Severed is an anime episode of Togainu no Chi that was released on 11/18/2010
 Keisuke alone
 Keisuke alone

Keisuke is walking alone down the broken streets of Toshima, as he walks he is sullen and argry, remembering Akira. Keisuke catches his reflection in a window and freaks out, punching the ground and cursing himself for being a burden to Akira. A strange and mysterious man watches Keisuke from the roof, as Keisuke clutches his bloody fist. Keisuke notices that the window was broken and he enters the building via the broken window. There, he notices a

 Keisuke takes Line
 Keisuke takes Line

vial, filled with Line. Keisuke believes that if he took the Line, he could be strong and no longer a burden to Akira. Keisuke breaks the vial and takes the drug. Suddenly he viciously reacts and his face disfigures.   Keisuke falls to the ground and mumbles he wants to see every expression of Akira, especially his bloodstained and pained face. The mysterious man is still watching as Keisuke picks himself off of the ground.


 Keisuke yells and attacks Akira
 Keisuke yells and attacks Akira

Akira wakes up in an abandoned building; Keisuke is watching him as he sleeps. Keisuke claims he could find Akira by his smell, and tells Akira that he killed everyone in the club. Akira realizes that Keisuke was taking Line. Keisuke claims that he also killed Takeru, as revenge for attacking Akira and trying to steal Keisuke’s tags. Akira asks Keisuke why he took Line. Keisuke explains that he only thought Akira wanted him to be strong, and Keisuke saw it as the easiest way out. Akira warns Keisuke that he might die. Keisuke snaps and throws Akira across the room. Keisuke yells at Akira and asks him why Akira every hung out with him, and asks Akira why he was so emotionless. Keisuke claims he wants to see Akira’s dying face. Keisuke knocks Akira unconscious and sits down to watch him.


Back at the club Kiriwar and Gunji are told by Arbitro to clean up the bodies and find the

 The 'investigation'
 The 'investigation'

man responsible for causing the carnage. Arbitro is then informed that a Line abuser has mysteriously died, Arbitro leave to investigate, and find a photo of Motomi, Akira and Keisuke. When Arbitro, the Executioners, Kau and the other investigators arrive at the scene of the dead body, they realize that the dead man was in fact the tag 'robber' Takeru.


Arbitro is told that Takeru was fighting somebody, and licked his opponent’s blood, causing him to fall dead from shock. Arbitro immediately draws to the conclusion that there is somebody in Toshima whose blood can counter act Line. A witness identifies the man who caused Takeru to ‘die of shock’ as Akira, and Arbitro claims that it has something to do with ‘Project Nicole’.


 Rin rescues Akira
 Rin rescues Akira

Akira awakes again in the abandoned builing, and finds Takeru’s cross, but Keisuke is nowhere. Rin suddenly find Akira, and asks what happened, but Akira fall unconscious into his arms. Rin takes Akira to a safe house, and Akira explains to Rin how Keisuke was able to find Line, and took it. Akira blames himself for not noticing how upset Keisuke was, and not doing anything. Rin tells Akira that it wasn’t his fault, and that the drug, and the city of Toshima are to blame.


Rin then leaves Akira, claiming that it would be better if Akira did not turn out to be like

 Kau, the messenger
 Kau, the messenger

him. While Akira is alone, mulling over recent events, Kau crawls into the room, and passes Akira a letter, then leaves. Akira opens the letter and realizes it is from Arbitro. The letter invites Akira to come over for dinner, as long as Akira comes to Arbitro’s mansion alone.


 The man approaches Akira
 The man approaches Akira

Akira begins to leave for Arbitro’s place when a mysterious man approaches Akira --the man resent when Keisuke took Line-- begins to talk about what appear to be nonsense. He places a briefcase down on the ground and says that somebody will come soon, and Akira is to give the briefcase to that man. Akira asks who the mysterious man who he is, but the man responds with a riddle-like statement, claiming he would like to hear Akira’s answer later.


Emma, the woman who promised Akira freedom, is informed that Akira has just come in contact with somebody named ‘n’. Emma demands that they head into Toshima in order to capture, or kill, n.


Akira waits with the briefcase in the roadway, and just as the mysterious man predicted,

 Shiki asks for the briefcase
 Shiki asks for the briefcase

somebody approaches Akira. The man is Shiki. Shiki asks Akira for the suitcase, and interrogates Akira. Akira asks Shiki who is was that left the briefcase; Shiki says it was ‘Fear’. Shiki threatens Akira and tells him to forget everything he saw that night. Akira and Shiki part ways, after Shiki draws his sword to strengthen his threat. 

Episode 7 Ending


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