Sexually Aggressive Females

Sexually Aggressive Females is a anime/manga concept
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Assertive, confident females who take the initiative with sex and don't take "NO!" for an answer.


Not restricted only to cuckold slave play relationships, sexually aggressive females go after non-submissive male, female and futanari targets alike.

Forced sexual assault

Aggressive females often have few scruples about sexually attacking the object of their lust, while others simply do not have enough willpower to hold back. "Reverse Rape", in which a female character ravishes a non-consenting male, is rare but nonetheless present in hentai anime and manga, though aggressive females tend to practice yuri rape nearly as often.


Will she be able to resist their advances?
Will she be able to resist their advances?

Not all assertive females take such an unwaveringly tyrannical approach and will often initially rely on using their charms to enchant the guy or girl that they have their eye on. Whether whispering sweet or dirty things into their ears, wearing low-cut tops and short skirts, or playfully brushing their boobs against the person's back, these cunning women will start things off slow. If the desired reaction is not given in a timely manner, however, they will resort to more direct measures, such as shamelessly and indiscreetly exposing their breasts and genitals, or even sneaking up behind the person to give them a friendly reach-around.

Mistresses and Dominatrices

Mistresses use sexual intimidation and bondage in order to exercise control over their slaves
Mistresses use sexual intimidation and bondage in order to exercise control over their slaves

Slave mistresses are one subset of sexually aggressive women, but they by no means all-encompass them. Unlike the sexually insatiable females mentioned above who are motivated by pure lust, these particular females often have a power-trip and get their fix by emasculating cuckold males and humiliating diffident females. Though dominatrices often administer sadistic practices, such as whipping, to their slaves, some of them have a masochistic side and enjoy having the roles reversed.

General Information Edit
Concept Name Sexually Aggressive Females
Japanese Name: 女性支配
Romaji Name: Josei Shihai
Aliases Sexually Dominant Females
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie: Cream Lemon
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