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Sgt. Frog is a franchise comprised of 5 movies, 2 anime series, 1 manga series
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A manga and anime series about invading frogs from space.

Plot Overview

Hinata family has been living in a normal life until they discover an alien invader Keroro completely out of random. Taken as captive, Keroro has no choice but to do as he is told, such as chore. Ever since their first encounter their lives been never been the same. Keroro constantly think of a way to invade the Earth while the Hinata siblings foils his plans.


Hinata Family

Fuyuki Hinata

15 year old son of Hinata family, a normal boy who is very into occult related from paranormal activities to scientific mysteries. Fuyuki was first one to discover Keroro, and both have been best friend ever since. Even though Keroro is thinking about invading Earth everyday, Fuyuki consider Keroro as his friend. Fuyuki is seen as kind person, but when he gets angry nobody can stop him, not even Keroro nor his family.

Natsumi Hinata

16 year old daughter of Hinata household and older sister of Fuyuki. While their mother is is away, Natumi is in charge of the house, including Fuyuki and other aliens in the house. Due to her temper and her fighting skill, she constantly beats Keroro whenever he does danger or stupid. As result, Keroro is very scared of her and tries to think of ways to defeat her every day.

Aki Hinata

Mother of siblings, Aki is a chief manga editor, making her come home very late. She decided to let Keroro stay in the house because she find Keroro's existence exciting.

Keroro Platoon


With ranking of Sergeant, Keroro leads his team to invade Earth, or at least he tries. Ever since his capture by Hinata family, Keroro has been slacking off on invasion, only to be motivated only whenever he feels like it or nagged by other members. He spends most of his free time making Gundam models, but whenever he is out of money he resorts to quick money making scheme which he claim as part of Earth invasion


Private Second Class in Keroro Platoon, Tamama is the youngest among them which explains his tadpole tail. Tamama both idolizes and respect Keroro as great soldier but Tamama betrays Keroro easily if situations seems against him. Tamama still gets jealous whenever somebody gets close to Keroro. Tamama also has split personality as claimed by Keroro, but it's more of mood swing than having completely different personality.


Ranking Corporal, Giroro specializes in weapon and usually in front line attacking his opponents. Due to his short temper, Giroro often clashes with Keroro who is pretty much polar opposite, questioning him and his plan to invade Earth but follows Keroro's plan nonetheless because he gets persuaded by Keroro. Impressed with Natsumi's combat ability, Giroro falls in love with her but Natsumi does not aware of it.


Sergeant Major who is the master of technology, Kululu often come with weird invention that causes nothing but troubles. Unlike others, he is only interested on satisfying his curiosity and conducting experiment on others and such, and as a result he does not really get only with others.


Lance Corporal Dororo was last one to be found because his presence is so thin none of the members remembered him until the last minute. When he was young, he was called Zeroro but had very weak body. Due to his condition he was picked on by Keroro and his friend and ended up in numerous near death situation, which ironically ended up training him and become an stealth unit. Later when he came to Earth along with other members of Keroro Squad, he got lost and met Koyuki. After their encounter, Zeroro changed his mind about incading Earth and changed his name to Dororo.

Other Characters

Momoka Nishizawa

Daughter of rich Nishizawa family who has crush on Fuyuki. As a daughter of rich family, she spends enormous amount of money to win Fuyuki's affection. Momoka also has split personality problem, most of time she a shy person but when her other side comes out she becomes very aggressive person. She was first one to discover Tamama and has been good friend since then.

Paul Moriyama

Butler of Nishizawa household but mostly takes care of Momoka, and he will do anything to make Momoka happy. Paul also seemed to be a skilled soldier and/or fighter, as no one is Keroro Force can take him down.

Baio Nishizawa

Father of Momoka, he is mostly out of country. What he does to make money has never been clear.

Oka Nishizawa

Mother of Momoka, she very skilled fighter and only one who can rival her skill is none other than her husband, Baio Nishizawa. Just like Momoka she also has split personality problem, but unlike Momoka she is violent most of times and shows her gentle side only at certain times.

Mutsumi Houjou

Free spirited boy who skips his classes only because he is too smart. He found himself bored of life until he met Kululu, since then they have become partners but only on certain occasions. Thanks to Kululu, Mutsumi has a pen that can create anything as long as it is drawn any surface. Mutsumi also secretly host a radio show which Natsumi is huge fan of, but he uses alias of 623 which is a Japanese wordplay of his name.

Angol Mois

As part of Angol race, Angol Mois was sent to Earth to destroy. She actually came earlier and told that she was going to destroy Earth to Nostradamus. However she fails to do so because of Keroro told her to stop, only because Fuyuki persuaded him that if she does destroy Earth there will be no more Gundam models. When she was young she played a lot with Keroro, and ended up having feelings toward Keroro. Keroro is oblivious to her feeling but Tamama notices this and consider her as rival. Despite her ability she is actually clumsy and innocent, so innocent that even Kululu canno withstand her.


Keroro Gunso (1999 - Ongoing)

Volume One JP cover
Volume One JP cover

Keroro Gunsou, written and illustrated by Mine Yoshizaki, started its serialization in November of 1999. It began as part of monthly magazine Shonen Ace, and its tankobon or full volume was released by Kadokawa Shoten.

It was later translated and released by Tokyopop in US with little bit of censorship. The title is known as Sgt. Frog in US.


Keroro Gunso (2004 - 2011)

DVD Volume One Cover
DVD Volume One Cover

With seven seasons containing 358 episode, the series began in April 3, 2004 and ended in April 4, 2011. With manga series being slows and lack of chapters/episodes, the anime series were greatly different than the series with was based on. There was no major story difference, but there were numerous episodes that were only original in anime series. There were other changes as well since the creator of the show wanted the series to be kid friendly.


Just like any franchise with longest running series, the Keroro Gunso has also made movies using characters of the series. Since in the series some episodes were non-canonical it worked perfectly for Keroro Gunso not worrying about continuities and such. The movies even had their own characters which was not in neither anime or manga series.

Keroro Gunso the Super Movie (2006)

First movie of the Keroro Gunso series, directed by Yusuke Yamamoto

Keroro release ancient weapon by accident, all because he wanted to get his 100-yen back. It is up to Keroro and his friends to fix his mistake and save Earth.

Keroro Gunso the Super Movie 2 : The Deep Sea Princess (2007)

Second movie of the series, Directed by Junichi Sato

Keroro Gunso the Super Movie 3 : Keroro vs. Keroro Great Sky Duel (2008)

Third movie Keroro Movie Directed by Susumu Yamaguchi.

Keroro Gunso the Super Movie 4: Gekishin Dragon Warriors (2009)

Fourth Keroro movie directed by Susumu Yamaguich

Other Media

Keroro has been appeared on various video game, either as cameo or main character.

General Information Edit
Name: Sgt. Frog
Name: ケロロ軍曹
Romaji: Keroro Gunso
Aliases: Sergeant Keroro
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