. Jang tell Yi to run as he deal with the opponents , but Shi Woon decide not to run and stay while telling Jang that he should run and get some help as he find away to handle Chang-ho and show him what the truth about the martial art of his master.

Chang-ho attack but Shi Woon use a feet technique, much to the surprise of everyone who knows that he can't do martial arts anymore, to evade and hit Chang-ho. Shi Woon start to run after that as he remember the word of Sera that the only way to prove that the S.U.C. are not the disciple of his former master he must survive by any mean necessary and he should not put the Sun-Woo clan into this as the S.U.C. will use the hostility between the clan and the Alliance to create chaos in the Murim and the normal world to expand their influence. Shi Woon make his way to the train station to find the Murim in doctor as he hurt his ankle while doing the feet technique without using his Ki.

The doctor treat Shi Woon ankle so he would stop feeling pain and Yi ask what did the doctor meant by there was away for him to win the match? The doctor ask if he didn't take the match, but Shi Woon tell him that it's not about the match and ask if he meant that he can fix his Ki Center. The doctor tell him that someone can't retch a leg that was cut off long time ago, but there is away to help him and he will tell him what it is if he granted his request. Shi Woon accept, but was shocked when the request is revealed to be his body. Later it was revealed that the doctor meant that he wanted a blood sample and give Shi Woon a medicine and tell him to eat it before the match and he will be able to do martial art. Before the doctor finish his words the S.U.C. find them and Shi Woon eat the medicine, prepare to fight and tell his opponent that he wasn't running but merely came here to find away to show them that their belief is wrong and his former master is not the kind of person they think of him and if he was there he would stopped them, but none pointed out their mistake and they never met his former in person and has been deceived by someone who pretend to be him.

However, Chang-ho tell Shi Woon that he is the one who is mistaken as they see the Nine Arts Dragon everyday and receive his command and fallow it throw there heart and they are preparing for the coming of a new world where they are the masters of the land. This don't convince Yi who tell them that they are wrong and their martial art is wrong too as it only look like the martial art of his master but it's not and it's only a cheap imitation. Chang-ho tell Shi Woon to shut up show him the real martial art of the Nine Arts Dragon if what he says is true. Just before the fight start the doctor tell Shi Woon that the medicine take thirty minute to take effect and he should tell his opponent to wait thirty minute which doesn't work and promote him to run and the S.U.C. to chase him again.

While running away he is hit by Chang-ho who come out of a van and punch him sending him flying into a restaurant. However, just as the other members of the S.U.C. try to find him, Shi Woon get up and start to feel his martial art has return. He tell the S.U.C. to stand aside as he have a score to settle with Chang-ho and easily defeat them and make his way to and tell Chang-ho that he told him that he will show him the true martial art of his former master. When Chang-ho attack Shi Woon easily avoid his attack and tell him to step outside as he don't want to cause more trouble for the people inside the restaurant. Outside Shi Woon easily avoid all the attack of his opponent and ask him if he notice the difference the real and fake feet technique, but this provoke Chang-ho to cheat by throwing a chair at Yi and try the feet technique and even that don't work and when he try to punch him Shi Woon easily punch back Chang-ho puch and send him flying away.

Two members of the S.U.C. captains come and the one who was present during the first confrontation with Chang-ho tell the other one that it's just like she said; he can do martial arts. One of the captains ask how can Shi Woon do martial arts with broken Ki center? However, Shi Woon ask them introduce themselves first. The man introduce himself as Yong-Hyun Yan and the woman is Ji-Woo Li from the five captains. Chang-ho yell at Yi and demand that they continue their fight but Yan knock him out. Shi Woon ask the captains what do they want from him and if they are looking for a match to which Li began to laugh at saying that a match is between those who are with similar skill and she wouldn't use that word between them. When the cops arrive Yan tell Li to go on and ask Shi Woon to come with his to talk alone. From the top of a building Shi Woon watch as the S.U.C. fught and hurt the cops and everyone else near by. Yan ask "how he find the view?" to which Shi Woon yell at that none care about the view and why are they doing this in the middle of the day. Yan coldly as "why would the former disciple of Chun Woo as this?" as a world where the distiction between the Murim and the normal world is what he wanted. Shi Woon deny that this is what his master wanted and what Yan is saying is a lie and he willfight if he must to prove it.

However, Shi Woon notice that his strength is fading away and Yan tell him that he will be his opponent, but he should be prepared to die by falling down to the ground from the top of the building. However, this didn't shack Yi determination and told his opponent that his master risked his life fighting for his sack and now he will do the same, but his opponent easily knocked him down, been a master, and sealed his Ki. As Yan is walking away Shi Woon suddenly uses his Ki in the soul crushing strike to attack much to the surprise of his opponent who believe that Shi Woon managed to trick the Alliance into thinking that his Ki Center was broken and says that he understand why the "head" wanted to have Shi Woon join them no matter what and give him an encoded chip and tell him that he passed the test and can use the card to get in touch with S.U.C. much to Shi Woon confusion. Yan tell Yi that what happened just now wasn't a fight and if he fought seriously Shi Woon would be tossed over the side of the building from the start, if he don't get it he can come and find him anytime and he will show him what it's like to die a dog death.

