Seven Kin Of Purgatory

Seven Kin Of Purgatory is a anime/manga concept
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Grimoire Heart's team which consists of seven of its strongest and best members.


The Seven Kin of Purgatory is the strongest group from the Grimoire Heart Guild. It consists of seven members who have been trained and raised by Hades, with each having their own unique powers and abilities. They are also considered unbeatable, by Hades himself, because he had taught each of them a different Lost Magic that no other mage can use. Even Yomazu, who had been defeated by Gajeel, stated that they are a force that is not to be reckoned with. They also see and treated each other like siblings, with the exception of Meldy who views Ultear as a mother after finding and saving her.

She is the eldest member as well as the leader of the Kin of Purgatory who has the ability to manipulate the time of inanimate objects. She was given the task of finding Zeref on Tenrou Island and after completing it, she encountered and fought Natsu. But soon after meeting up with Kain, she ran off with Zeref only to discover Gray following her. After her failed attempt at using him to kill Hades, she reveals that she can use Ice Magic like her mother and valiantly fights him only to lose in the end.
A stern and muscular man who seeks worthy opponents. He has two abilities: explosive magic which allows him to detonate anything he wishes and merging magic which allows him to fuse with trees and other objects to hide himself from possible harm. He was the first kin to appear on Tenrou Island and his power seems to be quite formidable after he managed to defeat Wendy, Mest, Pantherlily and Charle with ease. He also beat Mirajane but ended up losing to Erza and subsequently got turned into a tree as a price for overusing his lost magic. Whether or not he is still alive is unknown.
The youngest member of the group who admires Ultear. Her abilities are based on "faith" which she uses to create magical blades in the air and link the senses of two or more people together so that the damage sustained by one person will be equally felt by the other. Upon arriving on Tenrou Island, she encounters and fights Erza and Juvia, but ends up losing to Juvia after she attempted to kill Gray through their linked senses (because of her grudge against him for indirectly killing Ultear's mother, Ul).
Rusty Rose
He is a poetic and bespectacled man dressed in fancy clothing. His magic enables him to materialize anything he wishes for battle. It also allows him to summon powerful creatures and transform his arms into claws and shields. After landing on Tenrou Island, he faces and battles with Evergreen and Elfman, winning without a scratch. However, after confronting Pantherlily, Levy and Lisanna, he ends up losing to Bixlow and Fried who showed up shortly after.
A goat-like zodiac celestial spirit who acts as a commander of Grimoire Heart's soldiers such as Yomazu and Kawazu. His magic ability allows him to weaken the strength of humans as well as summon humans to fight for him. It was later revealed that he was possessed by Zoldeo. Yearning to find a human body to return to his human form, Zoldeo possesses Loke in their one-on-one battle but he is quickly knocked out by Caprico and dissipates.
A violent and psychotic God Slayer who merely fights for the fun it, even if it requires eliminating his own comrades. His magic allows him to create dark flames which have slicing properties and can turn his victims into ash. He makes his appearance on Tenrou Island upon encountering Natsu. After winning the first round, he ends up losing in the second round with Makarov's intervention.
A large, overweight and clumsy man with a speech disorder. He has the ability to manipulate the movements of his opponents through a voodoo doll. He also has exceptional strength, being able to palm thrust Natsu and Lucy's spirits. In the end, he loses to Natsu and Lucy after the two used his own power against him.
General Information Edit
Concept Name Seven Kin Of Purgatory
Japanese Name: 煉獄の七眷属
Romaji Name: Rengoku no nana kenzoku
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #25
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #101
1st anime movie:
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