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Purpose: To show Wiki Editors not to give up on wiki projects, and to inspire them that they can finish what they have started.

The Shaman King project was started on February 24, 2010. It was my biggest solo project where I took on the anime and the original manga series. I have been busy with the team W.I.K.I. Nation, Fairy Tail, and Beelzebub on the projects, so it was difficult to work on this project and to juggle school at the same time. My top priority is school and family, and after those priorities, my teams and their wiki project is up. I put Shaman King as my lowest wiki priority. In September 2011, the volumes wiki page is complete as I add the last 3 volumes; in October 2011, I finished the plot and characters for the last seven volumes of the series.

As for the anime, I haven't finished adding the plot to all of the episode wiki pages. I think I am on episode 43 by now.

In September 2011, I was informed by AgentJ that Shaman King has a Kanzenban series that has the true ending. (See Gia's Shaman King Replace Sham Ending blog) The bad news is that it's another 27 volumes, so more work is to be done. I can't complain because I see a lot of wiki editors working harder on longer projects. I should look at this as a challenge.

The Work and its Issues

Wiki Style

In this project, Shaman King had 32 volumes. At the time, I did not know the wiki style guide, so I went overboard with the plot summary. In the summer, I knew how to format the wiki page.

  • Plot (short)
  • Contents - English Dub titles, the Kanji, the romaji, and the page numbers (Basic goal is to get the titles)
  • Notes - Authors' note and character profiles
  • Full plot summary - I made this optional.

The top three are essential for the wiki style guide. In my early days, I thought I had to add a big plot, but now, I just moved the huge plot under the notes section for the whole reformatting project. I wanted to show other wiki editors what the right format was. I didn't want them to think that they had to add a huge plot. For the table of contents, I noticed that the English dub titles and the titles used on Wikipedia had some minor differences. FoxxFireArt informed me that these are translations from the Japanese titles, and he told me to use the official English dub titles and add the Japanese characters with the Romaji.

Volume List: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, and finally 32.

*20, 28, and 29 need plot

Time Management

It was tough to juggle a lot of wiki projects and school. The way I kept my sanity was to break these things down. I did not have a set plan for Shaman King, but I did 29 volumes' wiki pages for 9 months. That's an average of 3.2 volumes per month. The first 3 volumes had their plot summaries done before I started on the solo project.

A glimpse of the projects that I had deal with in my first year on Anime Vice:

  • Winter 2010 - Fairy Tail, Alice in the Country of Hearts, Hetalia Axis Powers
  • Spring 2011 - Fairy Tail, Descendants of Darkness, and Shaman King
  • Summer 2011 - Rave Master, Blue Exorcist, Beelzebub, Shaman King, and Fairy Tail
  • Fall 2011 - Beelzebub, Sket Dance, Fairy Tail, Guilty Crown, and Shaman King

The only finished projects are Rave Master (anime only). Blue Exorcist anime is almost done with two episodes (9 and 11) that need plot and images. (For more information, please see my condensed projects vitae list)


I list the blogs and forum threads that have some records of my work and other wiki editors' work as well. The historian blog is a summary of all those reports.


  • Work on the wiki pages bit by bit. Spread it out.
  • Read the volumes
  • Look at the wikia pages especially for the Japanese names (Don't plagiarize from their works)
  • If you need help, please ask the Anime Vice mods or veteran wiki editors.
  • For new wiki editors, pick a short manga series to work on. I mean it. 12 volumes manga project is a good amount to start.

Trust me, you don't want to work on 32 volumes like I did. It takes a lot of time with the reading, the notes, and the reformatting.


I need to reformat the volumes to its right style and add the last remaining characters: Manta's father (Mansumi), the little Patch twin girls, Lead, Lihite (X-Laws), Teruko (Voodoo woman), Anahol, Bron, and the other Patch Officiants. The character wiki pages need work on.

