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The elite and feared group from Teimo Tech, the Shadow Group is a four-man team that is called upon to take care of situations through violence. They are supposedly led by Kotaro Mikagami and assist Reiji Kiriya in his long-awaited vengeance against Oga Tatsumi.

Led by the notorious Kotaro Mikagami, the fearsome Shadow Group is one of Teimo Tech's most powerful and dangerous alliances that no one wishes to get on their bad side. They usually appear when called upon in situations that require their vicious brutality in order to deal with the issue at hand. They appear in the St. Ishiyama Arc of Beelzebub when the vengeful Reiji Kiriya calls upon them to help him in his quest to enact his long-awaited vengeance upon Oga Tatsumi, the man who humiliated him three years ago and left him with ghastly scars upon his face.


1. Kotaro Mikagami: The supposed leader of the Shadow Group from Teimo Tech, Kotaro Mikagami specializes in special thermal blasts of energy that he launches at his opponents in battle. He can be identified by the numerous rings on his fingers and his trademark earrings

2. Kosei Kuroki: The second of the four members in the Shadow Group from Teimo Tech, Kosei Kuroki is a master in fighting opponents with his dangerous nunchuck-like staff in combat. He can be identified by the white garment that he wears across his body and the six metal studs in his forehead.

3. Unsho Onizuka: The third of the four members in the Shadow Group from Teimo Tech, Unsho Onizuka is the largest member of the group and uses his brute strength in combat to turn the odds in his favor. He can be identified by the beaded necklace he wears and that he usually only has his left eye open.

4. Takumi Dezaki: The final of the four members from Teimo Tech's feared Shadow Group, Takumi Dezaki is a master of close-quarters combat and uses his fists combined with his agility in his fights. He can be identified by his eyeglasses and the unique tattoos upon each side of his shaved head.


The Shadow Group of Teimo Tech currently is working with the Viper (Reiji Kiriya) in his quest to enact his long-awaited revenge upon Oga Tatsumi for what he did to him roughly three years ago in middle school. Below are their primary allies:

1. Reiji Kiriya: Known by some as "The Viper", Reiji Kiriya is a wicked man who uses his thuggish brutality to get his way whenever he gets into conflicts. He was stopped by Oga three years ago when fighting the hapless Miki over a stolen charm bracelet, and was left with terrible scars on his face from the aftermath of Oga scratching his face with his own clawed hands. Afterwords, Kiriya moved away to Nara to get away from the area, and thus vowed to one day make his return so that he could get his final revenge upon Oga for humiliating him three years ago. He enlists the aid of a rather large posse of Teimo Tech delinquents to join him in his cause and manages to get the powerful Shadow Group to aid him with his ambitions of vengeance upon the man who humiliated him.

2. Teimo Tech Delinquents: The nameless groups of various bald thugs that go about causing trouble in the area, these hooligans are small time compared to the Shadow Group and conform to the wishes of those who are in power whenever they are called upon. They harass the students from Ishiyama High on multiple occasions in the storyline, only to be terribly beaten or severely humiliated in the process. In their latest efforts to stir up trouble, they tag along with the vengeful Reiji Kiriya in his quest to enact his revenge upon Oga and take the crowds of St. Ishiyama students inside of the gym hostage while Kiriya takes on Oga. Unfortunately, they are easy prey for the powerful Ishiyama High students and Six Holy Knights to take care of, and are easily dispatched while Oga and Miki wipe out the fearsome Shadow Group with ease.


Their primary duties are not known, but it is believed that they maintain a rough semblance of order at Teimo Tech (in a Six Holy Knights-esque way) and are supposedly the ones who command the majority of the punks that make up the Teimo Tech student population.

Primary Involvement (Anime/Manga)

St. Ishiyama Arc

The Shadow Group makes their move to the gym.
The Shadow Group makes their move to the gym.

Unsho Onizuka and the rest of the Shadow Group first make their appearance within Beelzebub inside one of the maid cafes that is being held during the St. Ishiyama Academy Festival. Their leader, the skinhead Kotaro Mikagami, is shown questioning one of the maid waitresses about the pricing on one of the items posted on the menu. His meal, however, is interrupted when Unsho, Kosei Kuroki, and Takumi Dezaki arrive to notify him that Kiriya along with the other Teimo Tech thugs has made their move inside of the gym. They depart from the cafe and begin making their way towards the gym, to where their partner Reiji Kiriya and several dozen Teimo Tech delinquents have taken the student population hostage in the process of getting Kiriya his long-awaited revenge upon Oga Tatsumi. It is after Miki reveals to Kiriya about his involvement in the incident three years ago with Oga back in middle school that the feared Shadow Group from Teimo Tech makes their appearance inside the gym to help aid Kiriya in his quest for revenge. The unsuspecting Miki is blindsided by a powerful two-way attack that sends him flying across the gym floor from the impact of both of Takumi and Kosei's attacks.

Oga K.O's both Unsho and Kotaro with his Super Burying Punch.
Oga K.O's both Unsho and Kotaro with his Super Burying Punch.

Faced with multiple enemies and with the well-being of the St. Ishiyama students being held hostage on the line, Oga and Miki team up in order to deal with the members of the Shadow Group first before turning their attention upon the vengeful Kiriya. Oga decides to take on leader Kotaro Mikagami, Unsho Onizuka, and Reiji Kiriya while Miki takes care of both Kosei Kuroki and Takumi Dezaki. Charging forward at full speed, Unsho slams his broad shoulder into Oga with such force that it sends him sliding backwards across the gym floor, doing his best to defend himself against the pushing attack until he manages to bring the stunned Unsho to a stop. Puzzled, Kotaro wonders how Oga managed to stop Unsho's usually unstoppable advance, and before he knows it, Oga launches a "super" version of his fabled Burying Punch, slamming his fist into the gut of the flabbergasted Unsho with such force that it sends him flying across the gym, colliding with the stunned Kotaro and sends both of them smashing into the wooden bleachers with such force that they get stuck in them. Meanwhile, Miki faces off with Kosei and his dangerous num-chucks, and with a single strike, manages to not only shatter Kosei's weapon into pieces, he brings the shell-shocked Kosei down with a single hit. Watching in pure disbelief, the stunned Kiriya watches as the feared Shadow Group from Teimo Tech gets utterly humiliated in battle against both Oga and Miki, and before he knows it, he becomes the target of Oga's wrath.

Demon Invasion Arc

In the aftermath of their crushing defeat at the hands of both Oga and Miki shortly before the stunned Reiji Kiriya was utterly defeated by Oga's demonic powers, the battered members of the Shadow Group try to recover their composure after enduring such a devastating loss.


Aside from having control over the delinquents at Teimo Tech, the Shadow Group's own Kotaro Mikagami posses the ability to use a specialized thermal energy attack upon his foes. In this attack, he summons numerous balls of thermal energy and shoots them rapidly at his opponents as they explode upon contact with either the target or the ground. The other members (Kosei, Unsho, and Takumi) rely on their strength, agility, skills, and brutality in order to be a dominating force in combat. Unfortunately, both Oga Tatsumi and Miki Hisaya humiliate them in combat by easily K.O'ing all of the four members in a single, powerful strike.

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