Seventeenth Killing Spirit

Seventeenth Killing Spirit is an anime episode of Shiki that was released on 11/25/2010

Seishin Muroi runs into Tohru in the woods and tells him he can't blame himself for wanting to live. The next day, human Kaori visits him who is extremely desperate and completely broken, even having dug her own grave because her family was murdered and little brother still missing. Ritsuko gets a call from her colleague who is being kidnapped. Chizuru Kirishiki pays a visit to Toshio Ozaki at his clinic.

Seishin continues to be plagued with what he should do about the attack of the shiki. Seishin's father goes missing. Seishin realizes that his father knew about the shiki and invited the shiki to his room, on the condition that they leave Seishin's and his mother's room alone. Later on, Kaori visits Seishin asking for a name for her grave. Her mother and father has died, and her brother has disappeared. Kaori believes that Megumi will kill her next, and she has already dug up her grave. Seishin tells her that she should still try to live. Seishin makes a decision and leaves the temple. Meanwhile, Ritsuko receives a call from one of the nurses - the nurse has been taken hostage. Ritsuko runs to save her, but on the way, she passes a truck with the gagged nurse. Ritsuko stands there in the middle of the road as two shiki approach her. Ozaki drives to Ritusko too late - she has already been bitten. Alone in his hospital at night, Chizuru visits Ozaki. She reveals that Seishin has decided to serve the shiki and visited Sunako that day. Ozaki tells Chizuru that he wants to survive to see the village die, and she bites him. Chizuru tells him to burn all evidence of the deaths.

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BUCK-TICK Music Performs the ED "Gekka Reijin"
Kanon Wakeshima Music Performs the OP "Calendula Requiem"


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