She, The Ultimate Weapon (TV)

She, The Ultimate Weapon (TV) is an anime series in the She, The Ultimate Weapon franchise
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Dating the most powerful weapon in the world.


In a fictional version of Hokkaido Chise and Shuji, a pair of Japanese high school students with minimal social skills, start an awkward relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. During an air raid in Sapporo, Shuji discovers Chise is a government military weapon used to fight an undisclosed enemy. The series focuses on Chise and Shuji trying to maintain a normal relationship antagonized by Shuji’s doubts and Chise’s military duties.

About the Series

Chise and Shuji
Chise and Shuji

Saikano employs real-world Hokkaido settings, which were inspired by a long-running live-action TV show called "From The North" (*DE, see also Diamond Daydreams). It also borrows from Voices of a Distant Star utilizing teenage angst and sci-fi combat as a vital component. The clearest influences are Mahoromatic and Limit the Miracle Girl, with doomed romance and anthropomorphic girlfriend weapons of war. 20th-century anime is allegorical of emotional turmoil with animal analogies or quasi-religious mysticism. Saikano utilizes hardware interfaces and software conflicts to understand human interactions.

Chise's ongoing development serves as the main vice in her relationship with Shuji. Impending earthquakes triggers her body to react involuntarily and she quickly loses remorse for killing enemy combatants. This causes Shuji to develop a revulsion to his girlfriend's fading humanity and neither is able to cope with collateral damage caused by Chise's attempts to defend the Earth.

Shuji embracing Chise
Shuji embracing Chise

Some of the anime's best drama springs from the marriage of teenage angst and physical events. The fictional Japan of Saikano presents is locked in a stand alone in a war against an unnamed foe (although in one scene a downed enemy pilot speaks English). The land is plagued by disasters both natural and military. Peripheral characters provide glimpses of the harsh life on the front line with shades of Gunparade March and Gunbuster. This is an effective evocation of the modern world like Howl's Moving Castle. Civilization marches on disregarding the savage war elsewhere- but is all the more striking for it's relation to the traumas of the teen target audience. Later episodes allude to the closing scenes of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner (1982), as Chise and Shuji seek a normal life together. Saikano is an anime filled with a brutally blunt and uncompromising antiwar message, rivaling Grave of the Fireflies. Battles are not the main source of suffering, it is the aftermath. Chise's "creator", an avuncular scientist, muses about technology and how it functions as a curse that will drag the entire human race on a course for destruction, which is heavily reflected throughout the series.

OVA and Other Mediums

In the autumn of 2005, a two-part DVD from the same director provides another perspective on the story. Saikano: Another Love Song tells the tale of Chise's prototype, career officer Mizuki, who watches Chise's terrible potential unfold as she reaches the end of her own powers. Although billed as a "side story" to the original series, these two chapters are so integrated into the main story that they could have easily been inserted into its midpoint as two more episodes. The art style in both versions manages to capture the delicate watercolor look of Shin Takahashi's original manga from the "Big Comic Spirits" magazine. A live-action movie adaptation, Saikano: The Last Love Song on this Little Planet, was premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival in 2005 and went on general release in Japan in 2006.


Chise (ちせ) is the main character in our story. she is in her late years of high school but due to her fragile body she missed most of the year and doesn't have many friends. But lately her life has been getting better she has fallen for Shuji, with her friends help she manages to reach up the courage to ask him out. she is a very clumsy and shy, her feelings are often hard to show through her soft exterior. but that all changes when she finds out she is a weapon in war. Lately the whole world has been at war and the government decided they needed a secret weapon. But at the beginning they would have never imagined that it would be a high school girl. Now that her secret becomes fully aware to her feels like she can't handle this type of life. When Shuji finds out he agrees to keep it a secret and to continue there relationship between one another. but will he regret this decision.

Shuuji (シュウジ, Shūji) is a average high school student with very good grades and a great physical status. when he meets Chise he is very uneasy about there relationship but he is willing to try. Later on he realizes how better off he is everyday with her by his side. When he finds out she is a weapon in war he is not only worried about her but the thought of his life being destroyed scares him too. On his days thinking of Chise he knows he only belongs to her but the thought of dieing is not far. His past his very different he has had girls in his past he seems to stray away from Chise but in the end he knows whose the one he loves.

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Mitsuko Kase
Hisashi Kagawa
Takeo Miratsu

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Name She, The Ultimate Weapon (TV)
Name: 最終兵器彼女
Romaji: Saishuu Heiki Kanojo
Publisher Viz Media
Start Year 2002
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Aliases Saikano
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