Shaman King #24 - SF

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 09/01/2009

Plot Summary

After Anna has Dr. Munzer to help them control the golem, everyone relax and gain closure. For example, Chocolove explains he became blind with the help of Lady Sati to repent for his sins. His jokes help Salerm smile for the first time. After Team Tathagata defeat Team Haiti 800, Yoh, Manta, and Ryu find Opacho who tells Yoh to get back into the tournament, or Hao will kill the children and the golem.

Anna and Yoh kiss; Yoh decides to fight the X-Laws to get back into the tournament. As Yoh fights the X-Laws, Luchist joins in and defeats the rest of the team except Marco. Lyserg and Yoh team up to defeat Luchist since he is here to kill Lady Jeanne.


American Release Date: September 1, 2009

Japanese Release Date: April 4, 2003

Reincarnation 207- Epilogue V: Winds of Laughter

Reincarnation 208 - Shaman King

Reincarnation 209 - Comeback - 復帰か- (Fukki ka)

Reincarnation 210 - Back to Square One - ふりだして (Furidashi te)

Reincarnation 211 - Watch Out, Capt. Marco! -アブねー!マルコ隊長 (Abunē! Maruko taichō)

Reincarnation 212 - Annihilation - 壊滅 (Kaimetsu)

Reincarnation 213 - Fallen Angel DA·天使 (DA tenshi)

Reincarnation 214 - Graduation - 卒業 (Sotsugyō)

Reincarnation 215 - Nerves of Steel -豪胆マン (Gōtan man)


Character Profiles

There is none since the volume focuses on the X-Laws' weapons and spirit mediums.

Full Plot Summary

Reincarnation 207- Epilogue V: Winds of Laughter

Dr. Munzer wants to destroy the golem since he cares too much about his work than his children. He calls himself the bad father. However, Anna states that she will take the golem to defeat Hao, and it is selfish to allow strangers to take care of his children. After she tells the doctor that she knows a shaman to recharge the internal mana drive, everyone party at Yoh's inn/ waiting room. Manta narrates and asks what will the doctor do, who are the Gandala, and what are Faust's new powers.

In the morning, Yoh finds Chocolove mediating, and Chocolove explains that he asked Team Gandala to make him blind. His reasons is to sharpen his senses and to atone for his sins. Chocolove blames himself for making Salerm's emotions gone. Horohoro, Ren, Ryu, and Manta followed Redseb who ask Yoh where is father is. When Salerm meets Chocolove, he does his joke with a strawberry shortcake. Ren stabs him in the nose and beats him. Salerm smiles. Mikihisa, Olona, and Dr. Munzer watch the children.

Reincarnation 208 - Shaman King

At the Patch's quarters, a computer screen reveals 39 shamans out of 96 are left. While Kalim states most of them are god-class shaman, Goldva adds that their mana are over 500,000. Goldva states that the defeated shamans have to survive to get off the island; Kalim adds that Hao is hunting their souls. Goldva tells Rhenim and Bron to take set Silva straight about the rules of the tournament because Silva attempts to steal the higher Patch spirits. Goldva states that the shaman king is a contest of strength not a battle between good and evil or a moral contest.

Team Haiti 800 and Team Tathagata are having their match; meanwhile, Yoh and Manta are staring at the sky, and Ryu expresses his love for Lady Sati. His comment about that Lady Sati is stronger than Hao, Opacho states that lord Hao will win the shaman king fight with Lord Yoh's help. Ryu tries to capture Opacho, but Opacho uses oversoul mama to become a ram to send Ryu flying into the sky. Opacho gives Yoh the message from Hao: fight in the tournament or risk having the children (Redseb and Salerm) and the golem dead.

Reincarnation 209 - Comeback

At Yoh's place, Yoh and the others have dinner. When Yoh asks Manta for soy sauce, Opacho hands it to Yoh while stating that he always get Hao, soy sauce. After Yoh explains the situation, Anna asks Yoh how he really feels in his heart when Yoh thinks about his promise.

On the road, Amidamaru notices that Yoh's mind is not at ease. As Amidamaru displays his fast reflex, he tells Yoh that he knows the pain of defeat. He informs Yoh to follow his heart which is similar to Matamune. With a rush of compilation of flashbacks, Yoh yells out that he will not quit. He recalls his promise with Anna.