New Allies

After Yan take his leave Shi Woon collapse and felt pathetic for having this much limit and inability to defeat the fakers. The Murimin doctor appear and seemed to be impressed by Shi Woon been the former disciple of the Nine Arts Dragon, tell him not move as he is suffering a side effect from the medicine he gave him and even thought his broken Ki Center cant be fixed he can expand the energy of the medicin and that give his body a surge but when the time of the effect end his body strength is drained and the damage that he sustained during his battle become more painful.However, the doctor tell Shi Woon that he didn't deceived him as he never said that he can fix his Ki Center and he just said he can make him do martial art again.

Also the doctor reveal that several places in his body generate Ki independently which gives him the advantage against acupoint attack. Shi Woon look very suspicious but the doctor tell him he survived thank to the medicine and he can come too him anytime he need it again. However, Shi Woon tell him that he won't use it again and he is going to live thought as e never heard of the S.U.C., but the doctor draw his attention to the street and he see the damage that was caused by S.U.C. much to his shock. Shi Woon ask if there is not a way to fix a Ki Center, but the doctor tell him that the Ki Center isn't someting to be fixed and once it is damaged there is no fixing it. The doctor give Yi another piece of the medicine and tell him that is what he can do for him right now. While walking down the street Shi Woon start to feel his stregth getting weaker. After taking a rest he is called by Sera who tell him that she will be sending a car to him and ask his location. The car that was sent was actually an ambulance that took him to a hospital run by Sera school.

Whe Shi Woon meet Sera she revealed the Jang told her what happened but she didn't help him because she sees the Murim like a casino where one gambles using chips called "life" thus one shouldn't be reckless in making his bets. Sera remind Shi Woon that he said that he can't be a Murimin because he can't do martial arts and ask if she should place her bet on a person like him with her precious chip. Shi Woon tell her that he made his mind to his mind to leave the Murim because his former master didn't want him to stay in the Murim, but now that is no longer possible as he can't just sit back while knowing the Soldier Under Command are tarnishing the name of his former master and he won't leave no matter, he is going to fight them and recover the honor of his former master. Sera tell gim that she understand him loud and clear and tell him: Why don't we spin the roulette that "he" has placed his chip on?

Shi Woon tell Sera what happened and he must start to train if he want to go against the S.U.C. which Sera find it to be amusing and tell him that she didn't know that he was in such tight spot and it look like this will be a fun game. Shi Woon as her what she mean as the famous doctor said his Ki Center can't be fixed which she admit to be true but the fact that the doctor words and action weren't match mean that there is some sort of a solution and also tell Shi Woon that what bother her more than his broken Ki Center is the where about. Shi Woon says if he only knew her phone number he would've called her, but Sera tell him to turn off his phone as they don't know who is his friends from enemies and right now he is isolated which is a good chance to know who is his allies from enemies but if the Sun-Woo clan were to contact him she have no choice but to hand him over to them an the thing that is more important than recovering hi Ki Center is that he sees the clan as his allies while they could be they could be his most dangerous opponent and while Shi Woon wonder what she mean, she tell him that the more he know about this world the more he will see and thought he might recover his Ki Center if he don't understand how this world works he'll still be led around by others. Sera tell Shi Woon to rest as it getting late and starting tomorrow and until he heals he will be receiving treatment as well as immersion himself in the knowledge of how the Murim work. After Sera leave Shi Woon about what she said and what happened to Jin-Ie.

New Lessons

The Next day Shi Woon is seen waiting in a room when enter and tell him that this room well be his room of study and start the lesson. After some time and breaking the fourth wall, Shi Woon ask "why is she teaching him historical lessons as he should be training to face the S.U.C. in this time?" Sera tell him that even if he somehow manage to regain his martial arts the Sun Woo Clan wont sit back and let him fight the S.U.C. as they, the elders of the clan, find him to be an attractive and valuable existence as he is the disciple of the Nine Arts Dragon who humiliated the Martial Arts Alliance and this make him a very desirable figure to the clan who loath the Alliance. And since his Ki Center is damaged he can't do martial arts, therefore he would never seek power, so if he decide to fight the S.U.C. during a hard time for the clan the wouldn't just sit back and allow it and the moment they realize it they will lock him up with the excuse of protecting him and keep using his name until his use come to an end and then kill him.

Shi Woon refuse to believe her as Jin-Ie was protecting him. Sera explain that the reason for that was his inability to use martial arts while having many enemies and protecting him was way to make sure he cling to the clan. Shi Woon says that he understand what she is saying, but she too apply on the same logic to their situation as she could be using him somehow just like the Sun Woo clan. This surprise Sera who says that she thought he was an idiot, but he is pretty smart much to Shi Woon, who heard her, dismay. Sera tell him that he is correct that she might be using him and that applies to the entire Murim no matter who it is, they may speck of justice, but they will act only when there is something to gain. And since this is the rules of the game Shi Woon need to judge the situation carefully and decide what course of action would be beneficial which is what she hope he gain from his studies. Shi Woon understand and Sera tell him that this afternoon he will have martial arts classes. Sera get a call and tell Shi Woon that doctor Bae has made contact with his sponsor who will be a deciding factor in treating his Ki Center.

