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Alastor is the God of the Crimson Realm to whom Shana is bound. Alastor is considered to be one of the strongest of all Lords and Denizens and in fact being one of the true Gods of the Crimson Realm. But even so, he tries to keep the Denizens from consuming Power of Existence. He is also referred to as,"The God of Atonement" and is greatly feared by Denizens.


Behemoth is the Crimson Lord whose will resides in the bracelet Khamsin wears.

Bel Peol

Bel Peol is a Crimson Lord and one of the leaders of the Crimson Denizen organization Bal Masqué. Her title is "Arbiter of Reverse Reasoning" (or "Judge of Paradoxes" in other translations). As one of The Trinity of the Bal Masqué, formerly entitled as the "Strategist", she now change her position as the "Military Staff" instead of the old-fashioned one. She do not directly get involved into fight and confrontation but plans and strategize the battle plans for Bal Masque.

Chiara Toscana

A flame haze that holds a contract with tow Crimson Lords, Outreniaia and Vetcherniaia. Also Sale Habichtsburg's partner.

Chigusa Sakai

Chigusa Sakai is Yuji's mother. She can seem gentle but she is strong and very intelligent. Her husband, Kantaro, works outside the country.


A Crimson Lord that looks like a crazy scientific and acts like one too.

Eita Tanaka

Eita Tanaka is a fifteen-year-old high school student and a well-built classmate of Keisaku's. He´s the best friend of Keisaku and follows Marjorie. He has a feelings on Ogata.

Ernest Flieder

Ernest Flieder is the Flame Haze bound to "Arts and Crafts of Application" Brigid. His title is "Transposer of Corpses and Bodies" which refers to his abilities to change his body's density (thus allowing him to hide or move through solid objects) and create his own clones from soil at his will. Despite being a powerful and renowned Flame Haze for decades, he is rarely fights head-to-head with enemies and uses his power to ambush them.


Fekoru is a Crimson Lord affiliated with a Crimson Denizen organization, Bal Masque.


Friagne is a powerful Crimson Lord whose hobby is collecting Treasure Tools. His title is "Hunter", which is derived from his interest. He has dwelled in Misaki City for some time, gathering enough Power of Existence for an Unrestricted Spell until his defeat.

Fumina Konoe

Mysterious girls that transfers to Yuji and Shana´s school at the beginning of the second season. Innocent and extremely rich, she has a creepy resemblance with Hecate from the Bel Masqué.

Hayato Ike

Hayato Ike, otherwise chiefly known as Ike, is a fifteen-year-old high school student and has been Yuji's friend since junior high school. He carries the title "Megane-man" ("Glasses Man"), or Four-Eyes in the English version.


Hecate is a Crimson Lord and she belongs to the Crimson Denizen organization Bal Masqué as one of its three leaders. Holding the position of "the Priestess", she acts as a link of communication for the Snake of the Festival and also controls the movements of Seireiden, Bal Masqué's base. She has an emotionless personality.

Kazumi Yoshida

Kazumi Yoshida is Yuji Sakai's classmate and a resident of Misaki City. She eventually becomes a rival with Shana for Yuji's affection and is the only notable human who has knowledge of the existence of Flame Haze and the Crimson Realm.

Keisaku Satou

Keisaku Satō is a fifteen-year-old high school student and is Eita's friend and class-skipping companion. He eventually becomes Margery's companion in her stay in Misaki City.

Khamsin Nbhw

Khamsin Nbh'w is the Flame Haze contracted to Behemoth.


Marchosias is the Crimson Lord to whom Margery is bound.

Margery Daw

Margery Daw is a tall, "well-endowed" and mature blond Flame Haze with a drinking habit. She uses the book Grimoire, which is the divine vessel through which Marchosias, to whom she is bound, expresses his will. Eita Tanaka and Keisaku Satō look up to her because she saved their lives once. Her reason for becoming a Flame Haze is to get revenge on a Denizen with a silver-colored flame (who is somehow linked to the Reiji Maigo within Yuji). Even before her installation as a Flame Haze, she lived only for vengeance. Later on, she no longer lived for vengeance after she discovered the truth from Yuji Sakai after he contracted with the Snake of the Festival.


