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In 2099, Earth has shifted off its axis and begins to rotate at an angle of 90% to the 20th-century equator. Three years of natural disasters follow, and when things settle down, Earth's ten billion population has died and only two million moon colonists remain. Some return to begin the repopulation of the world in seven new cities. The remaining colonists on the moon fear that their former neighbors might pose a threat and construct a ring of defense satellites to trap them on the newly repopulated homeworld-the Olympus system destroys anything that travels more than 500 meters above the surface. Then the lunar colonists are wiped out by plague. Trapped beneath a defensive ring that will operate automatically for the next 200 years, the seven newly founded cities begin to fight one another. Moorbridge Jr., the son of the exiled ruler of Aquionia, becomes the ruler of New Camelot and leads a force to recapture his homeland. His superior tactician, Kenneth Guildford, leads an attack on an Aquionian supply base, but his victorious troops are subject to a counter-attack by the Aquionian hero Almaric Ashvail-compare to the similar well-matched foes of Legend of Galactic Heroes, based on another novel by SoSC creator Yoshiki Tanaka.

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General Information Edit
Name: Seven Cities
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1994
Romaji: Nanatoshi Monogatari
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 30 (mins)
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Aliases Story of Seven Cities
Seven Cities Story
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