Later, while taking a break from the lessons Shi Woon ask about his mother and Sae-Hee. Sera tell him that they are being take care of, but Shi Woon says that his mother hasn't picked her phone since the day before yesterday and he have no idea what is going on with her. Sera ask Shi Woon if he know what his mother work is which he doesn't and she tell him that his mother was put in charge of her company's newest venture which is a restaurant business and she will personally manage it and right now she is so busy to the point of living at the company so he don't need to worry about her. Sera ask him since he worry about his mother why does he rush into somethings dangerous that would make his mother worry about him. Shi Woon tell her that whenever he sees something that he believe it to be wrong he react to it and during the lowest point of his life he was stuck suffering unjust situation and was ready to give up, but he meet his former master and he was the one who saved him. After getting a phone call Sera tell Shi Woon that his new martial art master has arrived. The new Master revealed to be Yae-Won one those who fought his former master.

New Master And New Technique

Sera introduce Shi Woon to Yae-Won who ask the boy to extend his hand and when she touch his hand Shi Woon think she is going to check his pulse, but she make a comment that he have a lovely hand and ask Sera if that her type of the boys much to Shi Woon surprise. Yae-Won explain to Shi Woon that she is not there to teach him any martial art, she is simply there to show him, who cant use martial arts, away to train himself in martial arts and explain that what he is going to learn is the incarnation illusion psyche technique which is a training technique that uses meditation. However, she explain that since his Ki Center make this difficult and if this continue he wont be able to do martial arts even if he was to repair his Ki Center and tell him that using this technique he can train himself in the technique that he encountered in the past and engrave them into his body through repeated meditation no matter which martial art or style they belong to. Shi Woon training is put into Yae-Won hand after he agreed to learn the technique and Sera is told to leave the room.

The first thing is done to Shi Woon is stripping him of his shirt. Then Yea-Won start to pour her Ki into Shi Woon and tell him not to lose conscious and focus his mind while noting that she find it to be interesting that he didn't faint yet and believe that Sera know how to pick them. Outside it was shown that Sera is hiding something from Shi Woon and state that he is in solitary and if he wavers ow he won't be able to accomplish anything. When Yae-Won complete what she started she tell her subordinate to massage the fainted Shi Woon while she herself look exhausted, outside she meet Sera and praise Shi Woon which Sera admit that is the first time she heard her praise anyone. Yae-Won state that she want to give Shi Woon hiss martial arts backto break the chain of ill fate between his master and the Murim that he inherited. The Next day wake up in and believe that he fall sleep during the training. Shi Woon start to hear noises coming from outside and sees Ha-Ill Gang break into his room and demand to know where is Jin-Ie as she can't be contacted and the last person who saw her was Shi Woon.

Gang throw Shi Woon around then nail his hand to the ground and threats to go for his skull next time if he don't get the answer he want. Sera enter the room asking what is happening. Shi Woon ask Gang what happened to Jin-Ie, hearing this Sera theories that Jin-Ie despaired and Gang think Shi Woon and Sera had something to do with it. Gang start to shout , but Shi Woon caln him down by telling him that Jin-Ie is his friend too and Gang us not the only one who is worried about her enough to scream out of his head. Sera tell them that they don't need to be worried about their friend since she probably decided ti despair on her own and they should talk somewhere else.

After going somewhere more suitable for a conversation and knowning the Jin-Ie is the granddaughter of elder Kwon Sera theories the the elder is Shi Woon enemy as it's clear that he placed Jin-Ie as his bodyguard to draw him close to him and when this fail he wanted to kill him and there was the match with Ji-Gun and if Shi Woon was to die after the match none will suspect anythin, but Jin-Ie couldn't bring herself to kill Shi Woon and chose to despair. Shi Woon decide to help Gang in the search for Jin-Ie ,but Sera tell him that in his condition he will b a hindrance rather than help. However, Shi Woon still want to help find Jin-Ie, Gang tell him that he will do it himself for now and apologies for what he did to his hand and tell him that he will make it up to him before he leave. Sera is amazed and tell Shi Woon that he can lead others even if he don't intend to and tell him that he have found the first person that he can trust in the Sun Woo Clan.

Later while meeting his new master who asked Shi Woon if his injury is from the morning while she examine his wound. Shi Woon tell her that his body has been healing faster ever since he start practice martial arts which make her wonder what his former master has done to him. Continuing his training with his new master Shi Woon start to feel that he got the hang of the training. However, his new master curse his former master and wonder what did he do to Shi Woon as their is no normal human can withstand this. Yea-Won tell Shi Woon that she will rise that level of the Ki while admitting bin her mind that this is beyond her as all the Ki she is sending into him is being absorbed at the pace. After Shi Woon enter into the meditation training Yea-Won meet with Sera and tell her Shi Woon has entered the meditation training on his own and she can tell what his former master did to him was widening his blood stream which is the final stage of training, which mean that Han tried to make him into a master in a short time. Yea-Won tell Sera that is the Nine Arts Dragon had his way with his plan for Shi Woon he would have turned him into a real monster.

Later, Shi Woon was told that many experts ate shock about his condition and ability to recover quickly by Sera. Shi Woon believe that it is the result of the training, but Sera tell him that there is no training that could give him the ability to heal faster. Shi Woon ask about Yea-Won and Sera tell him that she is resting to replenish her Ki so she can live her natural lifespan. Sera ask Shi Woon if the training was difficult which he believes is not and says that if one can train by meditation anyone can be a master and when Sera tell him to respect the difficulty of the first stage and it takes at least ten yesrs to achieve the mediation training Shi Woon seem to be surprised much to Sera dismay. Shi Woon ask Sera that since every clan have their style and head quarter shouldn't the S.U.C. have one too, which Sera tell him that they don't since they are a group of thugs not a clan.

