Sexy Magical Girl

Sexy Magical Girl is an anime movie
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Akitoshi is an average boy in an average Tokyo suburb who suddenly starts noticing the very pretty Ai-although acquaintances inform him that she has always been in the neighborhood, merely escaping his notice in the past. While walking down a back alley, he disturbs a creature in the process of raping local girl Mikage and almost intervenes. Before he can truly behave in an active or heroic way, Ai herself steps in to fight the monster, which is an old-fashioned tentacled alien menace. After two episodes of saving Earth through tentacle sex, Ai suddenly disappears, leaving Akitoshi in a strange position akin to the one he had earlier-whereas previously he seemed to be the only person who hadn't noticed Ai, now he is the only one who seems to remember her. As with Demon Beast Invasion, this strange reset to zero is in fact a means of restarting a franchise that had already reached its natural end, with a substandard "second half" that plays more like an afterthought sequel. Ai duly returns and saves the day, again, after more tentacle rapist monsters, again. Based on a computer game by Colors. LNV

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General Information Edit
Name: Sexy Magical Girl
Release Date: Jan. 1, 2003
Romaji: Maho Shojo Ai
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 30 (mins)
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Aliases Magical Girl Ai
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