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Shell Town is a anime/manga location
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Shell Town is the home of the Marine Base that was once commanded by Captain Morgan.


A small island located in the waters of East Blue, Shell Town is home to both a small community of people and the large Marine Stronghold located at the top of the island. At the time Monkey D. Luffy arrives at Shell Town with his friend Coby, both the inhabitants of Shell Town and the Marines stationed there are living in constant fear due to the terrorizing behavior that the cruel, heartless Marine Captain Morgan and his spoiled brat of a son Helmeppo use against everyone, treating them like mere bugs under their feet.


Shell Town was originally created by Eiichiro Oda for use in the One Piece manga series. It first appears in One Piece: Volume One and in One Piece: Episode One.

Shell Town's Involvement in the One Piece Franchise (Anime/Manga)

East Blue Saga: Romance Dawn Arc

Arriving at Shell Town together, both Monkey D. Luffy and his partner Coby take interest in accomplishing different goals while at the small island. While Coby shows interest in enlisting with the Marines at the Marine Stronghold so that he can become something more in life, all Luffy cares about is managing to see the infamous Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro, who has been captured by the Marines and is currently being held captive in the courtyard of the stronghold, tied to a post. After locating where Zoro is being held, Luffy makes contact with him, but soon finds himself being tasked with recovering Zoro's three katanas that have been taken away from him when he was captured. Eventually, Luffy manages to recover all three swords and in the process, earns the trust and respect of the man feared by pirates in East Blue. However, Luffy's actions from earlier have angered the cruel, heartless Captain Morgan, who challenges Luffy to a fight. Their fight is short, however, with Morgan failing to land a successful blow upon his enemy. When Luffy becomes distracted by the hostage situation that his friend Coby finds himself in after Coby is taken hostage by Helmeppo, it is up to the dangerous swordplay of Roronoa Zoro to deal with and ultimately defeat the tough Morgan in combat. Defeated, Morgan falls from grace with his men, who are glad to see their wicked leader taken out of commission and unable to reign terror on both the Marines at the Stronghold as well as the inhabitants of Shell Town.

Interested in Luffy, Zoro decides to join his crew out of respect for the man who not only recovered his three swords, but help set him free from the clutches of Captain Morgan. They both set sail out into the seas of East Blue, being saluted by the thankful Marines along with Coby, who has been accepted into the ranks of the Marines and looks forward to become a stronger individual. The disgraced Captain Morgan has now fallen on the bad side of not only his men stationed at Shell Town, but with his superiors high up within the Marines.

General Information Edit
Location Name Shell Town
Japanese Name: シェルズタウン
Romaji Name: Sheruzu Taun
1st manga book: One Piece #1
1st anime episode: One Piece #1
1st anime movie:
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