A Friend In Need Of Help

Later, Sera tell Shi Woon why the S.U.C. are following his former master. When Shi Woon ask to contact his mother as it has been two weeks and she must be worried about him right now, Sera tell him that they will bring her to him. However, it's show that Sera is hidding something about Shi Woon mother from him. Later, Ji-Gun call Sera and tell her that the S.U.C. are chasing Jin-Ie and she should tell Shi Woon about this. After hearing that Jin-Ie is in trouble Shi Woon stop his training and decide to go and help his friend. Sera Give Shi Woon six pill of a modified version of the medicine that was given to him by the Murim doctor and an ambulance car so he can get to his destination faster and a phone with a GBS so they can know where he is. Before Shi Woon departure Sera ask him if he would do the same thing if she was in trouble to which he says that he would do it as fast as he can. While on the road Shi Woon ask the driver to drive faster even thought he is driving as fast as he can which Shi Woon note that Alex was driving faster. Unknown to them they came across the car of So Chun Hyuk.

Reaching the park where Jin-Ie is and after seeing some S.U.C. Shi Woon run out of the car into the park and reach Jin-Ie just as the she is being strangled by Ji-Woo Li who uses her wipe and hanging Jin-Ie from a tree. Shi Woon try to save Jin-Ie but fail at first due to his opponent superior speed thought barley dodged her attack. Shi Woon make an opening by tricking Li into making her kick hit the tree she uses to hang Jin-Ie which slowed her down and grapple her away and making her let go of the wipe. Shi Woon succeeded in saving Jin-Ie, but it put him under the mercy of the merciless women who started to strangle him and told him that she no longer care about the order. However, Shi Woon was saved by Jin-Ie who woke up and kick Li away. Shi Woon tell Jin-Ie that he is really glade as he thought she would die back then which make Jn-Ie blush. Li get up, but after noticing that her make up is ruined and her scar is revealed she revert nto a child-like state, ask her enemies not to look at her face and start to fix her make up. Jin-Ie don't believe her and kick her compact, but Shi Woon tell Jin-Ie to let it go and he gives Li her compact back and tell Jin-Ie that since Li don't want to fight anymore their battle has ended. However, when the two leave Li return to her senses and decide to kill them due to them looking at her face and call every S.U.C. around to group in the park.

As Shi Woon and Jin-Ie walk away Shi Woon think thing that he feel something changed in him after going throw the training, but he need his Ki if he want to move like he did in the training. turning his attention to Jin-Ie to tell her that their is an ambulance outside the park, he notice that she is dressed like a maid and wonder what happened in the time she was missing. Jin-Ie faint on Shi Woon back, but wake up and push off Shi Woon out of embarrassment. Shi Woon tell her that she is injured, but Jin-Ie insist that she is fine. However, Jin-Ie fall once again, Shi Woon catch her and tell her that he don't know much about her and if he knew he would have known why she ran off and how much she suffered alone and he want to tell her one thing and that is she is a precious friend, so the next time she is in a tough spot would depend on him on him at least once before she run away. Jin-Ie blush and her heart start to race and When Shi Woon notice this he ask if she is ok, but she tell him that she is fine by yelling at him. The two notice the S.U.C. are gathering on them so Jin-Ie decide to protect Shi Woon even thought she was injured and Shi Woon uses one of the pills. However, before anything happen Ji-Gun arrive on a motorcycle and crash into the S.U.C. unharmed and take Shi Woon and Jin-Ie with him.

While the trio is on the run Jin-Ie noticed that Shi Woon is avoiding her gaze and itstarted to get on her nerve, but the truth was that he was embarrassed of the fact that her big breast were rubbing his back and he was trying not to think of it so he doesn't dishonor her. Shi Woon remembered that he didn't get the chance to test the effect of the pill he took since Ji-Gun came and saved them and that Sera sent an ambulance with and tried to tell this to Ji-Gun who was driving and couldn't hear him. While driving a car that was coming intentionally hit them. Before Shi Woon could hit the ground Jin-Ie grabbed him and took the hit on the ground that was meant for him. After getting up Shi Woon sees Jin-Ie laying down with out moving and rush to her side, but Ji-Gun stopped him from moving her so he don't escalate the damage in case she hurt her head. The two check on the condition of their friend and find her to be alive and Ji-Gun stop the bleeding with an acupoint, but tell Shi Woon that she is still not safe. The driver of the car is revealed to be Yang, one of the two captains that Shi Woon meet before and fought, who seem to be disappointed that non of them is dead.

Fight To Save A Dying Friend

Seeing Jin-Ie dying in front of him because she protected and saved him, Shi Woon become overwhelmed with guilty and knew that in order to save her she needed to get to a hospital. Also Yang wasn't going to let them go easily so he challenged him. Yang remind Shi Woon with what he told him the last time they meet, but Shi Woon reply with calling him a fake disciple and since he insulted his master and hurt him with his friends he won't take any crap from him or anyone like him and shout at him to come and fight.

