Sexually Insatiable Females

Sexually Insatiable Females is a anime/manga concept
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Kinky female characters in anime, manga and hentai who have an insatiable appetite for sex.


Though many female characters in anime and manga are shy and embarrassed when it comes to sex, there are occasionally those who are the polar opposite.


Kyoko feels great after mistakenly exposing her breasts to a bus filled with horny old men
Kyoko feels great after mistakenly exposing her breasts to a bus filled with horny old men

Sexually insatiable females, in the purest sense of the term, live for sexual activity; rarely, if ever, turning down an opportunity to have it while never discriminating against the partner in question. These characters are often labeled as having "loose morals", but they simply shrug it off and are actually quite proud of who they are and how they have chosen to live. In School of Darkness 2, the character Kyoko Sahara thinks about little else than sex. After catching a demented and mysterious man peeping at her while she urinates in the woods, she whimsically lifts her skirt up and happily requests for cunnilingus to be performed on her.


Insatiable females often have remarkable stamina, which to their dismay, sometimes leaves them unsatisfied. In the manga "Spunky Knight", a bounty hunter named Phaia journeys to the castle of a powerful incubus. The arch-demon, who has killed countless maidens prior by raping them until they die of sexual pleasure, attempts to do the same to the intruding heroine. However, Phaia's sexual appetite is so immense that hundreds of lethally-intense orgasms cannot sexually satisfy her, and she rides him to his doom, raping him until he expires.

Sexual Variety

Many promiscuous females aren't picky about sexual acts and in fact welcome a wide variety of positions and perversions. Fellatio, anal sex, and double penetration are most desirable and gangbangs coupled with bukkake are a dream come true for such females. Yumiko, a manga character by Henmaru Machino, embraces nearly every sexual fetish and activity under the sun, such as becoming a futanari with multiple penises. She is also extraordinarily insatiable, requiring penetration of her orifices by dildos of both enormous quantity or size in order to obtain release.

General Information Edit
Concept Name Sexually Insatiable Females
Japanese Name: 痴女
Romaji Name: Chi Onna
Aliases Promiscuous Females,
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