Sheele is a anime/manga character in the Akame ga Kill franchise
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An assassin who uses a giant pair of scissors as a weapon. A protagonist in Akame Ga Kill.


Born in the empire's capital, Sheele's hopelessly clumsy nature warmed few people to her, however, she did have make one friend. When her friend was seriously attacked by an abusive ex-boyfriend, Sheele slew him with a knife, and noticed that she felt unusually collected and calm while making a kill. This act lost her her friend, and not long after, she was attacked by a group of men from the same gang as the man she killed. Again finding herself oddly calm, Sheele slaughtered them effortlessly, and decided that she had found her calling in life, killing the worst of society. Shortly afterwards, she was recruited by the revolutionary army and joined the assassination team Night Raid.


Tetsuya Tashiro & TAKAHIRO created Sheele for the Akame Ga Kill! manga. She first appears in chapter 1.

Character Evolution


Sheele is a tall young woman with long purple hair and who typically sports glasses and a dress(also usually purple). She has a full-figured body and bears a scar on her right cheek.


Having always been absent-minded and prone to blundering, Sheele is quite self-conscious about her klutzy nature, and has over time developed a strong desire to prove herself useful. She is also very kind-natured, and typically friendly, having quite a gentle-disposition outside of battle. However, when the time comes to fight or make a kill, she instantly achieves a state of cold, clear-mindedness making snap-decisions and proficient, but ruthless tactical choices.

Joining Night Raid has made Sheele happy as the group has provided her with a purpose in life, but also a place where she feels accepted. Amongst the group she is closest to Mein, who she is often partnered with, and Tatsumi who she tries to look after.

Powers and Abilities

Despite a lack of formal training, Sheele is a very skilled and efficient killer, having easily dispatched five violent gang members by herself before beginning her career as an assassin. Her ability comes from her unusual state of mind, which becomes tranquil during combat, allowing her to assess and make decisions quickly, clearly and without hesitation.

Imperial Arm - Ecstasy

Alike the rest of Night Raid, Sheele wields a Teigu, one of 48 superweapons created by the empire a thousand years ago. In her case, a huge pair of scissors, almost as large as she is, called "Ecstacy". Ecstacy is said to be capable of cutting through anything, and despite being a potentially unwieldy weapon, Sheele uses it with skill. The Teigu is also very durable, allowing Sheele to use it as a shield, and it possesses an additional ability where it emits bright light, which can be used to blind opponents.

Voiced by
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Mamiko Noto
General Information Edit
Name: Sheele
Name: シェーレ
Romanji: Shiere
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Akame Ga Kill! #1
1st anime episode: Akame ga Kill #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Schere
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Weapon Master
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