Setsuno is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Setsuno is one of the Four Gourmet National Treasures and ranked 2nd in IGO's World Gourmet Chef Ranking.


Before the start of the Gourmet Age, Setsuno formed a combo with one of the disciples of Acacia, "Knocking Master" Jirou. Together they traveled around the world for years and shared many adventures with each other, which over time grew into a very intimate relationship. Centuries after the start of the Gourmet Age, Setsuno competed in the first Cooking Festival, where she won the title of "Super Cook" and would continue to participate in future festivals. Setsuno ended up winning another 29 times and earned the title of Gourmet National Treasure. At some point Setsuno decided to open up her own restaurant, "Setsuno Dinning Hall" , in Gourmet Town, which she developed into a successful enterprise along with her own chain of restaurants.


Setsuno is created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as one of the Gourmet National Treasures of the golden age of food, Gourmet Age. Any inspirations that were used by the author for Setsuno's character design and name are currently unknown.



Setsuno's appearance is that of a short and hunched elderly woman with pink hair that is knot-tied. She usually wears a comfortable set of clothing that consist of a pink sweater with a white apron that has a heart on it and orange pants. She also wears pink scandals with hearts on them. She mostly shown with her eyes close and would usually only open them if she was in a serous mood. When she was young, she appears as an average height woman, who had her hair in two ponytails and used red lipstick. She also wore a leopard-skin dress with matching armbands.


Setsuno is known for being one of the greatest cooks in history and even though she has reached the epitome of fame and wealth, she remains extremely modest and humble, however; Setsuno is not shy to comment or display her skills. Setsuno is also a very caring person, who tries to help people out of the kindness of her heart and her personal beliefs is that it is a cook’s responsibility to feed those who are hungry. Setsuno not only show compassion towards people, but also towards ingredients as well. She rarely opens her own restaurant because she will only cook when the “voices of ingredients” wish to be eaten. Setsuno appearance matches her personality of a kind and loving old woman, but can also be misleading.

Setsuno does not attempt to hide her emotions from people, but instead does the exact opposite and openly expresses her feelings, which depending on her mood can be terrifying. When Setsuno becomes upset or enrage her aura of a kind old woman is quickly replace with the overwhelming presence of a bloodlust demon, but even when Setsuno demonstrates her aggressive behavior, she still retains control over her mind and body. Setsuno can also easily forgive a person even if they tried to kill her, but it also depends on the circumstances and the person as well. Another distinctive aspect to Setsuno’s personality is her love struck puppy love attitude towards her combo partner Jirou.



Setsuno and Jirou had known each other for more than 500 years and together formed one of he greatest combos in history with both of them becoming living legends of the Gourmet Age. They had shared many adventures with each other and traveled the world searching for ingredients. Even after Setsuno retired from hunting and traveling the world with Jirou the two remain close and their reactions towards each other both in the past and the present indicates an intimate relationship. They both have the same exact full course menus and Setsuno always blush when ever she thinks about Jirou, which is followed a loves struck attitude. Also when Jirou saved Setsuno in the Cooking Stadium he called her “his dear Secchan” and she in return, refer to him as “Jirouchan”, meaning that the two after all these years still have (to a certain degree) an intimate relationship.


Nono is a cook and the disciple of Setsuno, along with being her only assistant. Setsuno as Nono’s master helps develop Nono skills as a chef and recognizers Nono’s talents to the point that Setsuno has decided to name Nono as her successor for the next generation. Nono also openly shows Setsuno’s influence on her since she adapted some of Setsuno’s sense of style. Nono wears an apron with a heart on it, which is a trademark of Setsuno’s personal fashion. 

Major Story Arcs 

Century Soup Arc  

Toriko and Komatsu go to Gourmet Town because Toriko has an upcoming appointment with a certain person and while they are waiting Komatsu asks Toriko if they could check out the “Gourmet Department Store”. Toriko says its fine even though he really wants to go to a place with food. At the store, Komatsu is struck with awe by all the high quality cooking equipment, which is made by the greatest artisans of the Gourmet Age. As Komatsu is exploring the store, he remembers that he wants to get a “Gourmet Data Card” While Komatsu and Toriko was checking out some data cards, a Gourmet Robbery Group is running away with stolen goods. Toriko then looks at the thieves and as they were running they suddenly became paralyze. Following the collapse thieves is an old woman, who Toriko instantly recognize as Setsuno. Komatsu is overwhelm that he is with the “Gourmet Living National Treasure” Setsuno, meanwhile Setsuno fixes Toriko’s hairstyle to match to her liking, which Toriko is slightly annoyed with, but does not change his hair back to normal under the threat that Setsuno will cancel about his reservation.

