Seventh Killing Spirit

Seventh Killing Spirit is an anime episode of Shiki that was released on 08/19/2010

Kaori and Akira are discovered by Natsuno who tells them to leave the vicinity of the mansion. When Akira mentions seeing Yasuyuki, the lumber factory owner who died recently, alive and entering the mansion, Natsuno realizes that both he and the Tanaka siblings know there's something weird with the people at the mansion. Natsuno tells them of seeing Megumi as well. To be sure, they will dig up her grave to check, but their conversation is overheard by Tatsumi. Meanwhile, a revived Masao is trapped in his casket and remembers how he died: the libraian attacked him and drank his blood for several days before he expired, while unable to call for help. He is freed by Tatsumi, who informs him that he is now one of the okiagari, meaning "risen", which has all the aspects of a vampire. Tatsumi is revealed to be a special vampire who can stay outdoors during the day and not drink human blood. He forces and convinces Masao that it's okay to attack and feed on his fellow human villagers in order to survive. Mikiyasu's father sends in his wife to Toshio's clinic, who is now the next victim. Toshio instructs him to allow her to stay at his clinic, and promises to protect her. Later, Seishin informs him of Ishida, the councilman who is now missing as well as the records of deaths in the village. He is stunned when Toshio believes that vampires are the cause of the deaths. Toshio intends to capture the culprit using Setsuko, Mikiyasu's mother, as bait and wants Seishin to help him, but the priest tells him that he will think about it. The Tanaka siblings meet up with Natsuno and they ready themselves to dig up Megumi's grave.

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