Shampoo's Red Thread of Dread!

Shampoo's Red Thread of Dread! is an anime episode of Ranma ½ that was released on 03/01/1991

Season 5 - Outta Control!

Episode #83- シャンプーの赤い糸 - Shanpū no Akai Ito!


Shampoo gets a Red String of Fate from a travelling Tibetean salesman, who says if she ties it to her and the one she loves' pinky, they will become true lovers.

Shampoo fails initially, but succeeds when she bribes him with free food from her cafe for a week. Ranma instantly falls in love with her, even so far as to tell Soun to cancel his engagement with Akane. Akane is left dejected and furious over the matter.

however, over supper, Nabiki and Kasumi notice something usual with Ranma's behavior, and notice the Red String, which Shampoo belittles as a charm.

Ukyo is told by Nabiki about the Red string, and decides to go cut it herself. she is also overhead by Sasuke, who goes off to tell Kodachi. As Ukyo runs off, she is joined by a jealous Mousse and Kodachi. they get stopped by Tatewaki, who guards the two. however, he gets defeated by Ukyo, Kodachi and Mousse teaming up.

Akane, still upset about the ordeal, receives an invitation to Ranma and Shampoo's wedding. she is also told by Nabiki that Ranma is under a spell of the Red String, and Soun tells her to cut it, giving her a scissors. however, she is reluctant, resorting to P-Chan snatching the scissors and running off with it, transforming back into Ryoga.

at the Church, Shampoo is being dressed in her wedding gown, which originally belonged to Cologne. however, Ukyo and Mousse enter, and try to stop them. Shampoo splashes mousse into a duck, but Ukyo, after pretending to give up, throws her spatula to cut the thread, freeing Ranma from the spell.

However, Tatekawi appears and reties the string, putting Ranma under control again, and despite Kodachi appearing to fight back, Tatekawi defeats her, and tells Ranma to run. when they are intercepted by Ryoga, who cuts off the string completely from Ranma. he picks it up, but Shampoo convinces him to give it back, saying that Akane would belong to him.

Akane eventually decides to rescue Ranma, after her guilt and jealousy gets the better of her, with her imagining them as a perfect couple, only due to the string. Ukyo, at the Church entrance, tries to enter, but is barred by Cologne.

Akane makes her way in with less than a minute left, and makes her way to the front. she offers a bouquet to Shampoo, only for her to throw it up, revealing a scissors, cutting the string just before it disappears, freeing Ranma from the spell. They manage to escape just after Tatekawi, Kodachi, Mousse and Ukyo burst through the door, charging after Ranma.

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Rumiko Takahashi Writer Creator of some of the most popular (and longest) comedy franchises, like Ranma 1/2 and InuYasha.


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