Yang happily comply and decide to take on both Shi Woon and Ji-Gun. Ji-Gun take the defence, thought it was weak due to his injury. Shi Woon go for the offence which Yang attempt to counter with a kick attack not knowing about Shi Woon taking a pill to so he can do martial arts an hi meditation training which he went through a similar scenario in it. Shi Woon use the soul crushing strike sand damage Yang leg, surprising his enemy and ally. However, the strike wasn't as strong as intended and when Shi Woon tried to strike again, but Yang reacted quickly and the strike merely sent him back to some distance. Due to his leg injury Yang stopped in his place and Shi Woon noticed this and tried to take the chance and take his opponent down. Yang dogged again, but his injury started to throbbing with pain which slowed him down. Both Ji-Gun:and Yang notice that their is something different about Shi Woon since the last time they meet him. Unknown to them elder Kwon, who seem to view Shi Woon as a threat to the Sun Woo Clan and came to dispose of him, is watching the fight.

Yi notice that Yang is faster than he thought and when he try to strike him Yang dogged it and strike back, but his attack was blocked by Ji-Gun who used his own body thought even with this the strike send both of them flying to hit the wall. Ji-Gun rib-cage break and he use his last strength to tell Shi Woon that his opponent is one of the five captains of the S.U.C. and thus he can't win against him because he improved a little, but if he aimed for his weaknesses he might have a chance of winning and lose his conscious. Yang mock Shi Woon by telling him that he should thank the smiling blade because if it wasn't for him Yi would have a corpse by now. While the elder is watching he believes that Shi Woon will give up but was surprised that Shi Woon still intended to fight using the iron wall stance and calming that he did not show his opponent all of his skills yet. Yang complement Shi Woon on his improvement in such short time, but tell him that this won't change the fact that he will die here.

Yang uses a feet technique to attack Shi Woon and send him flying away to hit his car and ask him where are the skills he talked about while trying to attack him a second time which was dodged. Yang keep attacking while Shi Woon keep dodging while wondering how can Yang be fast while his leg is injured. In that moment Yang land another hit and tell Shi Woon that he had his hope, this isn't worth his time, thought his leg started to hurt more, and tell Shi Woon that if he don't have anything to show him he will just kill him. Yang use a feet technique again, but Shi Woon dogged it. However, due Shi Woon movement been predictable Yang try to land a clean hit. Shi Woon sees that he can't dodge so he counter with an attack thought it doesn't work and his hand is damaged. Yang give Shi Woon complement on his attempt to counter-strike his attack but ask him what will he do now that his hand has broken and Shi Woon tell him that his fist isn't that weak and call Yang a fake martial artist and a fake disciple which seemed to have angered Yang who tell Shi Woon that he will end this.

Yang prepare to use feet technique while Shi Woon think how to take down his opponent and what is his weakness. Shi Woon believe that ang weakness is his arrogance and that he will attack from the same place and prepare to counter so he can get the time right. Yang appear behind Shi Woon and strike his head, but was surprised that Shi Woon had used a feet technique to get behind him. Shi Woon call the fake disciple and ask him if he ever saw his master feet technique and take him down with the soul crushing strike and tell him that this is the real technique of his master.

Former Enemy Current Savior

Exhausted Shi Woon feel the pill effect wearing off and he can't move, but still determined to save his friends. The elder decide that it's time to get rid of Shi Woon, but he was called by Gang who told him the truth about his daughter and the breaking of her engagement for the former clan head. This seem to affect him a little, but he dissmissed it and still wanted to continue his plan. When Shi Woon get up he sees the elder standing in front of him and their are a group of S.U.C. coming so he tell the elder that he will block them while he take Jin-Ie to safety. Hearing that Jin-Ie is there he turn around ony to see her on the ground in a spot of blood from her head. hocked to see his granddaughter in this condition he rush to her side and was relived to fnd her alive. In that moment the elder realize that Shi Woon was fighting in order to save Jin-Ie and was willing to die to save her. The elder go and ask Shi Woon why did he didn't ran away and fought even when he knew he could lose. Shi Woon answered the elder that he did that because Jin-Ie is his friend and he couldn't leave her behind and he rather lose his life instead of leaving her behind.

Hearing this the elder recall the clan head from his time who befriended him and gave his life to save him, with this the elder changed his mind about Shi Woon. The elder says that from that moment he sower that he won't let another clan head throw his life recklessly for a subordinate. The S.U.C. attack and the elder easily defeat them and tell the others that he will that he will show them who they dared to lay their hand on. Shi Woon is amazed by the elder speed, skill and strength. When the Black Princess tried to drive her car over Jin-In Shi Woon stepped in front of the car, thought she intended to kill him too. The elder step in and save Shi Woon and Jin-Ie. Shi Woon loses his strength and faint. The elder check on him and Li try to ambush him thought it nearly cost her her life if not for a masked stranger who is also part of the S.U.C. that saved her. The elder battle the stranger who managed to escape, but the elder find out that his fighting style belong to the Heavenly Way School. However, the elder don't wast anytime and call for a transport and medical attention for the wounded.

The New Head Of The Sun Woo Clan

Shi Woon wake up in a hospital and sees the elder next to him. The elder ask Shi Woon if he intend to become the new clan head and it's not easily attained and the former two passed before living their life to fullest. Also, the elder state that Shi Woon already refused the position and it's a position that they can't force him to accept it. The elder tell Shi Woon that he won't force him to accept and if don't accept the position and taking into account what happened, he will be given a monetary compensation.

Shi Woon tell the elder that he have no intention to become a Murim again as it go against his former master wishes, but since the their are bad people who do bad things while using the name of his master as they openly commit crimes and what's worse they tried to kill Jin-Ie. Shi Woon also says that his master told him that the martial arts should be used to protect oneself and those around him so he can't stand by and let the name of his master be used like that and he won't run anymore. Shi Woon tell the elder that he will gladly work for the Sun Woo Clan, but in return he want their help to become stronger so he can fight the S.U.C.

