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Sgt. Frog is an anime series in the Sgt. Frog franchise
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Aki Hinata

Fuyuki and Natsumi's mother. Aki is a manga editor who decided to base the main character of her latest manga on Keroro.

Alisa Southerncross

A undead being / toy doll who feasts on aliens to gain humanity. She has a crush on Fuyuki Hinata due to his liking of the supernatural.

Angol Mois

The "Queen of Terror" who was sent to planet Earth to arrive in July 1999 for Earth's destruction, as predicted by Nostradamus but arrived 500 years too early and takes a nap in orbit, until she wakes up 5 years late. Now she assists Keroro in conquering the planet.


The assassin of the Keroro Platoon who was formerly known as Zeroro. After crash landing on Pekopon, Zeroro was rescued by ninja-in-training Koyuki Azumaya. Wishing to follow the way of the ninja, he changed his name to Dororo and will not participate in plans that cause destruction to Earth.

Fuyuki Hinata

Natsumi's little brother who has a fascination with the paranormal.


The first lieutenant and leader of the Garuru Platoon. Garuru is the older brother of Giroro as such he and his brother have a slight rivalry.


Corporal of the Keroro Platoon and their weapons expert. Giroro only weakness is his love of Natsumi Hinata, something everyone but Natsumi seems to know. Giroro is so protective of Natsumi that he would attack anyone who harms her.


The main protagonist of the Sgt. Frog (Keroro Gunsou) Series. Keroro is a Alien frog sent from his home planet to take over Pekopon (what Aliens call Earth). But instead Keroro would rather build Gundam Models than accomplishing his task.


Kitten is a young cat that Giroro found and has since lived with him in his tent.


A Space Detective in Sgt. Frog series who is a childhood friend of Keroro. is assited by his little sister Lavie.

Koyuki Azumaya

A kunoichi who falls in love with Natsumi and is close friends with Dororo


The head of communications in the Keroro Platoon. Despite he is of a higher rank than Keroro, he is not the leader of the Platoon due to his unpleasant and unnerving demeanor. Kululu's expertise lies in his high-level technological prowess, including hacking and inventing.


The younger sister of 556 who assists her brother by working in various part-time jobs.

Momoka Nishizawa

The multi-billonaire one-sided lover and classmate of Fuyuki Hinata. Despite being outgoing in everything else, Momoka is really shy when it comes to Fuyuki, and she is unable to confess her feelings to him. Momoka also has a split personality that surfaces when she is angry or her plans fail.

Mutsumi Saburo

A Classmate of Natsumi who is a poet/artist/philosopher who skips class a lot. He also has his own radio show which Natsumi listens to. His partner is Sergeant Major Kururu, who gave him a pen that allows him to draw anything and make it appear.

Natsumi Hinata

The older sister of Fuyuki and the one in charge of the Hinata house when their mother is not home. She is very strict on Keroro and always doubts of his intentions, physically abusing him on several occasions and treating him as a slave.


The adoptive 'father' of Alisa Southerncross. Nevula commonly takes the shape of the cat ears on top of Alisa's head. He desires to turn Alisa into a human and will do anything to accomplice this task.


The Ghost residing in the Hinata household.

Paul Moriyama

The Nishizawa family butler who assists Momoka in her attempts at winning Fuyuki Hinatas heart.


A police-woman from the alien street who is the underling of Poyon.


Alien police-woman from the Sgt. Frog series. Poyon is able to travel anywhere instantaneously through the use of space portals.


The chief medic and expert nurse of the Keroro Platoon. She has known Sergeant Keroro, Corporal Giroro, and Lance Corporal Dororo since they were young.


An Alien pop star from the Sgt. Frog series.

Super Dali Mother

The queen of the aliens that invaded Keroro's mouth.


The youngest member of the Keroro Platoon. Tamama idolizes and has strong feelings towards Keroro because of this He hates Moa and see her as a rival for Keroro's affection. When in battle he can fire a energy blast from his mouth called "Tamama Impact".


A member of the Garuru Platoon.


A member of the Garuru Platoon who serves as the groups Hacker.


A member of the Garuru Platoon who serves as the assassin of the group. He has a deep hatred towards Dororo.

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