Shaman King Specials

Shaman King Specials is an anime series in the Shaman King franchise
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The Shaman King Specials are omakes that begin before the first tournament event in Tokyo. Some of these omakes are based on holidays and are never dub.


The omakes are aired in Japan during  Jan 31, 2000 to Feb 12, 2004. The omakes has two publishers, Nippon Animation and Xebec. These specials relate to the Shaman King anime because episode 1 (Yumi no Katachi) probably takes place after episode 26 of Shaman King, and episode 2 (The Form That Friendship Takes Fight) revolves around numerous episodes that deal with key characters and their dreams and challenges of the anime.

These specials are not parallel with the manga because all of these specials revolve around the anime characters and storyline.

Connection to Original Anime Series

The first episode of Shaman King Specials is a compilation of battles put together by Manta in a video and takes place during New Year. The video consists of the following battles: Silva's battle with Yoh, Yoh's fight with Horohoro, Anna's debut at hospital, Yoh's battle with Faust, Yoh's battle with Ren, Ryu's battle with the Curse Squad, Horohoro's battle with Curse Squad, and Ren's battle with Tao Yuan.

Episodes shown in Manta's video documentary: 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 24, 25,

The episode ends when Yoh goes out with Anna on a train ride to a shrine to make offerings.

Running gag: Funga Fu Fu and a image of oranges with Funga Fu Fu

The second episode is Mikihisa's narration about Manta, Ren, Horohoro, Ryu, and Chocolove. More specifically, he narrates how the characters reveal their dreams/ goals, maturity, and the challenges they face.
It revolves around numerous episodes such as 1, 9, 19 24 25,  27, 52, and more.

 Scenes that he narrates:
  1.  First meeting of Yoh and Manta
  2.  Ren's first battle and third preliminary match with Yoh.
  3. Ren's battle with Tao Yuan
  4. Horohoro's dreams about creating a field of butterburs and his preliminary match with Yoh
  5. Ryu's progress and maturity
  6. Lyserg's first meeting, his goal, his revenge, his passion
  7. Chocolove's first meeting, battle with Peyote Diaz and BoZ, and his dreams
Running gag: Every time a story ends, the camera zooms to Mikihisa's mask and he says, "Don't mind me."

Music: Some sound tracks are not heard in the anime but only in this special episode.

The third episode is a compilation of character oriented stories which has two voices which (refer as "He") makes small comments. The brackets are what "He" names them as the theme.
Anna reveals that some of the voices are Ponchi and Conchi.
 Look at the images below for clarification.

Episodes shown: 3, 5, 7, 17, 18, 22, 24 25, 26,
  • Ren Tao - [Knickerbockers] - He comments that he goes off tangent with showing other people such as Chocolove and Tamao. 
    (Scenes of Ren fighting Tao Yuan, riding Billy Anderson's trunk, Ren stabbing Chocolove three times)
  • Jun Tao - [Slit?] - He comments how she's beautiful and how strange that her zombie has affections for Jun even though the zombie used to have a wife and a kid.
  • Ren and Jun's mother - [Married Woman] - He comments on how beautiful she is.
  • Pirika Usui - [Sister]- He says Horohoro a cute sister and cries when he sees Horohoro and Pirika have a moment.
  • Tamao -[ Fidget]- He comments on how easy Tamao fall for Ponchi and Conchi's false predictions. He also comments how Tamao has deep feelings for Yoh and he wishes he could do something for her.
  • Anna Kyoyama -[Invincible]-  He comments that Anna's is more terrible than a yakuza and someone calls her "conceited." After Anna subdues Hao's familiars, He calls Anna badass.
  • Lilirara -[Confucianist Destruction]- He comments on how pitiful she is and says, "is a good woman but made somber by some stupid destiny."
  • Team Hana -[Promise]- No comment
Ponchi and Conchi (the voices) start some music and shows slides of episodes and characters such as Lyserg, Morphine, Iron Maiden Jeanne, Opacho, Unknown female shaman, X-Laws, Kino Asakura, Yohmei Asakura.

Ponchi and Conchi show the anime exclusive characters with music. They are the Lily five: Milly, Sally, Lilly, Ellie, and Sharona.
**Faust and Eliza show up in the ending credits with the many other shamans from before.
Hao Asakura appears and ask, "What should we do next?"

Shaman King Specials Episode running times:
  1. The first one is 22 minutes long.
  2. The second one is about 47 to 48 minutes long.
  3. The third one is about 50 minutes long.
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Hiroyuki Takei

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Name Shaman King Specials
Publisher Nippon Animation
Start Year 2000
Add a new genre
Add a new theme
Aliases Yumi no Katachi (The Documents of the Shaman Fight)

Yujo no Katachi (The Form That Friendship Takes Fight)

Ai no Katachi (The Shape of Love)
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