Shagotte is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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She is the ruler of the Exceeds and the Queen of Extalia.


Shagotte is an Exceed who has one wing due to her low magic. Upon receiving a vision from the future about Extalia falling, she and the elders propose to send 100 Exceed eggs into Earthland to preserve their race, but she and the elders lie about their original purpose. To avoid a public crisis, Shagotte states that she is sending the 100 Exceed eggs to kill the Dragon Slayers in Earthland.

In Pantherlily's flashback, she stays quiet while the elders banish Pantherlily from rescuing and bringing a human to Extalia.


Shagotte, who is created by Hiro Mashima, has no inspiration used to create her. Her name is spelled differently due to fan translation. It can be Chagot or Shagotte. She first appears in Fairy Tail volume 23 and episode 90. Her Japanese voice actress is Yui Horie. Interestingly, she shares the same voice as Charles.



Shagotte formally has regal clothes, a magnificent crown, and an elegant wings, but she throw these away as she confesses the truth to Charle and her people in Extalia.


Story Arcs

Shagotte appears when the Exceed soldiers are explaining to the elders about what has happened to Nichiya and the others. Later in town, when Charle and Wendy are pelted by rocks, Shagotte stops everyone with her presence. Despite the townsfolk's urge for Shagotte to unleash her powers on the humans, Shagotte explains the truth with the elders by taking off her regal clothes. Her frail body reveals one wing which signifies how weak Shagotte's magic is. After apologizing to her people, the elders explain how they use Shagotte's power of precognition to predict the future. Shagotte can predict the death of a person and make it seems like she kill that person by announcing. Even though they have no real power to kill the humans, they gain control of the humans through Shagotte's ability.

Shagotte awaits her punishment from Charle
Shagotte awaits her punishment from Charle

When Charle asks Shagotte why she has memories manipulated to kill the Dragon Slayers, Nady explains his queen has no power to do this, and Shagotte hands a sword to Charle. She wants Charle to kill her, so Shagotte can atone for her sins. Yet, Charle refuses to do it and tells everyone that she will fight to save Extalia and its people. Charle's words gather the Exceeds together, and they soar into the sky to push back the lacrima island. Shagotte struggles to fly on the way, and as she falls down, Pantherlily saves her. He asks her if she is tired of lying which Shagotte replies yes.

When the lacrima island is warp into the reverse anima due to Mystogan's doing, Shagotte and the Exceeds are attack by Erza Knightwalker and the magic regiments who convert the Exceeds into lacrima. Shagotte and the elders land on the ground near Faust's Droma Anime who is battling Natsu and the others. She explains to the young Exceeds about the origin of the Droma Anim.

Shagotte embraces Charle
Shagotte embraces Charle

After the Droma Anim has fallen and the reverse anima is taking everyone who has magic in their bodies, Shagotte and the Exceeds arrive in Earthland. Over there, Charle tells her and her people to head back home, but Shagotte explains the whole truth to Charle. She informs Charle that her own powers of precognition cause her to think she has an order to kill the Dragon Slayers. Shagotte also explains that she sent the 100 eggs into Earthland to preserve the race, and the Exceeds have a new goal to find all the children. Despite all the bad things that occured, Shagotte tells Charle and Wendy to visit her, and she embraces Charle. Although Charle asks Shagotte why she has similiar powers as her, Shagotte evades the question.

Shagotte and the Exceeds soar into the sky after saying farewell to everyone. Lucky asks why Shagotte has not confess to Charle that she is her mother. Shagotte replies that she has no right, and plus, she has to find all the children before she does that.

Powers and Abilities


Although she has one wing, she can fly but with difficulty as she has less stamina than an Exceed who has both wings.


She is able to see into the future about six years. Originally, she use this ability to predict deaths in order to scare the humans. This ability can be easily passed down by blood when Charle receives the ability.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Yui Horie
General Information Edit
Name: Shagotte
Name: シャゴト
Romanji: Shagoto
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #23
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #90
1st anime movie:
Aliases Queen Shagotte
Exceed Queen
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