Shaman King #28 - Shaman King Vol 28

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 05/04/2004

Plot Summary


Japanese Release Dates: May 4, 2004

American Release Dates: May 4, 2010

Note: These titles come from the official dub manga volume.

Reincarnation 240: Separated in Hell - "Jigoku wa nareba nare" (地獄はなればなれ) Pg. 9

Reincarnation 241: A Good Woman - "Ii onna" (いい女) Pg. 29

Reincarnation 242: Ave Marco - "Ave Maruko" (アヴェ·マルコ) Pg. 47

Reincarnation 243: The End of a Dream - "Yume no owari" (夢の終わり) Pg. 65

Reincarnation 244: Seriously - "Sore wa honki sa" (それは本気さ) Pg. 85

Reincarnation 245: One Person I Can't Lose To - "Makerarenē yatsu" (負けられねえ奴) Pg. 105

Reincarnation 246: Come Back to Life - "Yomigaere" (甦れ) Pg. 125

Reincarnation 247: Hostility - "Tekī" (敵意) Pg. 149

Reincarnation 248: Not an Angel - "Tenshi nanka janai" (天使なんかじゃない)

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