X/1999 #5 - Serenade

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 09/17/2003

Plot Summary

Everyone wait the arrival of the seal who owns the inugami. Whereas Kamui observes the inugami, Sorata teases Daisuke. But he isn’t in the mood to joke; he continues to think that Kamui isn’t the real Kamui. Sorata contradict him saying he knows Kamui is the real Kamui because Sorata is one of the seven seals. It is at this moment that the inugami’s owner arrives. She’s a fourteen-year-old teenage who introduces herself as Yuzuriha Nekoi from Mitsumine Shrine. She apologizes to send Inuki, his inugami; but she didn’t find the way to get down. She asks everyone to introduce themselves. They do it, except Kamui. It is Sorata who introduces Kamui. Yuzuriha teases Kamui. Kamui decides to leave. He says he isn’t concerned by the “jour de la promesse”. Daisuke upset provokes Kamui. They begin a fight when everyone falls in an illusion created by one of the seven angels. Arashi uses her saber, Sorata his electric powers and Yuzuriha transforms Inuki in a sword. Kamui, upset by this loss of time, uses his telekinetic powers to destroy this illusion. This mirage breaks into cherry tree petals. Hinoto concludes that the illusion was created by the sakurazukamori.

This event gives way to a massive earthquake meaning the destruction of a kekkai in Tokyo. Hinoto explains that this destruction is one of the signs of the destruction of Tokyo. She confirms that Kamui has two destinies. He can choose between the dragons of Earth and the dragons of Heaven. If Kamui becomes one of the seven angels, the vision of a deserted Tokyo full of corpses would come true. Hinoto begs Kamui to become a seal and with the help of the other dragons of Heaven to save the Earth. Kamui, exasperated, leave the Diet Building distressing Hinoto. Sorata reassures her telling her that Kamui has still something to protect. Whereas Sorata, Arashi and Yuzuriha discuss about the other seals, Kamui thinks about his destiny.

Kotori remembers the last events when she sees Kamui’s house: the return of Kamui and Kamui’s wounds. It is at this moment that Kamui does his entrance. He is disoriented to see Kotori. Embarrassed by this situation, Kotori loses her balance. Kamui catches her just in time. Most embarrassed than ever, Kotori tumbles them down. This scene reminds old memories to Kamui and Kotori. Kamui remembers the day when Kotori felt from a tree whereas Kotori remembers the day when Kamui bring her back her hat stuck in a cherry tree. She thanks him a lot to take care of her.

Just above them, Sorata and Arashi are observing them. Arashi thanks Sorata to have protected her during the earthquake. Sorata explains it was normal because she is his chosen one. Arashi interrogates him about this. Sorata esplains when he was a kid, the hoshimi told him his future. Sorata would be the protector of Kamui; but it is for the woman he would love that he would give his life. And Sorata decided to chose Arashi when she saw her. Arashi changes of conversation and talks about the other seals. Considering that Arashi is the hidden miko of Ise, Sorata is the most powerful monk from Kongobu Shrine and Yuzuriha came from Mitsumine Shrine, Sorata thinks that Subaru Sumaragi must be one of the seven seals. It is at this moment that the woman lightly dressed enters in the conversation. She explains she just left her work to bring a message to Kamui from Tokiko. She reveals she burnt Tokiko’s house at her demand. She introduces herself as Karen Kasumi, one of the seven seals. She tells them to say to Kamui to protect the sacred sword. She must return to her work. Sorata asks her which Shrine she comes from. Karen, amused, tells him that she comes from the Flower, lets Sorata a visit card and leaves them into a flame show. The card reveals that the Flower is a soapland.

Kamui remembers old memories about his mother. He remembers his mother saying that it wasn’t impossible to see the Monos because Saya died for them, that he must be strong in order to protect Kotori and Fuma and that her destiny was to die. Kamui remembers he couldn’t save his mother, even if he is the one who could change destinies.


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