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In the words of Yoh Asakura, a "shaman" is a link between the physical and spiritual worlds. They primarily integrate with ghosts to achieve a common goal. In other franchises, shaman communicate with ghosts.


Another definition of a shaman can be found in volume one of the Shaman King manga series. According to Manta Oyamada's Mantannian Dictionary,

"a Shaman (noun) - In animalistic religions, a person who communicates with (or possessed by) gods, spirits, and the dead using magic to cure illness, foretell the future, and influence events. Entering a special trance to borrow these spirits' powers, shamans act as medicine men, guides, or mediums, forming links between the physical and spiritual worlds. In ancient times, they were the centers of society, and still are in some cultures today."

Of course, this leads to Manta believing that shaman are nothing more than con men until he met the shaman, Yoh Asakura.

Major Franchises

Shaman King is a major franchise that use the concept of shamans so far.

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Minor Franchises

None so far.

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Shaman King (Major)

Shaman King is a major franchise that use Shaman concept and develop a new concept on it. See information below.

Side note: Difference in terminology

MangaJapanese sub (or Eng UncutEng dub
IntegrationHyoui GattaiSpirit Unity
OversoulHyoui Gattai (spirit's name) in _____Spirit form (spirit's name) in _____
OversoulOversoulSpirit Control

Shaman King: Abilities

A shaman can integrate with a spirit into oneself. After integration, the shaman has all of the ghost's abilities, personality, and memories.

First Integration
First Integration

Integration is the ability to integrate the spirit into one's body. A shaman gains access to the spirit's ability and personality.

Oversoul is the ability to integrate the spirit into a medium such as a sword, skeleton, or any objects a shaman desires. However, to achieve the best abilities of the spirit, a shaman must integrate the spirit into an object the spirit is familiar with. For example, Yoh integrates Amidamaru into a katana and the katana is the most appropriate weapon for a samurai.

Yoh's Oversoul
Yoh's Oversoul

Flaws of the oversoul ability is that it consumes a lot of energy, furyoku.

Furyoku is the shaman's magic/ or mana that can be measure like energy levels.

Shaman King: Types of Shamans

There are niches in the world that specialized shamans fulfill.

Itako (Spirit Medium [Dub])

Anna Kyoyama is an itako who can summon a ghost even if that ghost has gone into heaven or afterlife by using beads and prayers. Also, an itako can banishes ghost, too. Read volume 3 when Anna faces Ryu who is possessed by Tokagero.


A shaman who predicts the future with the help of ghosts.

An example would be Tamamura Tamao and Asakura Mikihisa. Tamao uses kokkuri board for her divinations.

Doushi or Necromancer

A doushi is a Chinese shaman who uses Jiang-Si or Kyonsi (corpses) as puppets.

Examples: Jun Tao, Tao Yuan, Grandpa Zhen (Tao Yuan's father)

A necromancer is a shaman who can revive the dead by integrating the remains (IE: bones, corpse) as spirit medium.

Example: Faust the VIII,

Types of Ghosts in the Shaman King Franchise

Shamans use ghosts as their partners. They need to know the types and advantages of a ghost. A ghost is another way to gauge a shaman's strength.

There are four types of ghosts in the Shaman King Franchise: Human (Serei), Nature, Animal (Familiars), and Kami.

Type of GhostDescription and example
HumanHuman spirits are spirits who have the form of a human.
Example: Amidamaru, Tokagero, Bason
NatureNature spirits have the elements as their powers. They are usually stronger than Human spirits.
Example: Kororo, Morphine,
Animals/ FamiliarsAnimal spirits have the characteristics of the animal they used to be.
Example: Silva's Silver Arms, Yohmei's leaf sprites, Ponchi and Conchi
SereiHuman, Animal, and Nature spirits can become Serei after aging 500 years or more
Example: Tokagero, Kororo, Morphine
First time mentioned: Volumes 11 and 12.
KamiThey are the five elemental spirits that were made from the Great Spirit.
Example: Spirit of Fire
(Manga Only)
Ghosts of humans who have died abruptly and are fixated to the location of their death due to unfinished businesses. If a blank cannot contact a person who can ghosts to free them, they will become violent in order to get help and attention by haunting or causing accidents.

Note: Shikigami and Familiar are use for the same terms in Shaman King. In the manga, Yohmei's leaf sprites are both called a familiar or a shikigami.Serei is a strange class and can apply to any spirits that age above 500 years except Kami.

Shaman King: Advance Trainings, Abilities, and Shamanic Oracle

Methods to Increase Mana

A shaman's mana does not change if they train their bodies and no matter how much a shaman integrates with their spirit. The only way to increase one's mana is through near death experiences and mastering the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu.


Advance Abilities

Other animes

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Concept Name Shaman
Japanese Name: シャーマン
Romaji Name: Shāman
Aliases Medicine Man
Medicine Woman
1st manga book: Shaman King #1
1st anime episode: Shaman King #1
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