Shakugan no Shana the Movie Concepts

Shakugan no Shana the Movie is an anime movie in the Shakugan no Shana Franchise
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Crimson Lord

Crimson Lord is the world of crimson's denizen that have a tremendous power, above average.

Flame Haze

Flame Haze is a person that has his/her existence eaten by a Crimson Lord, and in exchange the Crimson Lord will turn him/her to an immortal being with superhuman power, in order to fight one who bring danger for the world's balance.

Power of Existence

Power of Existence is the basic essence in the Shakugan no Shana universe. It comprises practically every living and non-living thing in the world, and is also needed by Crimson Denizens and Flame Hazes.

Power of Unrestrained

Also known as Unrestricted Spells or Unrestricted Methods, they are powerful magic spells. "...Power of Unrestraint brings forth impossibilities."

Treasure Tool

Treasure Tool is the name of magical objects which can provide special abilities or even an Unrestricted Spell.

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