The elder accept and call the other elders to assemble in order debate the inauguration of a new clan head. Elder Jang who didn't know about this was still searching for Shi Woon reached a dead end again and was informed by Gyu-Bum that Shi Woon mother has been missing for days, shocking the elder with this uneasy information. A call come for the elder to inform him about Shi Wooon been in the main branch of the clan. Without any delay the elder went there, found Shi Woon with the other elders and nearly broke his back With a bear hug out of being over joyed before being told that they are in a meeting. While discussing the attack on the new clan head it's revealed that the members of the S.U.C. they caught don't know anything about the Murim or what it is. This remind Shi Woon that Chang-ho didn't know what was the Murim when he heard about it. The elder Kwon state that whatever the enemy plan for it something big.

The next day Shi Woon visit the hospitalized Jin-Ie who wasn't informed of the new development and thought that her grandfather had killed Shi Woon and once she saw him she tried to escape with him from the hospital. However, when she was told everything and that he is there for some test in order to have a Ki Center surgery too, she nearly broke Shi Woon back out of anger for not telling her sooner.


While recovering from what Jin-Ie nearly did Shi Woon was informed that his mother is missing, shocked to hear this as he was informed by Sera that his mother is very busy in her work, but Gyu-Bum told him that when they were trying to find him they couldn't find his mother. Shi Woon ask to be taken to see Sera. Sera who was with Gang as he is being hospitalize by her group revealed to him that she is hiding something from Shi Woon which was his mother was attacked by the S.U.C. and that put her in a coma that she may not awake from. Gang yell at her and asked her why would she hide something like that from him without considering his feeling, but she respond by simply saying that it doesn't matter and what's matter now is the same thing that mattered before which is the growth of Shi Woon in the martial arts.

When Shi Woon arrive at the hospital he meet Sera and asked her if she is hiding something about his mother and she tell him to follow her and she will take him to his mother. Gang tell Gyu-Bum not to go with Shi Woon. Sera take Shi Woon to a room where he sees his mother unconscious and hooked up to many medical equipment. Shocked to see his mother like this, Shi Woon rush to his mother side calling her to talk to him to no avail and Sera tell him that no matter what he says she won't answer him and when the S.U.C. was causing trouble in the main street she was caught and hit her head. Shi Woon asked Sera why didn't she told him about this earlier, Sera subordinate try to lie by saying that they didn't know who she was. However, Sera tell him the truth which was because he was in training so she purposely hid the truth as she couldn't let what happened to his mother hinder his training. Shocked to hear her reason, Shi Woon shout at Sera to stop and asked her if she meant what she said and start to blame himself. Sera try to tell him not to blame himself, but he asked to be left alone which was done. Alone with his mother Shi Woon start to cry whhile apologizing and blaming himself for what happened to her.

While leaving Shi Woon was angrily quiet ang Gang tried to talk to him so he wouldn't blame or be angry at Sera as she have helped him a lot before, but Gyu-Bum told Gang that Shi Woon have many things to think of at this moment including what happened to his mother. While in the car Gyu-Bum tell Shi Woon that he will take care of it so his mother receive all the care she need. However, Shi Woon blame himself again and state that he heard about the S.U.C., but he didn't think much about it and if he had known about it and was strong this wouldn't have happened to his mother, and says that it's all because he is weak his mother got hurt like this. Shi Woon says he can't forgive himself, his weak self and vow to become strong and destroy the S.U.C. for what they did. Gyu-Bum notice that the expression on Shi Woon is the same as Chun Woo Han when he used the black origin threshold, but dismissed it because Shi Woon can't use martial arts.

Become Stronger To Get Revenge

Once Shi Woon returned to the Sun Woo Clan main branch he went to elder Jeong and asked for a for a duel for a training purpose instead of going to a planed meeting. The other elder s were brought by another subordinate to the training room and were surprised to see their new clan head using his Ki despite his Ki Center being broken, also the elders noted that this cannot be called a proper training at all and too laughable to be called training. Seeing Gyu-Bum inside the training room they went and asked him what was going on. Elder Jeong noted that Shi Woon is like a child swinging a dangerous sword and when he tried to lock his foot work Shi Woon used a feet technique to get around the elder to strike, but the elder sensed a killing intent coming from Shi Woon and wonder if he intend to kill him.

However, elder Kwon block the punch and says that it was a good punch, but they should call it a day. Shi Woon demand to continue, the elder tell him that he heard about his mother and offer hi condolences and he is familiar with the training to develop the skills to exact revenge, what Shi Woon doing is not training and it is more like taking out his frustration on something. Shi Woon yell that elder Kwon promised to help him get stronger and the elder tell him that if he intend to fight the S.U.C. he must be cautious because they are backed by the Heavenly Way School and it's a fact he become aware of it after clashing with one of them and the style he employed belong to them. Thinking about what the elder said, the idea of So Chun Hyuk being part of the S.U.C. too.