 So the small group now heads to Setsuno’s personal restaurant and as they are walking, Komatsu and Toriko have a conversation over Setsuno’s achievements. Komatsu also tells Toriko that he did a great job of getting a reservation, which Torike replies that he had to wait a whole 4 years for his reservation. Toriko says the problem was that Setsuno only opens her restaurant only once a month, which Setsuno interrupts to say that she opens her shop whenever she feels like it. Setsuno then asks Toriko and Komatsu how is “Ichichan” doing? Komatsu is shock by the question, so Toriko explains to Komatsu that Setsuno and the IGO president go way back. Komatsu then wonders if Setsuno and the president were in a combo with each other, which Setsuno tells Komatsu that her combo partner was Jirou. Setsuno reminisces about her past with Jirou and after she finishes talking they arrive at her restaurant. Komatsu then flips out about the magnitude of Setsuno’s restaurant, but thinks to himself that such a magnificent restaurant belonging to a “National Treasure” should really not be too surprising. Setsuno tells Komatsu to hurry up as Toriko and her stand in front of her actually restaurant, which is small and simple. Setsuno then welcomes Toriko and Komatsu to “Setsuno’s Dinning Hall” and reminds Toriko that he reserved Setsuno’s Special Menu “Century Soup”.

 Setsuno starts to prepare the Century Soup and as she is cooking Komtsu is watching her and is amaze that she can do the work of an entire staff flawlessly by herself. Toriko informs Komatsu that Setsuno’s menu consists of all high-class ingredients and Setsuno tells them that Jirou is the one who retrieves ingredients for her. Setsuno’s cooking is so wonderful that it causes both Toriko and Komatsu to drool, especially Toriko.   While Setsuno is preparing her special, she also serves them a meal and she is surprise when Komatsu was able to recognize certain ingredients that she just use. Setsuno tells Komatsu that his senses of taste and observation are pretty good along with having qualities of imagination and eroticism. After complimenting Komatsu’s sensory skills as a cook, Setsuno informs Toriko and Komatsu that the Century Soup is done.

  When Setsuno lifts the lid off the pot both Toriko and Komatsu looks forward to the Century Soup, but they become surprise that the pot was empty. Setsuno tells them that the soup is in the pot, but they could not see it because the soup’s level of transparency is too high for the naked eye to be able to see it. Toriko the gets to smell the food and is able to see the image of thousands of ingredients. At this point a whole crowd is surrounding Setsuno’s restaurant and they are going crazy over the smell that is escaping outside. Setsuno remarks that the people outside are too noisy and further explains that she can’t blame them because they smell the Century Soup. Setsuno talks about the best ingredients that were cooked together for half a year in order to remove all the horrible taste, so only leaving the best flavors in the soup. Toriko, no longer able to resist, takes a spoon full of the Century Soup and drinks it, which leaves him with a wonderful sensation. Toriko then looks at Komatsu who is taken back and moved deeply by the flood of all the different tastes within the soup. Komatsu and Toriko then have a small discussion on certain ingredients they were able to make out in the soup, which alarms Setsuno of how skilled their abilities truly are to be able to name certain ingredients in such a mix bowl as the Century Soup, however; even though the soup was full of numerous ingredients, Komatsu confesses that he feels that the soup is missing and that the soup is lacking an ingredient. After hearing Komatsu’s confession, Setsuno tells Toriko and Komatsu to follow her to her preparation kitchen.

