Shaman Fight シャーマンファイト (Shāman Faito)

Shaman Fight シャーマンファイト (Shāman Faito) is an anime episode of Shaman King that was released on 10/03/2001

Plot Summary

Shaman Fight - シャーマンファイト (Shāman Faito)

Dub: The Shaman Fight

It starts with Yoh and Horohoro trash talking in the hot bath. In the next scene, Pirika shows up and hugs Manta by accident thinking that Manta is Kororo. However, Pirika freaks out by Manta and slaps him. Eventually, Pirika introduces herself as Horohoro's sister and tells Yoh, Anna, and Manta that Horohoro will fight someone named Yoh Asakura. Not knowing it's Yoh, Pirika freaks out when Yoh answers it's him and Pirika quickly takes Horohoro with her in fear of Yoh hurting Horohoro before their fight in the Shaman King. Being the kind girl, Pirika bids them farewell and thank Yoh and Anna for taking care of Horohoro.

The fight between Yoh and Horohoro. It's the same battle as the manga with the same victory. Horohoro unleashes all of his furyoko into one big attack while Yoh faces head on. However, Yoh emerges victoriously with his over soul intact and states that Horohoro has lost due to Korokoro is unconscious.

Kalim and Silva are spectators who made bets who will win and the winner is the best shaman not the one with the biggest dream.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • Unlike the manga, the anime did not show time skip. In the manga, Yoh is busy training in his time skip due to school vacation before his first match with Horohoro.
  • In the manga, Horohoro asks who is Anna and Anna replies she is the wife of the Shaman King. Horohoro thought Anna is his wife, but Anna tells him no. (It's a joke in the manga)
  • Unlike the manga, Yoh and Horohoro did not tell each other dreams because they met before the fight.
  • Pirika shows up during the battle in the anime. In the manga, Pirika only shows after the battle is over at Yoh's house.

Sub vs Dub Differences

  1. Dub: Yoh calls Pirika cute
  2. Sub: Anna calls Pirika cute (I'm guessing the English dub tries to avoid homosexuality with their statements)

After Pirika slaps Manta:

  1. Dub: I can't believe I hug a boy
  2. Sub: I will never be a bride

Conclusion: I have no idea

See complete table of reference on the Shaman King anime for differences in the names of Koropokuro versus Minutian, home of Horohoro and Pirika

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiroyuki Takei Writer Creator of the Shaman King manga. Currently he teamed up with Stan Lee to create a new manga called Ultimo.


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