While the elders discuss what happened after leaving Shi Woon, elder Kwon state that it is unfortunate what happened to his mother, but it could be a good chance for Shi Woon as anger and revenge are strong motivation for the martial artist to concentrate harder. Another elder bring the question on how can Shi Woon use his Ki with a broken Ki Center? While being alone in his room Shi Woon throw himself on the bed as the pill effect wear off and start to feel weak. Checking his phone he find many massages from Sae-Hee, but he couldn't call her back after what happened to his mother. Thinking about what elder Kwon said and that the Heavenly Way School is backing the S.U.C. and the possibility of Hyuk is part of them and since it will make his revenge harder if it's true as Hyuk nearly killed him the last time they fought.

Shi Woon remember his master telling him not to think about fighting Hyuk because he is known to be prodigy genius. Shi Woon thought that the only way he can defeat Hyuk is to be at same level of his master he remembered his master when he used the Black Origin Threshold, how powerful and strong he was. Shi Woon immediately check on the videos in the phone his master gave it to him, as he saw little of the first video when he was unable to use his Ki, but now with the pill he can use use his Ki, with this Shi Woon believe that he can master his master martial art.

However, after completing one video Shi Woon was completely oblivious of what his master was saying and decided to study it while watching it multiple times. When it was the time for the medicine to show it's effect Yi enter the outer body training ( the meditation training ) to see how much he improve by fight Hyuk. Hyuk appear just as he was in their first fight when Shi Woon decide to start the training he was defeated bin an instant which forced him out of the mediation. Shocked by this Shi Woon almost loses his hope of defeating Hyuk, but remembering how his mother look like when he visited her restored his determination and he stated that he will find a way to defeat Hyuk even if he die trying. Shi Woon determination was so strong that Hyuk himself sensed it from far away by feeling strange for a moment. Shi Woon keep using the outer body training method all night and didn't get any sleep and even with that he couldn't even touch the illusion of Hyuk.

The next day after finishing his duties as the clan head Shi Woon return to his room exhausted from not sleeping at all the last night while remembering what happened during his training, but he stated that he won't give up and no matter what he will learn the martial art of his master. Gyu-Bum come to tell Shi Woon that Ji-Gun have completely recovered and he thought the he want to know about it. Shi Woon visit Ji-Gun who was surprised and shocked that he is in a hospital that belong to the Sun Woo Clan and reveal that he is a fan of Gyu-Bum and asked for his signature. However, Shi Woon had no time to fool around and wanted all the information he can get about the S.U.C. from Ji-Gun.

After hearing about Shi Woon mother, Ji-Gun tell Shi Woon that their is a limit to the information that he can provide and when he mentioned that the U.S.C. use a specialized encryption chip to access their home page to get information and all the ones he got were a low level, Shi Woon remember the chip that was given to give to him by Yang and reveal it. Using the Chip they managed to enter the home page, Ji-Gun ask Shi Woon about where he obtained thechip and Shi Woon says it not important and they should try to get a list for the name of their members out of their page, but Ji-Gun tell him that their is no such thing and the page is where they get their messages and missions. Shi Woon ask how Ji-Gun know about that and he reveal that he almost become one of them.

Shi Woon asked if Ji-Gun know the S.U.C. in detail, but Ji-Gun says that he only joined in the beginning and thus he doesn't know everything about the current version and only the leader know everything about it. Shi Woon ask who is the leader, but Ji-Gun tell him that he doesn't know as whenever he showed up he was wearing a mask thought one thing is certain that he is stron, Ji-Gun then start to explain to Shi Woon about the S.U.C. how it started and how it changed to it's current version. When Gyu-Bum asked if there were any hint for which clan the leader were from, Ji-Gun tell them that he told them that his martial arts were from the Nine Arts Dragon. Shi Woon refuse to acknowledge it to be true and it may look like it, but it'snot and the S.U.C. are group of villains who use the name of his master.

Ji-Gun ask if he's sure about that and show him a video for his master on the homepage, Shocked to see this Ji-Gun tell Shi Woon that he was giving orders and missions through this way. Shi Woon says that the one on the video may look like his master but he didn't feel like this and Gyu-Bum tell him that the Nine Arts Dragon was always like that. The video they were watching was one were Han is talking to the S.U.C. about there offer to give him Seoul and that he will come to take a look, but if it was not up to expectations they know what is going to happen to them and show many corpses around him while he is walking away. This shocked Shi Woon greatly and when Ji-Gun says that it was always like this, the messages and orders of the Nine Arts Dragon, Shi Woon refuse to believe that the one on the video was his master and storm off.

Shi Woon refuse to believe that his master is a monster like the one he saw on the video, but when he remember all what was he told about his master by the others and the S.U.C. were really taking instructions from his former master he wonder what choice he have to make. When Yi returned to the HQ of the clan he saw that there's seem to be a fight btween the clan elders and members of the Martial Arts Alliance. One of the members of the Alliance who was the uncle of Hyuk, So Jung Chan tried to use Shi Woon as hostage and threatened to kill him if the clan didn't stop. However, Yi told the clan that they should take care of the situation. Elder Kwon told Chan that if he let Yi go he will be allowed to leave, but if they ever meat again he will destroy him along the Alliance. Chan let Yi go and leave. Later, the elders apologize to Shi Woon for letting his life become endanger. However, Shi Woon tell them he is the one who should apologize as he should have been stronger than his current level, but elder Kwon tell him that the leader of their clan is chosen for reasons beyond strength as he showed his strong will to the member of the clan by not giving up even when he was a hostage that is been threatened with death. In his room Shi Woon fell down for not been able protect himself, sees that he only have one pill he call the Murimin doctor to get more as he can't ask Sera because of what happened. The doctor agree to give him more in exchange for more blood which Shi Woon agreed to give him to it. However, unknown to Yi the doctor intended to trick him.

