The M-Cast Episode 5: The Shaftcast

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Hello Anime Vice, M and my team are back after nearly 3 months of absence. We apologize, but we come with a bag of goodies.

First off my newest review is for toradora; which by some has been called the “Greatest love story ever told.” See if I agree, here.

Next off is actually the M-Cast Episode 5: The Shaftcast…I know what some of you might be wondering, where is episode 4, well watch the opening of 5 and you’ll find out.

Episode 5 focuses on hit studio shaft, famous for works like Madoka, Bakemonogatari, and Maria Holic. So join me, Alexander (M) with my compatriots PyroBlue(Jake) Homer Slobotnick (Chase) and Patches (Patrick) as we talk about our personal Game of the Year, the bigger meaning of art in anime, again why sword art sucks, the 25 days of Toradora and how chase can't stop being offensive to everyone. It’s us at possibly our most energetic and hopefully funniest podcast yet.

Lastly we have our announcement for the next podcast which should be up this next one should, if our plans succeed, be up for valentines so see you then anime vice crowed

((P.S. Some things are said that are a bit ruder then we hoped especially a line from chase referring to our anime vice shogun Tom and I hoped to apologize in advance for what he said))

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Don't worry, I swear the next podcast will be shorter, and defiantly funnier, here, have a Japanese cowboy for y'alls troubles

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Dat podcast. Best podcast. Pelicans.

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@Homer_Slobotnick: Thanks your faith in us is really reeling in the viewers. XD

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One last thing forgot about this, heres the free Crunchy roll guest pass to the viewer BLAEM9TNJKR

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Oh snap, I forgot to check out the podcast. I'll make some time.

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@takashichea: hope you enjoy it and thanks for supporting us! XD Feel free to comment on anything we say.

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