Streamline - condense story arcs

In the summer, FoxxFireArt and the staff had a streamline initiative goal to condense story arcs on character wiki pages whose pages are too detailed. I had some characters that needed streamlining, so I will do them in the winter if time is available.


I thank FoxxFireArt for helping me with his advice on the wiki style; I thank my teammates for inspiring me to keep working on this project. Finally, I thank Sotyfan16 for his advice on how to make beginner guides. I made my first beginner guide, and it was for Shaman King. It's an awesome feeling.


Team W.I.K.I. Nation

Filed under: Shaman King (franchise and manga), Shaman (concept), and #Wiki Editors (concept) pages.

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I always check the characters, concepts, and sometimes objects to see if they are okay. There's too much characters to list here that I look at and maintain it. I create this blog to inform new users and to prevent future vandalism. I got a master list here that I can just click and click to check biweekly.


  • Shaman I created this for the shaman king project. I update it if I see new information. I am not sure if there is other franchises that have shamans in it.
  • Ghost - I made a table for every franchise. I must be a table maniac.
  • Rock Hard Abs - I made this because anime vice needs to stay from idolizing breasts and other womanly areas. Just kidding. I made this because I work on Fairy Tail too much and see Gray and Lyon stripping. I chose Alex Armstrong Image because it's a wonderful image for that concept. Speaking of concepts, I added a table of concepts. I picked Armstrong, Lyon with Gray, Stein, and Erza Scarlet for the table.
    Please add some characters to this concept. It needs love.
  • Implied Sex Scene - I saw this "theme" in Shaman King, Abenobashi, and Fate Stay Night. Now, I  make sure people add their info.  Please thank Dekken for uploading a beautiful image of Takashi and Saeko's implied sex scene.
  • Cultural Diversity - I wrote on the concept thread that I created this to break the racial barrier in Anime. That page is difficult to write for. I have not added the characters, but the locations.
  • Guild - Thanks to DestinyHeroKnight for adding this. I added a table of Fairy Tail people stamps on it.
  • Animal Cruelty - Killing pandas is no-no when I saw Ren's dad kill the panda for no reason.
  • X-Laws - Still working on it and its table.
  • Hao's Followers -  I got one or two more people. Got to finish anime/manga differences for it.
  • Patch Tribe -  Still working on it. I only read the manga up to 15, so there's not much Patch Tribe officiants.
  • Yin and Yang - Provide an outline: Overview, Character Table, Concept Example, and Other media. I am proud of this page.
  • Loss of Innocence - I provide an outline and filled in the reasons. Somewhere in May, I find Juuhachi submitted her Shiki characters on that page. 
  • Silver Claiming - Created this one for the Rave Master Project with Fire_Star in May. Still working on it.
  • Promise - The concept thread inspired me to do it.
  • Broken Promise - Also, the concept thread inspires me to do it.
  • Beauty Mark - 6-2-2011
  • Lip Ginity
  • Team Hana Gumi
  • Team Ice Men
  • Team Funabari Hot Springs
Images from Shaman, Rock Hard Abs, Implied Sex Scene, Cultural Diversity

New Concepts Added due to Rave Master Wiki Project and other Inspirations


  • Oracle Pager - I made a color table!
  • Scarf - Inspired by Natsu and Anna, Obscurefan, Piface314, Obsidian609, and the Fairy Tail Team
  • Sarashi - I thank FoxxFireArt for helping me start on this because I did not know the Japanese word for this "bandages". I like to thank Piface314 because she told me about tvtropes, a good source of info. Though she and FoxxFireArt added more characters than me.
  • Candle - For the benefit of Anime Vice. It started with a Descendants of Darkness inspiration.

This is a general list of wikis what I worry about. I have to update it and check on it from time to time.
I also worked on people's concepts such as guild and ghost. There are more concepts that need love.
Here is a link to concept idea threads. EganTheVile1, sickVisionz, and the others have contributed so much to Anime Vice.
Go Anime Vice!
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