Kidnapped And Discovering the truth

Shi Woon went to meet with the doctor and when he was asked where was he going he lied by saying that he will be meeting with Sae-Hee. When Yi meet with the doctor who was waiting for him, he asked for the medicine, but was told that he will be given the medicine and take the blood from him somewhere else. While getting inside the car the doctor give Shi Woon a drink that made him sleep. After waking up Shi Woon find himself striped from his clothes except for his underpants and tied to chair. Confused and wondering what is happening, Shi Woon find out that the doctor is helping the S.U.C., which has Yang present, and is planning to cut and use him as an ingredient to make a new medicine one that will make the S.U.C. more powerful unless he agreed to join them. Shi Woon refuse and the doctor Bae Seung-Jae reveal that he knew that he would refuse which made Shi Woon realize that it was him who attacked his mother which make go berserk and swear to make Bae Seung-Jae pay for what he did. After Yang leave Bae close the mouth of Yi and start with injecting him with something in order to start using him as an ingredients.

The injection is revealed to be a medicine that release the full potential Ki of the body and when Shi Woon Ki circulation reached the highest in all of the Murim Bae start with taking blood and assure his victim that his blood will be put to good use. However, unknown to both of them Shi Woon friends started to investigate when didn't return and discovered that Bae had tricked the head of the One Moon Clan in order to get what he wanted. Sera made a deal with the head of the One Moon Clan to save Shi Woon. After getting to the place where Shi Woon is being held in, the head distract Bae so Sera can sneak in and free Shi Woon.

A Rescue Mission

Shi Woon is seen feeling dizzy as everything around him is dark, but wake up to see Sera is kissing him, though this was only to get him to swallow a pill that will help his body to generate blood to make up for the blood he lost and reverse the machine in order to give him back the blood that was taken from him. However, Bae feel that something is wrong and return to check on Shi Woon only to find him gone. Bae warn the S.U.C. to search for Yi immediately. Shi Woon and Sera try to get the meeting point so they can escape, but they are found by Bae Seung-Jae himself. Shi Woon, upon seeing the man who put his mother in coma, goes berserk and attack Bae. However, being too weak he almost got himself killed if Sera did not interfere, but even with this Shi Woon still wanted to fight.

Seeing this Sera stated that she will subdue Bae for Shi Woon. However, Bae turn off the light which gave him the advantage due to his enhanced eyes. Sera tell Shi Woon that there is a switch for the light on the other side and he should go to turn it on while she deal with Bae. Shi Woon hesitated at first, but went in the end. Bae kept taunting Shi Woon while he was heading to the switch. When Shi Woon reached the end of the other side he find that there was no switch but a door and when he turned back he saw Sera on the ground bleeding while Bae is standing with his knifes dripping of blood and sadistically tell Shi Woon that there was no switch on that side.

Enraged, Shi Woon rush toward Bae to attack, all while remembering the video clip his former master about the Black Origin Threshold and that it's a technique draw power from emotions mostly rage, but despite the power it gives it drives the user crazy. However, Shi Woon state in his mind that he do not care if he goes crazy as long as he gain power and strength. Shi Woon use the technique and easily defeat his opponent, leaving him falling to the ground. Despite his victory Shi Woon feel that his body is on fire and he had to struggle to stay awake to the point of hitting his head to the wall.

Shi Woon take Sera and carry her on his back. While running Sera awake and apologies to Shi Woon as she had more of the medicine that allowed him to use martial arts even when his Ki Center is shattered, but she didn't give it to him the last time they saw each other because she thought he would return to ask for and she was lonely and wanted someone to be with. After Sera faint Shi Woon increase his speed and due to the effect of the Black Origin Threshold he mange to kick a steel door with strength enough to rip it from its place.

Shi Woon find the head of the One Moon and his subordinate behind the door. After Sera is given first aid Shi Woon is told that he need to be checked as his pulse is irregular and if he stays in this condition he will die. However, before anyone says anything they are found by the S.U.C. and Shi Woon decide to fight in order to save Sera. Despite being told that he might die Shi Woon reply with that his condition is outside this world and lunch an attack on the enemy. Shi Woon start to fight with strength that is impossible for him in his condition. After being recognised by the subordinates as the one they encountered when they were searching for Shi-Ho which made the head realize why his s blood had an effect in his attempt to to revive Shi-Ho.

Shi Woon keep fighting and when they reach the car they find it surrounded by the enemy. Shi Woon tell the others that he will open a path to the car. Shi Woon fight the S.U.C. who keep coming at him and he keep fighting them while reminding himself that Sera didn't let out one scream while being stabbed for his sake and the pain that he feels right now is nothing compared to what Sera endured. Unknown to him Yang was watching him as he fight.

As Shi Woon keep fighting those who he hit could not get up and those who were standing could not keep attacking because they were crushed by his spirit. Shi Woon notice Yang and call him to come down and fight him if he is truly a Murimin. Yang accepted Shi Woon challenge sand Shi Woon put the condition of letting them go if he won the battle which Yang agree to.

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General Information Edit
Name: Shi Woon Yi
Gender: Male
1st manga book: The Breaker #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Brat
Shi Woon-Nim
Clan Head
Shioon Lee
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Unarmed Combat
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Super Strength
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Super Speed
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Super Hearing
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Attractive Male
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