Marianne is the Rinne of the Crimson Lord "Hunter" Friagne. She is the source of Friagne's affection and is the Lord's motivation to perform the Unrestricted Spell City Devourer, which aims to convert her into an independent being.

Matake Ogata

Matake Ogata is Yuji's classmate in Misaki City Municipal High School.

Mathilde Saint-Omer

Mathilde is Alastor's previous flame haze.


Merihim is one of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales, the nine great Crimson Lords gathered under the name of Töten Glocke, the organization led by "Weaver of Coffins" Asiz.


Pheles is a Crimson Lord who fell in love with a human named Johann and, with his help, created the powerful Treasure Tool Reiji Maigo in order to stay with him forever. With "Eternal Lover" Johann, they are referred to as "Engaged Link".


He's the Corpse collector. He collects torches that are about to fade away and stores them to restore an old painting.

Rebecca Reed

Rebecca Reed is a Flame Haze who is contracted to the Crimson Lord, Balar.


Sabrac is a powerful Crimson Lord who was victorious in numerous battles against Flame Haze. He is literally an assassin, for he is usually seen receiving requests to kill a certain target of interest; his heavily armored, face-covered, and leather-bandaged outward looks also add to the fact.

Sale Habichtsburg

A senior Flame Haze contracted to Gizo and known as "Puppeteer of Devilish Skills".


She is a Flame Haze, usually referred to as her title: "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" or also known as "Nietono no Shana" (the name of her sword) among the other Flame Haze. She has bound a contract with the Crimson God Alastor, "Flame of Heaven".

Sophie Sawallisch

Sophie Sawallisch is a Great War veteran and the supreme commander of the Flame Haze Army. Her contracter is Takemikazuchi.


Sorath is Tiriel's elder brother and the older half of the "Aizen Siblings". His title is He-Who-Loves-Himself, which describes his selfishness.


Sydonay is part of Bal Masqué's Trinity and a powerful Crimson Lord. He goes by the title "Thousand Changes" or "Transformation". In the past, he referred to himself as Chi You, where he once defeated various Flame Haze from different parts of the world. Later, he returns to his post as part of the Trinity, garnering the title "General", and assists the remaining members of the organization in their mission to extract and retrieve the Reiji Maigo, and later, free the Snake of the Festival.


She is described by her own Flame Haze as a most unsociable entity; she is taciturn and to the point, saying nothing more than what is necessary, usually in monotone, betraying no emotion regardless of the situation. Along with Wilhelmina's "Dancing Princess of Peerless Combatant Skills", she also has another nickname called "Great River of Reticence". In the novels, her lines are almost always written in four kanji letters, with no hiragana or katakana.


Tiriel is the younger half of the "Aizen Siblings". Her title is One-Indulged-in-Love-of-Others, which describes her interactions with her elder brother Sorath.

Wilhelmina Carmel

Wilhelmina Carmel (spelled Wirhelmina in the anime translation by Geneon) is the Flame Haze of the title "Manipulator of Objects". She is bound to "Crown-and-Sash of Fantasies" Tiamat, whose will resides in the divine vessel Persona, which has the form of a headband

Yuji Sakai

Yuji Sakai is the male lead in the Shakugan no Shana series, a Mystes who keeps the Treasure Tool Reiji Maigo. The story of Shakugan no Shana revolves around his life, both as a high school student and as a Mystes involved in the battle between Flame Haze and the Crimson Denizens. Eventually, he merges with the powerful Crimson God called the Snake of the Festival. With this, he aims to eliminate the never-ending conflict between Flame Haze and Crimson Denizen.

Yukari Hirai

Yukari Hirai is a student in Yuji's class at Misaki Municipal High School. She becomes a Torch and has her existence filled by Shana.

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