Reincarnation 210 - Back to Square One

Anna drops Yoh's Oracle Pager by Yoh's feet, and she tells Yoh to consult first before dropping out of the tournament. Even though Yoh did it to save Ren's life, she lets Yoh off the hook. Yoh and Anna have an implied kissing scene because Amidamaru turns his face around to give them privacy. Opacho watches the whole thing and wishes Yoh, good luck. Luchist receives a call from Opacho, and as he prepares, his back has a tattoo of the X-laws. He is going to meet Marco for a reunion.

Meanwhile, Horohoro is about to attack Opacho for winning the race. Chocolove restrains him. Ren admits he is scared of Yoh and Hao's strength, and Horohoro agrees that he is not sure that he will win.

At the X-Laws ark, Yoh announces that he will use force make them break the deal.

Reincarnation 211 - Watch Out, Capt. Marco!

Yoh states that he will defeat them and Jeanne which Marco has the Arch Angels charge at him. Porf Griffith uses Sariel, Dingbat uses Rafiel, and then Larch uses Uriel. According to Marco, Yoh doges them with soul integration. As Marco attacks with Michael, Yoh defends himself with his oversoul Spirit of Sword. Yet, Lyserg intervenes by protecting Michael with Zeruel. Marco has his team push Yoh then Marco attacks Yoh with Michael. Suddenly, Yoh slices Michael in half, at the torso. Luchist thinks Yoh's maneuver is a good trap.

Reincarnation 212 - Annihilation

Once Lyserg and Marco wonder how Yoh defeat an angel, Marco notices that Yoh has two oversouls, two spirit of swords (the fake one is facing the X-II). Yoh explains that he use Imari and Shigaraki as decoys. As Yoh glides through team X-II's defenses and proceeds to smash the ship, Marco's angel, Michael, blocks Yoh's attack with the shield.

When Yoh compliments Marco for being the leader, Marco yells that Lady Jeanne is the leader and that he teach Yoh, respect. In a fury of attacks (Marco is doing it), Yoh asks Marco if he is the leader. Luchist appears and states that Marco has let the truth slip due to his stubbornness. He notes that Marco's rage makes him blind to Yoh's trap. Dingbat tries to attack Luchist, but Marco stops him. Luchist tells Yoh that he is here to help him and to destroy his failed organization.

Reincarnation 213 - Fallen Angel

Dingbat states that Yoh and Hao were working together from the whole start much to Yoh's disbelief. Dingbat attacks Luchist for killing Meene. In a flash, Luchist's angel, Lucifer, destroys Dingbat's angel which causes Dingbat to faint. Luchist explains that the destruction of a fully energized oversoul can cause one to faint if one has no experience. As Larch and Porf attacks Lucifer with their angels, Luchist's angel destroys them easily. Marco states that Luchist is the founder of the X-Laws to Lyserg. Marco attacks Luchist in close combat by bashing their guns. Luchist uses the shamanic oracle to get behind Marco to shoot him in the back. Since Marco is in rage and tries to protect his "masterpiece" (X-Laws), he struggles to beat him.

Luchist tells Marco to go home back in Sicily even though his orders from Hao is to kill the X-Laws. Suddenly, Yoh tackles Luchist in the gut. Despite Luchist's help to defeat the X-Laws, Yoh tells him that he will defeat them and not to murder them.

Reincarnation 214 - Graduation

Marco tells Yoh to stay out of their fight; Luchist recalls calling Marco "Pee-Wee" in the old days much to Yoh and Lyserg's shock. Marco recalls all the good things that Luchist did such as helping get through college and starting a business. Marco strips down to his battle uniform; Yoh and Amidamaru are speechless. Luchist comments that battle clothes are necessary, and he also strips to his outfit.

Lyserge declares that he will protect Marco if it means defying his orders. He explains that if the two kill each other will cause more horrible things to occur in the future, and that winning is not about defeating your opponent but to be happy about yourself. Lyserg's words cause Marco to shoot near Lyserg's feet. Luchist tells Marco to relax.

Reincarnation 215 - Nerves of Steel

The two arch angels start to fight each other leaving Yoh and lyserg intimidated. Yoh points out that Luchist is not fighting up to his full strength, and Marco is not as strong as Luchist. Since Luchist and Opacho are always near Hao, they have nerves of steel. Lyserg and Yoh realize that Luchist is saving up mana to kill Lady Jeanne, Marco's masterpiece. Before Luchist delivers the final blow, Yoh and Lyserg rush to save Marco.


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