Shee is a anime/manga character in the Naruto franchise
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Shee is a Hidden Cloud ninja.


Shee is a ninja who came from the Hidden Cloud. He is a sensory type ninja who also be one of Raikage's guardian at the Five Kage Summit. He appeared as a Jonin level ninja.


Shee was created by Masashi Kishimoto. He was appeared on the Manga, Chapter #454. On the Anime, he appeared on Episode #199. He was voiced by Kenji Fukuda.


Shee has a short blond hair and black eyes. He always appeared as an easy-going person and serious at certain times.


As C is a sensory type shinobi, he may be able to sense chakra of others even at extended distances. He was seen joined Raikage when fighting Sasuke and his teammates to sense some chakra to watch over Raikage. He also used a Genjutsu to bring a bright lights to blind Sasuke and his team.

Major Story Arc

  • Five Kage Summit Arc

Shee was assigned to become on of Raikage's guardians along with Darui. He appeared as the calm and easygoing person who also takes things serious at certain times. When Naruto and the Konoha ninjas following Samui, he detected Naruto and told him to come out. He also seen with Raikage when Naruto beg for mercy to Sasuke.

When the Five Kage Summit began, Shee was among the guardians who watched over the Kage. He joined along with Raikage when Sasuke and his teammates detected. He and Darui fight along Raikage and Shee was told to sense the enemy's chakra as he also used a Genjutsu to blind Sasuke and his teammates. He was later caught by Sasuke's Genjutsu and unable to continue battling.

When Sasuke injured, he was taken by Tobi as he explained about his evil plan. Shee was joined along with Raikage in order to catch up with Bee as they noticed that he was still alive. He, Darui, and Raikage manage to catch him up and Bee was saved.
Voiced by
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Kenji Fukuda
General Information Edit
Name: Shee
Name: シー
Romanji: Shii
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Naruto #49
1st anime episode: Naruto Shippuden #199
1st anime movie:
Aliases Shii,
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