 Toriko and Komatsu are enthusiastic about seeing Setsuno’s kitchen, but of course Toriko wants to eat all the soup and Komatsu wishes to eat more afterwards, which causes Setsuno to get mad and yell at them to just hurry up. Setsuno then goes to a certain section of the room where she reveals a hidden staircase in the floor that is a pathway to her kitchen. Setsuno explains that the kitchen upstairs is use to finish the cooking and also reveals that the giant castle that was next to her Dining Hall was actually her old kitchen that serve as a space for preparing the ingredients, which connects to the castle’s basement. When they finally reach the bottom of the staircase, Komatsu goes total cooking fan mode over Setsuno’s preparation kitchen. He almost immediately thanks Setsuno for showing them her basement, when suddenly a huge creature appears that frights Komatsu. Toriko saves Komatsu from failing and tells him that he really should not be that shock to see living ingredients here in Setsuno’s kitchen. As they go around looking around the kitchen, both Toriko and Komatsu are amaze at how many different ingredients there are and the amount of difficulty in preparing all of them. Komatsu then comes to the conclusion that Setsuno does not open up her kitchen often and only once a month is because how long it takes her to prepare, which Setsuno suddenly cuts off komatsu before he can finish his sentence by informing him that he is wrong. Komatsu then asks her the reason why she doesn’t open her shop often and she replies that it all depends on the “mood”. She then points out that its not how she feels, but instead how the ingredients feel. She further talks about how she would be a half-baked chef if she actually believes that the chef chooses the food and that the truth was that it was the exact opposite in that the ingredients choose both the chef and the customer. Setuno always ask the food whatever or not they want to be serving before she opens the restaurant because if the ingredients do not want to be eaten then Setsuno will not cook them. A Komatsu response is that he does not understand what Setsuno means, which she in return says to him that he will one day. Setsuno then lets Toriko and Komatsu know that they have just arrive at the place where she prepares the Century Soup.

 Toriko and Komtsu enter the room and gets shock of the sheer size of the pot that the legendary Century Soup is cooked in. Setsuno then squat down and jumps all the way to the top of the pot leaving Komatsu at the base of the gigantic pot with questioning what Setsuno just did, meanwhile Toriko is already climbing a ladder attach to the side of the pot telling Komatsu to start climbing as well. By the time Komatsu gets to the top of the pot, he is already tired. When Komatsu looks into the pot all of his weariness disappears as he is too amaze to pay attention to his previous condition. Toriko is surprise that the soup is already so clear before being strained. Setsuno tells Toriko that it is because of the harsh tasting being boiled out of it for a least half a year and then says that the truth is that the soup is still incomplete, yet Toriko and Komatsu ignore her and continue to admire the soup’s special ingredients Toriko goes on to tell Setsuno how awesome the Century Soup is and she in return repeats the same message to them that the soup is not finish. Once again Toriko and Komatsu repeat the same exact reactions as before and seem to not play any attention to Setsuno, which causes her to yell at them that the soup is not done and is not complete. They both look at Setsuno with stun faces, which just cause her to become even more upset with them being too slow and not realizing it sooner. They ask Setsuno what exactly does she mean when she says that the soup is not yet finish, so Setsuno says that the truth behind the Century Soup is that the soup originally exist in the natural world. That in the past Jirou gave her a taste of the Century Soup and without forgetting the taste of the soup, she has created the soup, that she recently serve to Toriko and Komatsu, as a way of trying to imitate the original Century Soup. Komatsu tells Setsuno that it’s already delicious and wonders how it’s still incomplete. Setsuno tells Komatsu that she is unable to reproduce the taste exactly. Komatsu then asks Setsuno if the century soup in the natural tastes better than hers, which Setsuno replies by reminding Komatsu his own words of saying that the soup is missing something and tells him that the real taste has that something more to it. She then goes to ask Komatsu why he thinks she shows them her incomplete Century Soup and gives right after tells him the reason, which was that she has an interest in Toriko and Komatsu’s sense of taste and sensitivity. She feels that the two of them with their skills will be able to help make the soup perfect. Komatsu then says that such a task like completing the soup, which gets cut off by Setsuno asking if he would want to try the real Century Soup. That cause Toriko to get into the conversion and saying that he wants to try it. Toriko aks Komatsu if he wants to try the real Century Soup and Komatus tells Toriko with great passion that he would love to try it. Setsuno tells them that their timing is just right and that the Century Soup only appears every once in 100 years, which is why its called the Century Soup. Setsuno tells them of a person, who is gathering Bishokuyas from all over the world in order to get his hands on the soup and that Toriko will no doubt get hire by him soon. Setsuno then commands Toriko to take Komatsu with him when he goes and eat the real soup, so that they can try to make the real Century Soup.



General Information Edit
Name: Setsuno
Name: 節乃
Romanji: Setsuno
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Toriko #8
1st anime episode: Toriko #22
1st anime movie:
Aliases Setsunon
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